Crane spotting


There was a thread ( I can’t find) on the number of idle cranes around the city duringthe bust.


A metaphor for the Irish Times. If it isn’t visible from within their South Dublin hinterland…


Yes typical example of Irish Times and R.T.E. South County Dublin short sightedness.


There was a Jones Lang LaSalle “Crane Watch” report - can you imagine!
Crane drain
News from the sites


The Central Bank used to do an informal count once a quarter from the top floor on Dame St from where you can pretty much see everything.

I am not sure how conducive the new quayside offices are to this though.


Dublin crane count rises to 78 in May … -1.3485923


Just curious, has your life improved since returning to Poland ?
Is there anything that’s not as good there compared to Ireland ?


Dublin crane count reaches record high of 93 in September 2018. … -1.3616834


Dublin crane count in November reaches record high of 102. … -1.3686988


I recently spoke to a Pole and a Hungarian who told me that they are each separately planning to return home after a decade or more in Ireland (Dublin).
Both have youngish kids, and their main complaint was lack of quality of life here, due to the cost of accommodation.


06/12/18: Dublin crane count reaches record 104 … -1.3718412

This could be the high water mark for cranes.


How many are residential builds ?



The article says North of the Liffey decline of six cranes. (With preparatory work on some very large developments there just beginning)

Ned’s pub in Dublin city may be turned into budget hotel … -1.3049343


I heard someone say there’s one crane in Waterford. I can’t confirm or deny it myself.


Ned’s is gone :frowning:. It was a good place for sneaky pints, no one knew of it and those that did never went in. The stairs to the jacks were lethal I don’t know how the place was insured with them.


Some nice pictures of cranes on the Waterford Wildlife twitter feed.


09/01/2018 Dublin crane count hits new high of 109

and still going…


New record - 121 cranes on 1 February. Four times more than when this count started three years ago.

Some of our ugliest buildings being replaced - ESB, Hawkins House. Can’t be worse, surely? … -1.3781710


ooooo … this makes me nervous.
Is there any place I can find the resi/comm breakdown ?


I always liked to call it (and wished it really was called) Hawkwind House, and see if people noticed in conversation (some variation of a deliberate EggCorn).
Hopefully they use a sonic-attack to do the demolition