Credit unions told: don't lend to struggling homeowners … 85079.html

As an aside - I notice the Indo have upgraded their website - still looks sh*te tho.

Also as an aside… it truly is a worse site than they began with. Both the mobile and desktop versions.

On topic… surely not lending to people who will struggle with a capacity to repay should be fecking obvious!

You’d think so but this is Ireland.

Surely this is a no brainer and should not require the regulator to instruct any lender about giving out loans to people up to their bollix in debt?

WARNING: Kinetic drop down menu navigation!

It is so bad I think it is deliberate to get people back to buying the rag.

LOL @ the photo caption “Young couple calculating their domestic bills”. Is that in case you were thrown by the impeccable expensive grooming, the designer casuals, and the absence of baby puke.

A caption of … ‘random stock photo or couple with calculator’ would of course had been more accurate.

BTW… does Charlie Weston write an article these days without qouting Karl Deeter? I’m beginning to think they are the same person at this stage :slight_smile:

Ahhh yes, the baby puke.
Reminds me of one of my best friends whose pride and joy was an €8,000 sofa.
We all had to tippy-toe around it and God-forbid we had a drink in our hands while sitting on it.

Cue the baby arrival … and 5 years later, the stains are still visable. :laughing:

Ahhh yes, the fancy furniture.
When the mini-meselfs were young there was a family down the way who had two kids of more or less equal age as my own. While it was common to see these two (and others) playing and being fed in my house, my two (nor others) were never, never invited into this family’s gaff.
When I did eventually have a reason to call in one evening (local collection gig) I could see the reason why - place was decked out like a showhouse with pale colour everything, including off-white carpets.
Seemingly they spent a fortune on expensive interior decoration and had the kids under actual orders to stay out as much as possible and never bring any other child back in!
Life I suppose … but not as we know it!

PS: Probably Not Unrelated:
Daughter of the house got up the duff at 17 … terrible rumpus I believe … her and young fellow do not live at home anymore. Son become a sullen unkempt playstation troglodyte, flunked two college courses and now seemingly spends most of his time in the bedroom.
At least the house is still sparkling!

and increasing in value by the day :slight_smile:

They’ll have to shift the trog out though - ‘out the door by twenty four’ application will soon be required!