Cowen sez: Shut the fuck up... - 19/01/09


Saw it live - interesting that it was just before George Lee came on.

“Consider your comments” = Ah Geoge will ya shut the …


Have to say I have never seen anything like that before.

GUBU indeed :nin


no 10% pay cut for RTE news department so!


How many pinsters remember those days when broadcasters in the UK were forbidden from broadcasting Sinn Fein members voices.

Result; a boom time for voice-over work for actors with decent NI accents, I think Gerry Adams said he thought his VO had a much nicer, more cultured voice than he had :laughing:

From now on can we look forward to some Dub actor doing a voice-over of George Lee & the script mysteriously getting more optimistic than the usual GL fare :smiley:



Furious (formerly Honest) George looked bamboozled after hearing Ann read it out.


Chris Morris gives his take on all that


I’m glad that in these momentous & turbulent times, we have a Taoiseach who is prepared to get someone else to tell us to shut up.



Clowen has clearly demonstrated his complete naivety with respect to financial markets and their mechanics

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I believe that the statement was delivered by the Chief Government Press Spokesman on the direct orders of the boss. It was delivered in the ‘lobby’ to political correspondents .

Brian is under a lot of pressure as the examiner told us earlier .

The man he did know rang him on saturday night and fucked him right out of it :slight_smile:

Brian did not have time to fuck the meeja out of it and confined himself to fucking the Press Secretary out of it for not fucking the meeja out of it more often.

Consequently the press secretary stormed into the lobby and fucked them out of it . It was not just RTÉ or George Lee.

It was apparently such an extrordinary outburst that many newspaper editors are wondering whether to carry it , what did Vincent Brown have on it anybody ???


I think people are finally turning.

Even the usual drones I talk to at work are beginning to think Cowen hasn’t a clue. RTE look like they might be turning against their masters also.


Yep it just has been


As is traditional amongst rats, the smart ones get the fcuk off the ship before things get crowded on the lifeboats.


Cowen is a one man train wreck


Q at the post office then, this is hopeless


How about another week long ‘trade mission’ somewhere very far away Brian?

Actually, take as long as you want.


at what point is enough enough! its getting embarrassing now, cowen is showing a complete contempt for everything, first the opposition but now even basic free speak… should the opposition, trade unions etc… all join together for a national strike and bring the whole thing down around us! how can you bring down the government?


after LMAO, what next for this whole charade of a government and political system?


Nothing. buisness as usuall :frowning:


The drones were out in force on Q&A tonight, saying we don’t need an election because “we can’t afford the distraction for 4 weeks”.

Nobody made the obvious retort that there is precisely zero possibility of the current drooling inbred freakshow actually coming up with anything coherent in those 4 weeks, so what have we possibly got to lose?


RTÉ were entitled to report this under Lobby Rules except that George Lee is not a member of the Lobby and the RTÉ journo who was there was not prepared to report on it on air …for :astonished: fear like :astonished: or else the editor would not let him !