Crazy EA Price Increases

Despite having the highest vacancy rate in the country Leitrim seems to be bucking the national atrend with huge price increases in the Carrick-On-Shannon area (up to 54% in some cases): … tyIDs=2652

WTF is the EA on?

some fairly chunky increases there alright. Although you’d still get a sizeable house c. 200K. A lot more bang for your buck than most counties

As direct result of vacancy rates of 30%. … it/1921451

Spotted this sales pitch in the list. It includes the bubblesque line “Lifestyle at its best just 1.5 hours from Dublin”.

You’d do well to make Dublin in 1.5 hours from Carrick :slight_smile:.

Also includes the bubble era phrase of “builders finish” i.e. unfinished

There’s pretty good reason for that. Would you trust your average builders crack to decorate your new house? Errr, thanks but no thanks.

I wouldn’t but i would have expected whoever spec’d out or designed the house to have.