Crane spotting


09/01/2018 Dublin crane count hits new high of 109

and still going…


New record - 121 cranes on 1 February. Four times more than when this count started three years ago.

Some of our ugliest buildings being replaced - ESB, Hawkins House. Can’t be worse, surely? … -1.3781710


ooooo … this makes me nervous.
Is there any place I can find the resi/comm breakdown ?


I always liked to call it (and wished it really was called) Hawkwind House, and see if people noticed in conversation (some variation of a deliberate EggCorn).
Hopefully they use a sonic-attack to do the demolition


…123, Up 2 from February

Irish Crane Counts: Dublin 123, Cork 10, Limerick 2, Galway 2


Most of this is not being financed by the domestic banking system but by a new network of “shadow banks”.

Also mentioned in the april 2019 NTMA research paper, I linked to earlier in the pretty charts thread.


Article also here on his website, without the paywall


The Irish Times Dublin crane count was down to 117 on April 1st from a record high of 123 in March.

This is the first drop in the count for six months but is still comfortably above the 102 recorded on November 1st last year when the survey started a run of five record highs in a row.