Crane spotting


09/01/2018 Dublin crane count hits new high of 109

and still going…


New record - 121 cranes on 1 February. Four times more than when this count started three years ago.

Some of our ugliest buildings being replaced - ESB, Hawkins House. Can’t be worse, surely? … -1.3781710


ooooo … this makes me nervous.
Is there any place I can find the resi/comm breakdown ?


I always liked to call it (and wished it really was called) Hawkwind House, and see if people noticed in conversation (some variation of a deliberate EggCorn).
Hopefully they use a sonic-attack to do the demolition


…123, Up 2 from February

Irish Crane Counts: Dublin 123, Cork 10, Limerick 2, Galway 2


Most of this is not being financed by the domestic banking system but by a new network of “shadow banks”.

Also mentioned in the april 2019 NTMA research paper, I linked to earlier in the pretty charts thread.