Crooked Auctioneer Ordered to Pay 1.7m to Victim … 72625.html

It seems that half was paid at some stage and the other half was not forthcoming so back to court they went again !!

Despite this breach of his duty to his client Colm still appears to be a member in good standing of the IAVI.

Has anyone asked Robert Ganly the IAVI president whether the IAVI is prepared to allow this person to continue as a member , unsanctioned even ???

Honour ??? Hah Ha ha ha haaaaaahhhhh ha ha !!!

As someone who has gone to college for 4 years (already having a degree) just so that I would be eligible to join the IAVI, I am rather disappointed that this fella is still a member.

While I see from reading the article that he settled the original case out of court and therefore didn’t have to admit guilt it is obvious why he would have done this.

I think I shall ask Mr Ganly for a response.

I have reserved my comments on this case.
Im afraid my views could contravene the libel laws.
Better to stay quiet.

I too considered the libel laws.

However, the case the articles in yesterdays papers refer to are really from last year, the court case from two days ago is only an enforcement.

What was that quote…“The only thing necessary for triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

If enough IAVI members look for action, it should be at least investigated.

Shane Ross has looked into this, he even rang up Colm McEvoy and Robert Ganly to get their sides of this story.

A most instructive article on the state of regulation of auctioneering . Well done Shane .

Its here … 80108.html

Colm McEvoy has been expelled from the IAVI, the ad below appeared in the Dec 24th Irish Times:

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That only took about 3 years :frowning:

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it may have taken 3 years, but the IAVI still did it, so credit where it is due.
I wonder where the Actuarial Society and Accounting Bodies as quick to act with some of their members at the top of our banks?

Just read the O.P.
Excuse my ignorance, but is’nt that theft? Pretty big theft at that.
Did he do any jail time at all at all??

Thanks, here goes so:

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So what exactly does being expelled from the IAVI mean ? :confused:

I take it that he can still continue to operate as an EA 8-

Is the IAVI much the same as the SIMI in the car industry where membership is optional but not essential ?

So thats all of the following.

  1. In relation to complaints, members shall respond within 21 days to all communications from, and co-operate fully with, the Institute, its Officers, Servants, Disciplinary Committee, Appeal Boards and National Council in respect of all complaints.

  2. Should the Institute, its Officers, Servants, Disciplinary Committee, Appeal Boards or National Council decide that an investigation into any matter requires an inspection of the member’s files, bank accounts and/or books of account, members shall ensure that at the member’s expense they, their colleagues, staff, associates, consultants and professional advisers co-operate fully with such inspections, properly and expeditiously respond to all queries put to them in relation thereto and furnish true copies of any documents requested by any party making such investigations on the Institute’s behalf. For the purpose of the Data Protection Act, all documentation received shall be used solely for the purpose of deciding whether a complaint is valid and, if so, whether a penalty should be imposed

  3. Members shall at all times make it their first duty to protect and promote the legitimate interest of their clients to the utmost of their ability. To the extent possible without prejudice to that duty, members shall adopt a fair approach in relation to business conducted by them and encourage property sellers, property buyers, property owners, landlords, tenants, licensors and licensees to adopt a similar approach

13.1 Save in cases where a regular client engages a member on a basis where a fee norm is clearly implied or understood, a member shall, as soon as practicable after receipt of instructions issue a letter of engagement to all clients, confirming:

a) The amount of fee or commission, the circumstances under which it becomes payable and the VAT rate that applies to fees; 
b) The nature and duration of the agency granted and the implications of same for a potential fee liability on the client’s behalf, both before and after termination of the agency; 
c) Confirmation that the member has no conflict of interest that should prevent them acting; 

13.2In cases involving a proposed sale or letting of property, the member shall also confirm in writing to the client prior to commencement of the marketing campaign:

a) The agreed budget for outlay, with a reasonable breakdown of what it covers and the VAT rate applicable to outlay.

13.3In cases involving a proposed sale of property, the member shall also confirm in writing to the client prior to commencement of the marketing campaign:

a) The member’s true opinion of the value of the property to be marketed at the commencement of the marketing campaign (the Advised Minimum Value - AMV), together with, for demonstrative purposes only, the VAT inclusive fee in monetary terms that would become payable should the AMV be achieved.  

b) Where a member acts as a financial or insurance intermediary or broker, or has a financial interest in an entity providing such services, the member shall provide within the text of the letter/s of engagement or confirmation a clear statement of their involvement.

  1. No member shall publish to the public a price for any property being marketed lower than the Advised Minimum Value (AMV). This rule will not apply to court or similar sales where the selling agent is not privy to the AMV, or where the market has shown that the AMV is unachievable, in which case the member must advise the client in writing to amend the indicated price.