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I cant watch the interview again but I think I recall that the bold Ol’ Harry making reference to this all being sorted within another four years. I wonder if what Harry really meant was “I have recieved my first 200K cheque from Nama so I just have to sit it out for another 4 years and I will be a millionaire again. Oh and I also get to keep my house and my property portfolio because I know what they all did”… God bless the little ones…


Just to know, the issue got a mention in the Senate


(Sigh.) Some else at it.

Always with the €30 billion, if that’s the most we can aspire.

Maybe it is, but there’s a definite airbrushing out of the haircut. Too many people have too much to gain from the fudge. Presumably Alan Aherne looks forward to being able to say “Sure, NAMA had its flaws. But people forget that it broke even. Like Brian Lenihan said, it was the cheapest bank bailout in history”.

And, apart from a few loons on the internet, will anyone notice? Maybe the occasional half-noticed question from Brendan O’Connor:

“But, Harry, NAMA never got back the money from the recap, did they?”
“No, Bren, but that’s just gone. They made a profit on what was left”


Why do NAMA need to keep the developers on board?

Surely there are several unemployed project professionals who could manage the close out of these projects for a fraction of 200k pa?


No one gets it.


Are you sure?


I’m looking in the window aren’t we all?


Taken from Noonan’s speech in the senate

It is no wonder Harry is in such good form

This structure has so many incentives to game the system.

Mulcahy must be having a ball


A little over a year ago, there was a competition in the Irish Times letters column to name Harry’s wheel at the O2 arena. The winning entry was “Revolver”, though if a musical riff was de rigeur, maybe “Stealer’s Wheel” might have been more apt?

Passing by today, it has been disassembled. And gone for good, I’d assume, seeing as there was rarely anyone in it when I went by. You can no longer book a ride on it at any rate…

Anyhow, the following was my (unpublished) contribution to the competition.

As the capital’s wheel will likely join the other rusting legacies at the tail-end of the Tiger, “Ferrous Wheel” might be apt (and future-proofed)?

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There was a tragic accident there last month.


The wheel and the funfair are separate entities AFAIK. The fatal accident referred to here took place on an entirely different ride: … ing11.html


I’ve wondered about this guy on my way past Crosbies Yard where ordinary joes are living with huge negative equity.

Is he bankrupt?

If he is not repaying his loans, why isn’t he bankrupt?

Especially, has the point depot been taken off him.

The Crosbies Yard residents should really change the name


Noonan should be in jail.


I thought OW would like this one: … 85871.html

Loose €250 million because you are so crap at your job. Check
Get forgiven for that debt. Check
Tax payer stumps up the €250 million loss. Check

Keep your home and business etc keep all benefits of the up side, dump all risk and downside on to the taxpayer. Job done.

Oh and we’ll give you a well deserved OBE from the British Queen. Que lost of gushing press coverage honouring the great man!

WTF cuntry are we living in.

Black is white up is down. (cripes I’m starting to sound like OW)


Well it is an award from the British for services rendered. So maybe for F**King over his own country he has done some service for our competitors… So not so illogical at all. Although I do take your point that the fawning in the press over here will be hard to understand, but then again, I do wonder which side they (the press), are on sometimes…We shall see… :smiling_imp:


KBC are now going after Harry Crosbie … … 22463.html

Crosbie has resigned all his director roles and run … … 95310.html


the NAMA Christmas gathering of wealth creators


So much for letting these guys manage their former operations (bust) on behalf of NAMA for nice money :angry:


Judgment reserved in Harry Crosbie case against Dunnes Stores over Point Village store … 57837.html

#100 … 06840.html

Crowning Honour: Crosbie receives honorary OBE