CRH introduces stoppages at plants to clear stockpiles

CRH introduces stoppages at plants to clear construction-slump stockpiles → … ar-constr/

Da Uncle told me last week the cousin is on a 3 day week. He works with CRH down in Cork so it goes further than the two plants mentioned.

I was recently let go by the company. I should of posted it in the the job losses thread. I had been working there for just over two years but no new contracts are been given out.

There has been a lot of redundancies/early retirement in the company the past year, but its drip-drop style prevents it from making the headlines. … aking6.htm … arketsNews

one of them has to go? :neutral_face:

nowhere near the same scale but Condron Concrete in Tullamore has been reduced to a bare skeleton staff.
Makes sense as no one wants concrete, aggregates, slates, precast products, etc… i.e. anything they make.