Creating a "Friends" like living situation.

Myself and my other half are currently saving for a house. With the new rules in force we have decided to stay at home a while longer and build up more of a deposit, however, recently I have been toying with the idea of creating a “Friends” like living situation. Quick search on my home found this…

Fairlawns, Saval Park Road, Dalkey, South County Dublin €3200 p/m.

SHORT OR LONG TERM RENTAL AVAILABLE. INCLUDES ALL BILLS ( SKY TV, HEATING, ESB, BROADBAND, REFUGE, WATER) Consists of 4 Spacious bedrooms, 3 doubles 1 single. Including en suite (power shower) master bedroom, bathroom and guest WC. Modern dining / lounge with flat screen tv and leather couches, Modern fully fitted out kitchen, Washing machine dryer, Dishwasher, Double oven, Hob, Kitchen fridge and american fridge in utility room. Spacious nicely furnished hall way with extended porch area to front. Study area off hall way. Parking to front of house. Security system with CCTV fitted to house. full house fitted with A-rated double glazed brand new windows and composite front door. Nicely laid out front and rear garden BBQ area with total privacy. Decorated and fully furnished to very high standard.

Assuming you have 2 couples and 2 single people this equates to €533 per month INCLUDING BILLS. (or maybe a little bit more or less depending on who gets the ensuite or single room) All in all seems reasonable and its in a good area :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

What is the general views on this? It wouldn’t be happening for a while and the above house will most likely be gone but it does make me wonder whether this is the way to go rather than tie ourselves down with a mortgage so early in life.

Houseshares vary from just about tolerable to a living hell, depending on your housemates.

Remember “Friends” was fiction and in no way representative of the reality of multiple occupancy dwelling (and imho utter drivel).

The less variables the better.

Couples and singles rarely a good combination…

Completely agree. I do realise it wouldn’t be like “Friends”.

Even thought we’re all good friends “You don’t know someone until you’ve lived with them”.

Was just an idea. Will just keep saving and see what happens next year! 8DD

Maybe it would happen in other countries. In Ireland, having six or seven twenty-somethings living in a house with such high quality fittings would be highly likely to lead to financial disaster for the owner over any extended period.

I’ve been sharing with four others since graduating two and a half years ago. No couples living in the house, but various different girlfriends staying for nights/weekends/etc.

When it’s been good it’s been excellent - and yes, on some levels I guess you could say quite Friends-like.

On the other hand, when it’s been bad (and there have been a number of catalysts for periods of that, from arguments about people cleaning up after themselves up to someone demanding they pay less rent) it’s been pretty ugly.

I’m also told that our success as housemates is far from typical - plenty of people I know have lived in a similar situation for a year and then gotten out as soon as they could.

Also, we have four bathrooms + guest WC between five of us, which I think has been one of the enabling factors in us not being at each others throats more often. I’d suggest that having four people sharing the one family bathroom in that house is going to cause issues.

Cleaning is issue, but you can add extra 100 per month and get someone to come couple times a week and clean common spaces.

Yeah but based on the thread title, one of them’s going to be Jennifer Aniston. Sharing a bathroom with her could be quite tolerable.

Beauty is only skin deep. It’s what’s on the inside that counts


This has absolute disaster written all over it. If by some madness this actually does come to pass don’t be surprised when the singles disappear quite quickly and you find it really difficult to convince someone new to move in.

You should go into this with the thought of just the 2 couples sharing the house and split accordingly. Should also consider the implications if either of the couples split up.

House sharing requires a set of very unique features and depends on the point your are at in your life. The two do not always overlpa to order but sometimes they can.

Period homes tend to be better for house sharing (ask the Slumlords!). Due to their larger size and layout as opposed to your average semi-d they are more adaptable. Depending on the build and period there can be very good sound proofing between areas. This is hugely important if you intend to share.

The mix you propose is not good to my eye. If you’re at this stage in life sharing with one other couple of simpler mindset and the right house will make it work. Otherwise it won’t and everyone will regret it and perhaps become unfriendly.

For the record I’m back to house sharing for similar reason though I have no plan to buy.

The trick is too look in the 5+ bedroom bracket and do not be to specific on the area, do as wide a sweep as you can.

The other option is to emigrate.

I like your style.

Then you can out smart them every time. :smiley:

This was one cause of friction for us - the same people who didn’t want to pay extra for a cleaner were the ones who were lax in their cleaning. Which obviously doubles down on frustration for the other people. (So agree this before even thinking about moving in!).

Also, a word of warning: even setting very specific rules around cleaning, agreed to by everyone, doesn’t necessarily work. We decided at one point that for jobs on the rota (mopping kitchen, hoovering sitting room, etc) there was going to be a hard deadline with a specified forfeit (roughly doubling the amount of work you have to do) if you miss it. Everyone agreed (in writing!), but the first person to miss it was someone who had previously been quite good, and who agreed thinking the rules would never apply to them. Cue massive arguments “but I have it in writing that you will accept the forfeit!”. “Yeah, but that’s not fair, because I only missed it once…”.

Hard to predict who’s going to be the 10-year-old child before you’ve lived with them.

If there’s couples it will be a disaster since you start out with factions.

Cleaning and cooking are always the issues. My dad did his PhD thesis on the economics of communal living and he says that in the communities he studied, their downfall was almost always centred around the kitchen.

Monica’s flat was rent controlled.
Only two similar people lived together.
The “Friends” weren’t getting under their feet and went home at the end of the evening(for the most part).
None of the Friends were anti-social, unhygenic, drug-abusers, chain-smokers, anorexics, bulemics, mentally unhinged, etc…

“Friends” isn’t a documentary, it is a situational comedy.

If every flatmate was as pretty and fragrant as a young Jennifer Aniston then perhaps but remember that even Brad Pitt couldn’t put up with her in real life and moved out.

Sharing is fine…so long as everyone has their own bathroom and kitchen!

Re that particular house, given the fake BER listing on it and the absence of a real BER, would you trust the rest of the ad?

Beauty is only skin deep … but ugly goes to the bone!* – Dorothy Parker*

Sick fake economy it is. THEY want you to get used to the idea of sharing a house, then share the car, we’ll end up sharing a pair of shoes if it goes this way. In Western World the basic need has become an investment vehicle now the fruits has ripen ready to be picked by general population parted with their income to fund Zionist money extraction.