Crazyhorse Launches "I can't believe it's not FF-Part Deux"

is the headline in the herald today.

quote from Conor Lenihan…

“The unthinkable has already occured, it is not beyong the realms of imagination that some may consider establishing a new party, Brian cowen has not a shred of credibility left respect for the office of taoiseach has been shattered”

Haha… too late I’d say.

I wonder how many FF TDs are desperate to hold on to their seats for reasons other than ego? How many have little or nothing to fall back on job/career wise. I mean will any be signing on?

As to a new party I hope one is founded and splits the vote, I suppose there’s a possibility that Continuity Finna Fail with a handful of TDs could go into coalition with FG!

What would the Continuity Finna Fail’s founding myth be, Official FF’s leader is incompetent but we supported him and served under him until the last minute. This is a horse that won’t run.

Personally I think FF are really panicing, which will just make things worse for them.

so here we go the next gov is a breakaway cleansed New FF and FG XX

change. no fuckin change

the only hope is a coalition of Lab/SF and all the other left leaning independents who have some balls ( joe higgins and the like) and take Mish shedlocks advice below

globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot. … binet.html

that would offer some glimmer of hope, otherwise its all a complete waste of time and we should go back to the ass and cart


The split has been a while coming. It was interruptus by doubts over whether Darth Lenihan would survive. It now appears that he will and since December there’s been a push to get rid of the country boy without letting dem Cork fellas in. Originally (and possibly still?) the plan was to split off the bad yokes and keep the name and core of the party. It appears that even that bet is off with the party brand as damaged as it is.

New names on a plate please…

Ah yes…

New Fianna Fail -The Small Change Party.

Those who dont’ make it back will rebuild by working the Hapenny Bridge in shifts with their paper cups. Only a few good pitches lads…no shovin now…

I was just thinking what would Conor Lenihan do.
There is nothing you would employ him for without his political power.
Obviously the polls are looking very bad for him in Tallaght.

Panic is fun to watch :smiley:

They should give Fianna Fail Nua a cool boyband type name such as

New Direction :smiley:
or maybe not :angry:

You’re probably right, hasn’t Mammy being hinting at this

Basing it in Monaghan might be no good tbh.

Who’d a thunk it, the only people with the capacity to destroy Fianna Fail where Fianna Fail themselves!

This is fucking hilarious! 8DD

I think the Greens deserve an honourable mention.
Who could have guessed that bungling ineptitude was contagious!!!

It’s like that Computer Virus from Independence Day, when Will smith uploads it to the mother ship.
Will Smith as Dan Boyle in the movie version…

I just know I should not post this but I cannot help myself! :blush:
Eh… Will Smith didn’t upload the virus Jeff Goldblum did!

The level of Cowen’s incompetence is a glory to behold. Look back on his illustrious career - everything he touched he destroyed. He has bankrupted the country he claims to love and destroyed the political party he actually holds dear.

And on the way he has ruined his sidekick developers, bankrupted his banking golf buddies, and threatened to bring down the Euro.

What a monumental colossus of a failure is Cowen, the destroyer of Worlds.

I don’t know, based on his performance last night on VB, making him combined minister for Foreign Affairs and Finance, He could credibly deny we ever borrowed any money from anybody, “IMF who are they”

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Goldblum was just a codemonkey.
We all know will smith got the credit

Tell me Grandad… is it true there were things called Fianna Failers before the Great Depression …and did they have two arms and legs like us … or where they a bit like the Dinosaurs… but Grandad some of the kids at school say their knuckles used to scrape off the ground when they walked… and they made noises like yoooo hoooo yaaaa boyyaaaaa

It all just sounds too good to be true.

Still … pass the popcorn.

All Together Now ! :mrgreen:

I hope this new party doesn’t include Thomas Byrne, East Meath FF who said this morning on Newstalk " I thought it owuld have been ok if we could have brought in 2 new ministers - they would have been asked to forego the cars and extra money - they would have just done the job" …

Talk about missing the point…

Is this true or just a rumour?

Things moving so fast its hard to keep up.

So we’re gonna have Fianna Gael and Fianna Fein - just like old times, eh?

or by the same artiste