Cowen heckled announcing that Cabinet signs off on NAMA

mod edit: original title was “Cabinet signs off on NAMA”

Seems like the Green ministers like their cabinet buddies at little too much.

fukit we may as well stop now so…:frowning:
Watch out for it being published late on friday evening…miss the sundays as much as possible. … 82169.html

More of this needed

I think it was a group of Shinners…?

I feel sick

I though the greens would be braver. I suppose they realise that if they pulled out of government they might never get back in. Typical party politics, look after the party and feck the country. Very very demoralizing.

sometimes, all one can do is remember the great thinkers of the past : such as Pft Hutson
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or even Billy

You can hear them in the background of the first newsstory on the 1 o’clock news today:
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actually at the end of this, there is a recap of the news and in it they show video of the protesters heckling cowen


At least the weather is looking up.

I feel like I have just been raped. :cry:


Eh, it still has to get through 2 houses and the President so you’re not quite there yet… What happened to the Green’s Conference though?

Are Gormley & Ryan above their party?

Bill will be published tomorrow afternoon my inside sources in the Dept. of Finance say.

The Greens have announced some changes to the NAMA bill this evening:

Could have this arseways but my understanding is that the Greens had major input into the re draft but it will be up to the convention on whether their TDs (who had input into its wording) will vote for or against the bill when it comes before a Dail vote. Can someone check my logic, I’m dizzy XD

Constantin Gurdgiev is saying he has the inside track on why the Greens have signed off on NAMA - the Carbon Tax!!!


NO offence to Constantin, but … well duh! hardly news. The carbon tax is the Green BIG IDEA, they’d trade every citizen’s mother’s soul for a carbon tax.

This could well back fire on the Green party leadership. Hopefully the Green party grassroots will see this move as a kick in the teeth to them and as an affront to the democratic process of the party and cause even more of them to vote against the party supporting NAMA (crosses fingers)