Crosbies Head


I want Harry Crosbies Late Late head on a youtube clip! Who shall bring it to me?


Will Alfredo Garcia do instead?


I didn’t see the show. What had him so cocky. Did he sign an MOU?

If he didn’t I bet you five pence he’s gone before Christmas.


was it not the BOC show?


It’s all the same derivative dribble… I’m allowed a bit of freestyle word play now and again. Helps with the blood pressure you see.


why??? did he sing the rare ould times out of key or some similar schlockola ??


One oily cunt talking to another oily cunt. The unilaterally imposed licence fee is surely worth that.


Reports say that he claimed he only has to pay NAMA back what NAMA paid the banks for the loans. Some of us are not surprised by the revelation, even if we are surprised that it was revealed :angry:

#9 … -and-nama/


Aren’t they grand lads in NAMA. Crosbies loans were transferred at between 50% and 70% of face value I would estimate leaving the taxpayer holding the 30-50% he intends not to pay.


It has changed.!v=1114973

Crosby comes on at 0:18:55

RTE streams with RTMP.
RTMPdump does what it says on the tin.
Google will show how to use it.
You will need to find out where the video is streaming from with a HTTP analyser (eg: while the show plays.
Crop to selection in a video editor.
Upload to youtube.


To be fair to Mr. O’Connor, he has put useful information on how NAMA will work into the public domain, as the NWL analysis of it shows.

This is news, as it is confirmation that NAMA is a bailout vehicle for its borrowers, but whether it will be picked up by supine and conflicted media is another question. Given the lack of opposition to NAMA, BrendanG in a banana suit notwithstanding, from most of the commentariat (Fintan O’Toole opposed it, but, I believe, only on the grounds that we were overpaying for the loans, i.e. that we weren’t giving the developers a big enough digout…).


Good points, contrast that with the pyrite householders who are being left high and dry. The ordinary taxpayer gets shafted for tax all his life, doesnt get the safety net he has paid for, and these pricks on the inside get looked after like its their birthright.


:sick: :sick: :sick:


What has changed? The clip has been edited since it appeared online?

Or an edited version was put online?



I though the url had changed. Was just the earlier link posted had #%21v=1114973 and didn’t work for me.!v=1114973


Before I watch this, could I just ask…is it going to upset me?


Only if you’re a taxpayer.

If you’re a knuckle-dragging, bottom-picking, Lenny-lovin’ property developer you’ll love it!


Was Crosbie ‘on’ something ?
He couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

Very strange behaviour.

p.s. regarding his ‘positivity’, if I was up to my tits in debt and suddenly got c50% written off, I’d be very fuckin positive !