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I’d similar thoughts and, yes, there are clear implications of them meeting socially. So, in fairness to BOC, given that and the light entertainment show format, he actually did the State some service in taking the conversation where he did.

Put yourself in BOC’s shoes. You could just let it pass, let your distinguished guest and acquaintance get the applause for the children’s hospital and don’t challenge what he means by saying ‘we’ll have paid everyone back’. I’m no fan of his, although I do feel Father Brian & the Fun Lovin’ Cardinals was a defining moment of musical clarity in the 90s. But, all things considered, this was a good evenings work.

And that’s who we have to share the State with. Its fucking hard work trying to introduce content to political discussion here. That’s why I’d welcome this sign that BOC has actually realises something about the times we’ve lived through. At some point in that interview he even says something about paying some unfeasibly large amount for a house.

This is as good as it gets. You can’t get rid of the rest of the electorate and replace them with Vulcans. So they applaud the childrens hospital and sit there uncomprehending as BOC gently uncovers a crack of light. But fair play to BOC for making an effort.


+1. I thought there was something formidable in how he made that crack of light. He’s still a kept boy, what with the rte gig, the sindo gig, and the connections. But there occasionally flares that rebellious questioning. Must be the cork in him. He’d be a good one to see take the road to damascus. You never know. Maybe he’s even on it.


I hear what you are saying . It may be light entertainment but it is still a chat show and any that I have ever seen will go into more serious discussions depending on the guest etc . Its usually agreed what will be discussed beforehand anyway .

In this case after the hospital plug , what else were they going to talk about ? There really is only the dockland developments , point village etc and any interview with a developer who is in NAMA is going to be about being in NAMA . What makes it bizarre is that the developers are not supposed to talk about their dealings with NAMA so its kind of limited what he can or cannot say . What was he doing on a chat show ?

What would have been interesting was if BOC had of taken the conversation towards debt forgivness for the little guy in light of what Crosbie said about his own debt repayments . Instead BOC completly let him away with it .

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Its really quite a simple concept.

Crobie pays what NAMA paid not what he borrowed but, for some reason, I think alot of people dont actually understand that.

Perhaps its because he seems like a nice man, talks alot about the jobs he creates, and how he is going to heal sick kids
people dont want to criticise him.

Bread and Circuses.


I wonder will the widespread revelation rally a cry of “debt forgiveness for me too”, or of “we need to properly enforce the rules of personal and professional responsibility in this country before we all become even more undone”.


He may not even pay what NAMA paid or he may pay more . He went on to say that they would see what rents were being generated on the properties in a few years time and that would be taken into consideration on the amount to be paid back .


But didn’t NAMA tell us that developers would be pursued for every last cent that they owed?

Isn’t this a major policy change that NAMA “forgot” to announce?


So he’s saying he’ll get us either which way.

Depending on whether the political/economic wind blows towards higher rents which means SME business must struggle harder, large business must squeeze their employees harder, the consumer must pay more to cover the higher rents, and in general, high yielding, low paying, impersonal, corporate, high-powered-marketing-driven businesses are the only ones that can survive (Crosbie’s model).

And if the political/economic wind blows the other way, well we’ll still have to pay through our taxes and our children’s taxes.

Either which way, he still is ‘laughing all the way to Nama’ as VB puts it.


Meanwhile, over on, they’ve started to discuss the matter and someone decided to ring NAMA for clarification.

Blue Horseshoe



Where’s the “I don’t want to live in this country anymore” picture ?


Fuck this. So all those 40-50% haircuts amounting to billions of our money has just vanished? Debts written off and these lads are being employed on 200K salaries after proving them selves completely inept at anything other than losing half a billlion on property.


In light of what yer man Crosbie said
why was this guy fighting against his loans going into NAMA?


That interview is unbelievable, it’s a real ‘fuck you’ to the Irish people.


I would imagine the fight was about the level of the haircut. His loans were performing (largely) so there was a very low haircut.

Perhaps I am doing Mr. McKillen a disservice and he saw it for that scam it was. A scam that one hopes will stain the participants in perpetuity.


Indeed, and those who were baying for higher haircuts on the transfer (Fintan O’Toole for example) have been played for fools. I’m sure the PTB were chortling in their sherries at the outrage at the initial low haircuts.



Maybe McKillen isn’t part of the golden circle that includes Crosbie, Ronan and a few others and expects to get shafted while others walk away? Is there a two-tier Nama?