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Not a head and not Crosbie’s: … beach.html

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Marian Finucane on Saturday morning doing the paper review was commenting on the beautiful pictures of Harry and his family receiving their honours and how great it was for them. A few minutes later she’s discussing the Merkel’s kick in the swingers to Enda and Ireland…how the country was broke etc etc
go figure!


Heard on the radio recently that Harry Crosbie is Chairman of the new Children’s Hospital at St James.

I was very surprised when I heard that…


NAMA Supported Crosbie in case against Dunnes … 16347.html


NAMA’d developers need to ask for permission to spend a penny let alone sue Dunnes. Very tight purse strings, though obviously for very good reason.


Harry Crosbie’s properties - including Point Village and Bord Gais Energy Theatre - taken into NAMA control: … y-crosbie/


So after all that nonsense on the Brendan O Connor show Crosbie could not service his loans and could not even service them at what NAMA paid for them …and gets the heave. Just imagine all the waffle and shite that NAMA had to listen to at meetings for the last few years all the same. The very embodiment of Long Term Economic Value is our Harry. :smiley: … -1.1366449


Always seemed to be an open door for him in RTE Radio & Television to promote his business.


I don’t think we have much reason to believe the conversations he had with NAMA were immeasurably more technical or granular than his conversations with Brendan.


Out of interest, what is Crosbie left with? Does he have any other large investments with little debt? Does he have any other well performing assets? Is this actually the last we will see of him, or will he just keep spoofing away on our publicly funded airwaves?


Harry has plenty of land left around the docklands, including the o2


Exactly where in the docklands does Crosbie still have property?

Crosbie’s part owned Spencer Dock scheme is already in receivership.

Bord Gais theatre, 50% of the o2 and The Point Village are in/about to be in receivership.

Crosbie owns a house by the banks of Grand Canal. As this is his private residence, rather than commercial property, it may not be subject to enforcement action.


Small world. This morning, by chance, I saw Harry Crosbie, in a shop in the docklands, where he was buying the Sunday Business Post, where the cover story is about Harry Crosbie’s properties going into receivership in the docklands! He looked fine, there was no visible sign that the weeks events had taken its toll on him.

The Sunday Business Post reports that the other Harry Crosbie properties to go into receivership are on Thomas Street in Dublin.

The Sunday Times reports that Live Nation might acquire Harry Crosbie’s 50% stake in The O2 from the NAMA appointed receivers.


His family also run/own some of the businesses in the area through other companies. Not sure if they are also included in the latest round of receivership as I can’t find the list of companies that NAMA moved on.


Yeah, ‘H’ beside the theatre, is owned by his wife. :angry:


I know it’s two Crosbies (male & female) but I could only speculate as to their relationship with him…

I have encountered the purported owner of H (at least that’s how she identified herself) and she’s an interesting character.

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seems to conform to the theory that NAMA only really fucks you if you start to **** ******


i’ll have a consonant please carol