Cowen calls for economic 'sacrifices'

Yis asked for the Irish Obama, & Cowen gives yis it… … king80.htm

It seems that the Chairman of Arthur Cox solicitors, Eugene McCague, was also chairman of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce some years ago.
It also seems that Arthur Cox DID provide advice to the government about setting up NAMA, rumoured to be at the sort of day rates that would comfortably exceed what many young people are earning in a YEAR.
As part of the campaign for more sacrifices, the government should start by coming clean on how much they are paying these kind of advisors, because if those (rumoured) rates persist, it would be easy to start fearing we won’t have to wait until 2016 to commemorate the revolution, because we’ll already have had another.


If I may provide a convenient translation:

"Please continue to take it up the ass so that my cronies, my party and myself can live like Lords at your expense. Please do not take advantage of all the tax reduction schemes I introduced, I only brought them in at the request of my friends so it’s not fair if you use them too. I need you to pay your full whack because otherwise I’ll have to cut your services because you can be sure my buddies aren’t going to take the pain.

Oh, and Erin go Deo, sucker"

The biffo has no right to even talk about the 1916 martyrs

We, as a nation, are living beyond our means. We need to make sacrifices and tighten our belts. The HSE will be closed from now until tuesday week. Anyone who is sick or dies during that time will reduce the burden for us all. We will erect monunments in every town in their memory.


Hang on a second, credit where credit’s due, the govt are now admitting that we are in recession for at least another 6 years. I consider that progress, maybe they are starting to take a serious look at the books and realise how f**ked the economy is. Maybe they are starting to realise that having a “bula bus” because the budget deficit is no longer growing might not be appropriate and that perhaps EUR 18 BILLION DEFICIT that we are currently borrowing to fund is a bit of a problem.

I wonder when the Titanic was sinking did the captain break out the champagne every time he thought the ship was sinking a bit slower? 8DD

The difference between the Titanic and this shower is shite floats.

“At the conclusion he emphasised the need to have the country on the best possible economic footing so as not to fail those whose sacrifice led to the foundation of the State.”

The sheer hypocrisy of this speech, coming from one of the main cheerleaders of the bubble, left me flabbergasted.

I suggest that a highlight of the 1916 commemoration festivities should be a re-enactment of a typical 1916 firing squad, where Cowerin’ and his cronies could be lined up and ceremonially disposed of once and for all… :nin

I agree with this and it is the only party speaking this way, if only there actions matched the words. The decision on snr public servants pay being one example. I do not know how this has not sparked a revolution. NAMA is a fu**ing disaster

The other parties are bullshitting about stimulus plans for the Irish economy. WE DON’T HAVE THE MONEY

This is just sick! “…please everybody, we’ve screwed you all, but now we need you to make us look good for the centanery!..”

Sick Sick Sick.

If The people that died in the easter rising could see the kind of political system that has emerged…
They would’ve probably shot themselves first.

On the contrary, the pigs want people to make sacrifices to keep the bond markets happy …

What’s so scary about the bond market?

Only the bond market can chew up and spit out the crooked ruling elite of this country.

That’s what they are afraid of.

It rare you see a politician call for an end to their political career.

Joe - that 18 billion - does it include NAMA and future bank bailouts, our personal indebtedness…?

We seem to me to be in the kind of limbo that some of our “top developers” were in before the Courts decided that the game was up.

We are bankrupt in fact, if not in law.

The debts aren’t repayable. Close attention is needed to what is happening to Greece and the way that the ECB is working to an IMF agenda.

They are requiring a set-aside “contingency” which seems to be nothing more than a vindictive punishment for “delinquency” - bolshie trade unions and misrepresenting their finances when they joined the euro. It will add to deflationary pressures on an already flattened economy.

Our indebtedness is about to result in poverty and decimation of services, for most of the population.

Cowen and Co have no worries - they have salted away enough by now to keep them in clover.

Oh yes you did, and I, for one, will be throwing this back at you in 2016!
You sick hypocritical bastard.

My humble apologies to all Pin users for my rant, but this kind of shit makes me sick, angry and sad all at the same time.

How can you tell if it is impassioned or rhetorical, all I ever hear is him grunting like the fucking pig he is. Cunt.

Alright this thread is heading for a lock. Thanks to the impassioned, rhetorical nature of the responses herein.

What that saying about Patriotism and scoundrels?

We’ve heard it all now. My worry is that the revisionism will work. FF ruined the economy in 77 and people forgot. Its been said many times here that those who had to leave the country due to FF corruption and incompetence never forgot who was to blame. I’m not so sure. Lots of them forgot too.

And never under estimate the tribal nature of politics in Ireland. To many people, especially people from the country, FF are part of the culture. Criticise FF and your criticising part of their identity. Like an errant family member, they will be welcomed back when the time is right, when they have atoned.