Crannog, Taney Park, Dundrum (-1005k, -56%)

Was 1,800,000


Now 2,000,000

Now 895k … -14/203473

Big drop, but maybe it should be considered more a site than a house? See…

Large home with green light for two alternatives … 22301.html

€367 per sq foot. Good to see another house enter the world of reality. It has a chance of getting business done at this level. This is a detached house in a quiet cul de sac in Dundrum on a site big enough for 2 houses. There is very little justification for vendors seeking more than €400 per sq ft in this market.


“the widening by 4 metres of approximately 136 linear metres of Taney Park from the proposed new vehicular access from the development onto Taney Park adjacent to “Crannog”, Taney Park to the Taney Park/Taney Road junction to provide a wider carriageway and a 2.0 metre pedestrian foot.”

Now 795k, €325 per sq ft

What’s to beware about Legend? The fact that the tennis club is to be built on, or the road widening? Is there a risk that a purchaser would find a chunk of their front garden subject to compulsory purchase?

Well you might get a big cheque off the govt then :smiley: however no such luck the drawings indicate no affect to the front garden. Looks like some sort of retirement village.

Interested. Has anybody viewed this?

Haven’t actually viewed it but walked by earlier today to see what the area is like.

It’s a strange road - very narrow not allowing 2 cars to pass each other. Down the end of the road is a laneway through to Rosemount which could be a worry. There’s also a funny building down the end of the road - don’t know if it’s apartments or a centre of some sort.

House is still lived in - all the windows were open today.

Orientation of rear garden isn’t west as stated - at best it’s north west.

Quite a bit of building has gone on in the area over the years - there are many 'a’s on the road where people have built in their gardens.

All in all I wasn’t particularly impressed with the location for the money.