CRH Concrete Sales Down 24% For 2010 H1 … vFinal.pdf

Concrete sales are essentially a proxy for construction activity. It seems pretty safe to assume that construction activity for 2010 H1 is down 24% on 2009 H1.

Wonder how our other concrete products provider is fairing ?

Share price down almost 17% in a day

I suppose that’s what leading the ISEQ downward charge?

Come the revolution there’ll be a new market in concrete shoes for politicians. (joking!)

No, it’ll be piano wire and lamp posts.

Readymix plc provides guidance for 2010 half year results →

wait till the spirit of Ireland boys get started, how much concrete will they need

Less than you might think. According to them: “Low cost rock fill dams can be safely used in Ireland because it is in one of the areas of lowest seismic activity in the World. Concrete dams would be an unnecessary expense”.