Cowen appears on Late Late Show 4/9/09

Okay, guys and gals - how about making RTE’s e-mail melt??

Can you talk for more than one minute without saying “going forward”?

The smart thing to do here is for a load of people to email the same questions.
Very hard for producers to ignore that.

what about: under what circumstances would you consider to resign and leave politics to people who do know what they are talking about?

I wouldn’t hold out much hope that Tubbers will upset the apple cart on his first night in the big chair!

Then again, maybe he’ll surprise me! I think the dogs on the street know the questions that need to be asked.

I hope they dont focus on the sideshow that is Lisbon 2, it’s too easy for Cowen and its not the most important thing going on right now.

Let’s remember that Ryan T is the clown that invited no less an authority than Liz O’Kane (and perhaps that idiot Brendan O’Connor) onto to his programme to ring in the new year - to give us all a cheery lift…

He’s a FF muppet through & through - as interviews go, it’ll be similar to the hand-job that was Miriam O’Callaghan’s treatment of the new Taniste following her appointment by Clowen last year…

Merely a PR excercise to try to save the unsavable…

Ryan T is cousin to two FF TD’s one of whom is a minister, and did “the brudder” run in the June elections? Expect a softfocus interview that would make Jody Corcoran weep for the decline in hardhitting interview skills.

But I like the idea of an email …

Brian Cowen is the man who as finance minister allowed public sector spending to balloon on the basis of unsustainable one-off taxes - I.e. he created the structural deficit which we are all paying for now.
It was totally obvious that these taxes were unsustainable (at the time!!!) as they depended on an ever increasing ratio of private sector debt to GDP.
Hence he was clearly a completely incompetent finance minister.
His normal get out clause is that the other parties were suggesting even greater spending - however while mostly true this does not make him any less of an idiot - and he was the person who had the actual responsibility.

If someone could put this in an more user friendly way then I think it would be a good question to send in.

Yes don’t have much hope for this interview - however as pointed out above the more tough questions emailed the better

Don’t waste your time with emails, save them for when they might have some use.

This is going to be a Zanu-FF love-in, and for Tubridy it’s a **big guest **for his first show, he ain’t gonna start off his late late career as a bad ass.

On the other hand TV producers will treat like gold the controversial, incisive questions that hit the nail on the head and that the whole nation wants asked and answered.

AND the whole nation wants someone to be accountable for the ruination of this banana republic!!


(Only if you want to, it’s not compulsory!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: )

I think it would be funnier if nobody paid their TV license anymore

“incisive questions”!!!
You talking about RTE???

Cowen should be asked if he thinks it’s OK for the state owned Anglo to loan Liam Carroll €68 million to complete the Anglo HQ down the docklands? Lenny choked on that one last night. It’ll be good to see if 24 hours to think about it helps the f*cker any.

I sent This:

It is my first protest letter.

Anyone got a better email address.

For the record folks I rang RTE’s information office this morning and that’s the exact e-mail address they gave me :unamused: :unamused:


So much for tough questions, sounds like Tubbers is going to hand him the mic 8-

Fixed That For Ya

From my far away viewing platform it appears that all these emails landing in the boxes of politicians for the last week plus made the PR guru’s think doing live emails in on TV…liek they won’t be vetted for fuck sake.

They will still fuck you no matter how much they flatter your perceptions of your democratic franchise.

The Mass Media is not your friend and the Late Late Show is exactly that about 2 years to late.