Cowen sez: Shut the fuck up... - 19/01/09


RTE have been cowed and servile for a long time. The memory of the purges by Gerry Collins and the Cruiser still run extremely deep in the halls of Montrose.


Saw Q&A myself and the fawning from some quarters was sickening. Your woman the tax consultant was spouting the usual bolloxollogy of how the country would be distracted from the real issues if we were plunged into a general election.

For the love of God, has it occured to this thicko that we need a change of direction and most important leadership RIGHT NOW not 3 1/2 years down the line.

This government is like a rabbit caught in the headlights…clueless and absolute and utterly stumped. Clowen and the rest of the ZANU FF crew are a liability and need to be got rid of for all our sake.


this country has been abused by Zanu FF for a long time now and the electorate keep going back for more.

Has anyone ever investigated ballot box stuffing in this country?

Are the Irish electorate really so stupid?




Statement included in this piece on the RTE news site;



Best timetable this for the exact moment Barack gets the crown, so as to give it as much publicity as poss then eh FF… :neutral_face:






Its a bit like that movie where they tried to persuade the bomb not to go off by emmmm …talking to it :slight_smile:

**“Hello Bomb, Are you willing to entertain a few concepts ???”

“You wouldn’t want to explode on the basis of false data would you ???”

“Of course not !”


All too apt


Cowen must really be grasping at straws at this stage.

What I really don’t understand is why he doesn’t realise that people just want to know what the fuck is going on and what plans are in place to get out of this mess. The very fact they refuse to come clean on the likely extent of defaults suggests we’re completely up the swanny and they have no clue where to even start fixing this clusterfuck. Every idiot knows that’s what the market is reading, hence the decimation of share price yesterday.

Someone I know working in BOI came home last night and said the were fully expecting IMF intervention. I don’t think I’ve ever been more worried about the prospects for the future.

To top it all off I am (unfortunately) reading “The Builders” and I’m raging. At this point I fully believe we need some sort of fucking revolt to depose this shower of corrupt fuckers.


Did you see the young kid from FF criticizing the opposition?

I couldn’t help but be reminded of ‘Downfall’ and the Hitler youth being sent out to defend Berlin from the Allies. Sad to see FF sending the kids out really…


Not to mention a new mandate for government. the current coalition was elected before the general public figured out that the was economy doomed to collapse and they were thick enough to vote based on auction politics with ‘forecasts’ and projections that were less realistic than mary poppins.

A general election now would force the politicians to come up with ideas for how to get out of this mess and put them to the people for approval. I’m not for a second naive enough to believe that the politicians would actually stick to those plans or promises, but the new mandate would give the people of ireland new grounds for expectations about what our politicians are actually elected to do.

(plus it’s probably better to have an election now before the inevitable rise of ‘They took our jobs’ reactionary racist politics as the economy toilets.)


Newstalk about to discuss this now, Claire Byrne had a right cut off Cowen at 8.00am about muzzling the media she was fairly withering



I intended heading to the Mansion House to verbally remonstrate with the Zanu-FF but someone tells me that the streets are closed off.

We do not live in an open, transparent democracy.

Cowen is in hiding (when not faxing RTE from the back of the pub)

Ethics, or rather the lack of them, thats our downfall. A country ran by snivelling gombeen masturbaters.



Loose lips sink bluchips!


LOL, had a headline “Bank Shares See ‘Dead Cat Bounce’” on its front page for about half a millisecond! (Long enough for me to get a screen grab though.)