Cowen to use poor as Cannon Fodder for the "Property Slide"

The poor have their uses and they are to be press ganged to buy property to try to stem the free fall. The rub is that their purchasing power will be artificially extended by a government shared equity scheme.

SHAME SHAME SHAME … rners-buy/

Why not let the market fall to a level,at which every worker could afford a home at?

Because the builders wouldn’t like that and they run this country.

Isn’t this just 100% mortgages dressed up?

Government to part purchase houses. It’s a bail-out.

What if I buy, take government money and don’t pay them back?

Amazing - no money for health or education but cash available to bail out the builders.

as I have said elsewhere its only ever the BANKS that will bailed out by the Developers unless Ireland is truly different and the Developers own the BANKS :open_mouth:

Anglo McInerney Quinn Bank?

So does this mean that if i want that €700,000 house and can only get a mortgage of less than €200,000, that €500,000 extra will be paid for by the taxpayer? :smiley: