Cowen's TD brother being sued over €8,600 debt … 54160.html

Has he not heard. of ‘Dig Outs’ - the brother has a good enough pension to be approached I’d say!

Biffo2 must have thought that his debts would get written off when he became a TD. A lot of Irish politicians seem to think that.

When i seen Cowen and debt i automatically assumes a bar bill. It says former auctioneer business but i thought they still had an office in the centre of Tullamore

He does, yes. His constituency office is part of the same building and, afaics, the auctioneering business trades as ‘normal’ (whetever normal is in these times).

Imagine that, “took up a job with the Irish Greyhound Board”…be was a dog breeder you see.!Got the job after been interviewed along with 13 others apparently as he did a great presentation!!!The brother was still ‘leading’ the country then.
I love GAA…better apply for the vacant managers job in my home county so. :laughing:

After been ‘with’ Offaly Co Co…do they mean he was a councillor with them or did he actually work for them. Anyone know if he had a specific job there? … 96558.html

Actually, tell a lie - I walked past the office today and the auctioneering/financial services signs are being taken off. It appears to be now just a constituency office.