Cowen sez: Shut the fuck up... - 19/01/09


news control and propaganda, he probably asked the jornalists in RTE news to lay off, they took the message and got Anne Doyle to read it on air. LMAO


Cowen didn’t get sufficient exposure to Japanese culture on recent visit.Samurai swords and the ancient ritual of Hara Kiri comes to mind. It’s time.


totally fcuking bizarre statement…

"Lads… don’t be saying bad things about the Irish banks… they’ll never be able to raise any private equity.

Say good stuff and the cash will start pissing in and we’ll be in clover."

“Let’s spin our way out of the worst economic situation in the history of the state - it’s so crazy it just might work”

Mugabesque… Zanu FF is right.

These guys are not fit for office.



I see where hes coming from; Theres a real danger of people talking the country into recession.

As if corruption, incompotence and stupidity werent enough on their own.


No YOU shut up.

(So’s your face)



We were informed of the memo from the Polit Bureau secretariat moments before George Lee spoke.

I got the impression that the existence and / or the contents of the memo were never intended to be generally known. However, it backfired because Ann Doyle explained the background to George Lee’s calm, relaxed, almost upbeat commentary before he spoke. :nin


Ireland, as a nation is now a laughing stock.

This hysteria on Cowen’s part only smacks of desperation.


I fear RTE has under reported this, it’s actually the new national recovery plan that we’ve been promised for so long.


Perhaps another misquote like the IMF thing, he actually said that he was going to shut up in consideration of the national interest.


I was about to laugh at this post but then realised you’re probably right


“Would youse ring those fuckers in RTE…” :laughing:



Please, please, please tell me you have a reliable source for this


Are the Pin’s days numbered?


Still no source for this? Another IMF? :nin


Yep, i heard it on the 9 o’clock news tonight. You could se the air of disbelief as Ann Doyle read it out.

It was like something out of Enver Hoxha’s Albania.

You couldnt make it up :laughing:


It won’t mind…


Don’t mention the war XX


I wonder will this statement be repeated on the RTE2 News at 11pmish


if this is the calibre of individual in charge of our great cough nation then we have nothing to worry about…