Cramer Rages on Banks: 'Where's the SEC?!'

On video here -

Jim sees the light. :open_mouth:

Jim is not above a bit of fiction himself.

His recollection the Tech bubble is…how should I put this…
a little self flattering.

He doesn’t dwell so much on some of the things he said at the time like proclaiming internet stocks “the only ones worth owning”, “winners of the new world”, “the only ones that are going higher consistently in good days and bad”.

“If we used any of what Graham and Dodd teach us, we wouldn’t have a dime under management”

Funnily enough when I tried (and failed) to read one of Jims Books, I didn’t get any sense of him having called it wrong.

I can’t give you any quotes from Jim though, his book is in a Landfill somewhere in Florida by now.


Just to emphasise the Cramers “prowess”, have a look at what he was recommending in 2000 just before the bubble burst.

How many of these companies survived?

Looks like Tipsy has the same book on his desk that I do.

Mr Cramer’s book is in a land fill, Mr Graham’s book (still being printed 57 years after the original, and still selling) is sitting on my desk.


No, I just traded actively during the nineties and did a lot better then Cramer claimed he ever did. Even then, I thought he was a moron.

Ah! fair enough.
The link you have is exactly the same one given in the latest Reprint of “The Intelligent Investor”.


Rick Santelli Takes Down Jim Cramer … mers_picks

Santelli is the one of the few hosts on CNBC worth listening to, one of the few who isn’t an apologist for the bailout-brigade.