Coveney Confronted Over Uncontrolled Mass Immigration Agenda

Simon Covney denies everything. Denies it all. Denial.

Figure this out.

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Mr Coveney’s shoes were “pretty bare”. In his opinion to walk in such a potentially dangerous area would require shoes with a good grip.

I wonder if they were the same clogs he was wearing the day before.

Minister @simoncoveney

Confronted Over Uncontrolled Mass Immigration Agenda! Irish people are waking up to the scam. These people will be held responsible for the damage they’re doing to Ireland.

Simon looks to be heading for the exits. His tasks complete

Don’t think the D&I is too strong on Great island, he’ll have 6 acres anyway, sensible chap.

One Fine Gael TD observed: ‘Politically, to put it mildly, it’s intriguing. Simon is not perceived to be impressing in Cork South Central. Cork East is Fine Gael heartland. If Coveney can’t be elected there he can’t be elected anywhere.’