Crosbies Head


He was not yet on buddy buddy terms with the NAMA boys?

Or he actually believed Lenihan’s declaration that Nama would pursue the full amount ?

There was a lot of talk in the early days of how NAMA would definitely not be a bailout for developers. Perhaps no one had had a word in his ear before he filed the case.

“We’re on your side, Paddy. We’re here to put things back the way they were. To ensure the market is rigged. To ensure high commercial rents. To ensure the provision of preposterous mortgages to the young so they can buy your shoebox apartments. To ensure the continuation of the impersonal, corporate, high-powered-marketing-driven paradigm that has us all wealthy men, Paddy. We have armies of valuers who work for us - salaried men in our pockets. We have the will, we have the means. Work with us , Paddy.”


I’ve just sent off an email to asking WTF is going on.


Action, not talk. That’s what I like.


Everything that has been presupposed here and elsewhere on the net since the very beginning of this assault by the phantom menace, has sadly come to pass. Our worst suspicions confirmed by this self appointed cartoon king of hot air.

Now moving along from that fact that any entity in NAMA means they are a bust the the following questions need to be asked, you can replace the name here with other entities that are in NAMA, who they are is still a secret is it not?

Have part or all of Crosbie’s Loans purchased been by Nama?

If so what is the value?

Is Harry Crosbie’s receiving a wage form NAMA

If so how much?

Can any member of the public apply to NAMA for a wage to manage these Loans and perhaps make a return for the taxpayer?

Answers on a Postcard to,

PO Box 666
Mu Mu Land


Maybe he reads the pin or an advisor? :angry:


Am I correct in believing that McKillens debts are part of the ‘performing’ batch ?


I love Harry’s cognitive dissonance.

  • I would ask people not to object to the planning process - for to do so means you kill the baby Jesus.
  • I would ask the people of Ireland to make up the funding gap for the hospital.
  • I wish Dunnes would fulfill their legal obligations.
  • I have no intention of fulfilling my legal obligations.
  • I have no intention of making up the funding gap of my borrowings.


Why did no one point out to Harry that if he paid back to the state (NAMA) what he owed to the state, he wouldn’t have to fund raise for a children’s hospital, as the state could afford to build one.


thats my point…if McKillen could pay his debts when they were €X
having NAMA reduce them to a fraction of €X
he’s on the pigs back!

Why the reluctance to go into NAMA?

Maybe if you couldn’t repay your debt, you might object,
because of what happened with D.Quinlan
NAMA selling his stake in the hotels to the Barclays brothers…so D Quinlan doesn’t really benefit

So really NAMA enriches those that were already well fixed before its establishment! XD


My reading of it is that, as one of the performing loans, McKillen wasn’t going to be given any discount.
That was his problem - all of the stigma of being associated with NAMA with none of the benefits !


Not short on self-confidence is he?


In the words of David Byrne, “Same as it ever was”…


Why oh why has it taken until Wed for this to reach the paper of record and even then in the guise of an opinion buried on P16.

The fact that VB has had NAMA confirm this an apparently it’s in their annual report makes it one of the biggest news stories for the state this year!

Why is it ignored? Is it that everyone already expected it? Are we all the numbster citizens in the audience who just applaud this and go back to watching the TV?

It never ceases to amaze me the ability of our government to spend our money with flagrant abandon.

It makes me sick :sick:


NAMA was to pursue developers for the full amounts owed to the banks. This was the original spout.

When did the rhetoric change, does anyone know ?


Four legs good, two legs better !


This is not the worst aspect of NAMA anyway. It is secondary. The worst aspect was flagged while it was only the germ of an idea in the mind of the establishment. Letting the developers ‘off’ is bad. But its real remit is a much greater pestilence.


Only McKillen has said that his loans are performing. Of course, the bank may have restructured his repayments, or he might only be on some sort of interest-only special deal.

NAMA or the bank in question will not comment on an individual case.


May 2010, according to the Indo


Except this was followed by blanket denials from FF at the Finance Committee…

edit: and indeed Mr. Daly as reported by a certain poster on this site:

PS The tinfoil over the timing of Alan Ruddock’s untimely death doesn’t go away. Perhaps he died of apoplexy?

PPS I take back what I said about large-scale developers. Even they are getting their place at the taxpayer trough.


Well, of course. FF were sticking up for the plain people of Ireland.