Cowen says banks were 'in denial' over crisis

Kettle calling the Pot Black |O

Yeah but nearly as big a problem as the senior ones :imp:

Jesus how thick can you get this is embarrassing FFS, what is that halfwit doing as the premier of this country because he would not spot a problem or the answer to it if he fell over it and the term truth is not in the party dictionary. :unamused:

Yeah Cowen was a tosser talking about loyalty to his leader. He should never be forgiven for that.But neither should The Bertman be allowed to slip under anyone’s radar. Let’s not forget the quotes. From having been up every tree in North County Dublin with regard to Burke to telling people who questioned his boomiest predictions to go off and commit suicide. And let’s not forget his thoughts on the BOI shareprice. I wonder how many gullibles bought into that bullshit. The name Ahern should be dirt in the annals of Irish history for ever. As for the Peace Process?Who’s to say it wouldn’t have happened. Not looking forward to anything to do with Labour-but FF need to be quarantined-Saving that:death by lethat rejection.

Been a bugbear of mine for years. The process started around 1987 with the first Hume-Adams discussions. The really dangerous heavy lifting was done 1992-94 under Reynolds, and Ahern had sweet f*** all to do with it, he wasn’t part of the core team in the slightest.

Asshole swans in at the very end, after over a decade of backbreaking soul-destroying painstaking two-steps-forward-one-step-back bloody hard work by all concerned, and claims all the credit.

Shameless wee gimp :imp:

‘Soft landing’ Cowen has some neck accusing anyone else of being in denial.

Is this the same Brian Cowen that thought it would be prudent to base the country’s expenditure on taxes from a construction boom which based on any reasonable analysis couldn’t last indefinitely.

Fixed that for ya :wink:

Unfortunately Im not ‘in denial’ over paying for their bailout :frowning:

Thanks dude. I’m not sure how I continue to get that wrong.

Their are drugs that can fix that for you - for a few hours at least. :laughing:

There you go again, Kerrynorth, -pushing drugs on people. :unamused:

We’re in a recession. The man has to eat. :smiling_imp:

so let me get this straight, if Brian thinks that the bankers were in Denial last September, does that mean Seanie Fitz was in denial for 8 years re his financial juggling. i don’t think it was denial last september when he neglected to mention this when Brian said “ah stall the ball, careful their lads, you nearly fell on your own swords, good thing i was on top of things and got in in time to put the taxpayer in your place”.

jesus the people on this island must be thick or stupid to put up with this bullshit. i don’t like generalising like that but i am exasperated by the lack of outrage. Seanie Fitz comes and goes to spain and Madoff is heading to jail.
maybe the budget will shake them out of their torpor.

Yeah right guys, you think this is what he really thinks or knew?

Spin when you’re winning, spin when you’re losing… Spinning yarns…

if they’re not careful they’ll end up spinning from a rope.

Talk is cheap.

With Ahern-it was always a case of opportunism knocks

i know. i’m feeling really frustrated about everything at the moment. Friends with families who are really struggling at the moment and then to hear this moron who gets paid more than the US president making excuses for the banks whose only purpose ever was to make a profit!
the guy is MORON X 100000000000000000000000…

Dustin for Teashop!

His minions will be knocking on your doors between now and June.

Unlesh Hell

When they ask you should promise them that you will vote for them.
IF they can just deal with a few problems you have with what Fianna Fail has been saying and doing for the last 10 to 15 years.

Pick a few points, rehearse what you’re going to say. Don’t just rant aimlessly for 20 minutes. It won’t be hard to predict what they’ll say in reply, so have a few rebuttles at the ready.

If they’re not crying or pale white when they leave your door, you’re not trying hard enough.