Covid 19 Rental Market



That’s a pity, the graphs were great.

Is the rental market actually softening? Couple of posters on boards complaining about rents not dropping in Dublin at all.


Supply seems to have not got back to where it was in early December (whether this is as a result of an end of year clean up on the site I have no idea). From a few cursory checks I have done I am not seeing much more coming on at lower prices (unless they do and then are quickly let). The more expensive ones still seem to be hanging around. I suspect the council are taking up quite a bit of stock now. The homeless figures seem to be coming down and I don’t think it is as a result of (brand) new units coming on stream


I suppose its difficult to say for certain without the ability to scrape data and produce statistics.

However, ive been following this segment since last Summer and IMO the quality of 2 beds on offer at 1500 or less is significantly higher now than then.

This for example in Rathcoole is a really nice looking apartment. No way this was 1500 last Spring or Summer. Id say 1800 at a minimum. Or 2k with a months rental free etc.