Cowen sez: Shut the fuck up... - 19/01/09


During the 9pm News Anne Doyle stated ‘in news just in’ that Brian Cowen had issued a statement to the effect that commentators discussing the Irish banking situation should take into account ‘what is in the national interest’ before making any comments.

We’re getting more like Zimbabwe by the day.

Its not on the RTE website yet.

Mod edit: uploaded now with quote


Cowen’s head on a pike… That’s in the national interest.

But fucking Bertie first, goddamnit!!!

EDIT: On reflection, I wish no physical harm to either gentleman… I wish Cowen to fuck off and I wish Bertie to spend many many years in Mountjoy.


Cowen is a coward or is it the hidden hand behind his back putting more pressure on his delicate State?


bonkers. Will he tell the fund managers to shut up also? and the FT and international media? Bonkers (or …)



Cowen should shut the fuck up… better yet fuck the fuck off.

Crying his eyes out when Bertie stood down… no national interest taken into account when supporting the King of Drumcondra when he was telling the dissenting voices, living in the real world, that they should commit suicide.

I took offence on Cowen’s part when Oliver Callan went over the top lampooning him on the Late Late last week… after this I don’t think he went hard enough.


I note he never felt the need to make a similiar statement when all the VIs (too many to mention) were pumping up the housing bubble goodo…in fact he was one of those doing the pumping when he made a statement in 2007 to the effect that it was a great time to buy a house.


To quote Donie, one of Brian’s heroes doubtless…

“It’s never the wrong time to do the right thing…”

I’d use the world’s least favourite emoticon but given Bertie’s lack of sensitivity in that respect, it’s now entirely inappropriate in this thread…


The “National Memo”

His career is over :unamused:


I can almost smell the acrid stench of burning S-class.Won’t be long now.


wonder was this issued when, shall we say, the sun was over the yardarm?



Nothing wrong with that mind but jesus…


" do not drive or operate small countries"…


Any link to the actual statement?


Any bets on which way the ISEQ will react… It ain’t going to be Yazoo, I can tells ya…


nothing on the taoiseachs dept …maybe they are embarrassed?


I haven’t seen this yet but I smell a rat from Cowen. Why would he issue such a bizarre statement. What is he getting at - limiting freedom of speech? Talking about the dire state of our financial institutions is not akin to shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded cinema, when there is no fire.

This statement, particularly at this point in time, is more likely to spook the financial markets than unfounded media based rumors. It sounds knee-jerk reaction to losses on the iseq today. A desperate attempt on Cowen’s part to blame the media for our current predicament.


Ah thats grand so BIFFO. Tea and biscuits anyone?


was he in Japan or North Korea?


And coming up in part two Brian on the Swanee whistle and Brian on the kazoo will perform “We shall underwhelm” to the tune of “We shall overcome”.


and “the gap” will do what?