CPI September 2010

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Detailed sub-indices:
cso.ie/releasespublications/ … nt/pic.pdf

Seeing as prices are rising, I take it there won’t be any social welfare cuts or tax increases in December’s budget?

Jaysus an optimist, quick get him on RTE.

I think 0.5% counts as stable (less than two percent!).

Can someone please explain to the two Brians that here, in a nutshell, is why people aren’t ‘getting out there & spending’.

It’s because in areas where the Government has almost complete control of price, they have been raising prices, so people have less disposable income to spend on discretionary spends. Politicians of course because they are always spending other peoples money, seem to have trouble grasping this concept !

Ho-hum, yet again the only things dragging inflation up are mortgage repayments and state or semi-state operations (water, energy and education).

The message is clear: everyone needs to tighten their belts except for wasteful state organs and the banks. It’s the same every bloody CPI. It’s sick.

+1 to Larry and fishfoodie’s comments.

Huh, clearly I’m misreading it, how can prices for clothing be both rising and falling?

One month (+4.5%) vs. 12 months (-7.4%).