Crosbies Head


“In four years … we’ll be laughing.”

Rats. Another date to remember to commemorate, alongside Donie Cassidy Day…


I can’t decide the title of my revolutionary cinematic work

When Harry met Savvy

When Harry met Ballsy


Now you know the man.

If he was an ice cream he’d lick himself… is one of those rare ‘old terms you don’t’ hear that often but if the shoe fits! I haven’t watched it yet till my dinner settles later I shall. However I’ve heard him before and expected only delirium.

Thanks WGU!


If his mickey was made of chocolate, he’d eat it himself.



How that one didn’t make it into the phrases thread I’ll never know…


Wow I’ve just watched this clip.

So Nama really is simply an elaborate veichle to bail out developers. Debt forgivness for the elite.

What really upset me watching this was the happy bunch of taxpayers clapping him at the end.

Forget what he was on what the hell are they and we on! Why do we put up with this? why do we happily cheer someone saying that has just pissed away millions of our tax?

Debt forgiveness was priced in in 2008!

He will never loose his house but 1000s of tax payers will loose theirs because of him WTF


Fair fucks to that man. A thousand jobs created (some of them full time), not to mention the hordes of contented taxi drivers drivin’ hordes of contented punters to hundred-quid-a-twist shows. And the tax payer is only gettin’ raped for, what, half a million per job. LUXURY! No wonder that Ballsy O’Connor audience was enraptured.



That interview really betrays the attitude of the scum elite who see the State as a vehicle to enrich them and protect their private interests, regardless of the burden on the public.


Why wasn’t this on the 9 O’clock news.

Dadada dada dant (News jingle)

Ann Doyle: And now the headlines; Tax Payers F@cked over again as developer reveals NAMA wiping out millions of developers debt
Cut to Crosbie clip:
Ann Doyle: In other news Government say no debt forgiveness for mortgage holders citing moral hazard: Jobs boost as NAMA hires 100’s of solicitors, layers and quantity surveyors Harry Crosbie credited with the cause for new employment.

and on it goes…


The second one could also be diversification into the porno market.


That’s hilarious. He’s the total spit of one of those two dirty puppets used to be on late night rte I forget their names.


Tis the money quote for me … Harrys Reveals the Fix.

"The money we’re gonna pay back is what they (NAMA) paid"


I need to calm down before I comment again… didn’t make it to the end of that clip. It was simply too horrific.


Not for me … at least he’s probably telling the truth on that one. The one that annoyed the tits off me was (paraphrasing): “that money’s gone [referring to losses on commercial property values] – it’s the same as the people who spent 800 grand on a house and it’s gone down in value”. Cute hoorist sleight of hand there – for NE people, the money is gone but the debt isnt.


That stuck out for me too.
They are not the same at all.
The homeowner still owes 100% of the mortgage, whereas Harry just got a c50% discount.



If he bought a big house and a car and built up his company with that money, is any of that still there? It is? Marvellous, well let’s have it back then. You can keep the clothes you’re in.


Careful now!

He’s got sick children in his arms!


Great interview . You have BOC who was a cheerleader of the boom through his role in the media . And you have Crosbie who would have invited him to tons of ligs etc . There seemed to be the implication that they knew one another on a social level with referances to Crosbies house etc .

Then Crosbie who if he had a second pair of lips would actually kiss himself lets his ego fly free ( talk of building a childrens hospital will do that in Ireland ) and goes on to say how great NAMA is . Of course they are great , they have bailed him out and all he has to do is play ball during the downturn and once the problem in Europe is fixed ( ie , when we figure out what currency we will be using next week ) Ireland will bounce back quicker than everybody else and they will have to build a wall around the docks to keep people out .

BOC sits there like a Mafia soldier in court who has adhered to the code of Omerta and then discovers that the Don is signing like a carnie to get off free while he has to do a 30 year stretch . Fantrastic !

The icing on the cake is the taxpayers sitting in the audience who are actually clapping and think its great that they are in the presence of their betters .


Podge or Rodge. Uncanny resemblance. The eyes have it.


Resmeblance, I say!

Not only that but there are so many gaffs on Harrys part in this interview, it has to be the contender for the Late Late Give A Man Rope Award for this generation.