Crosbies Head


Harry, a true patriot…even Marion will do well to ‘media polish’ him out of this … 727?page=2


I knew the Sindo would give Harry a bit of a digout and sure enough that bint Niamh Horan did the honours. :frowning: … 82690.html

Just so we know this ain’t journalism as such …but we all know Niamh Horan is not a journalist.

and Harry maintains that.

So Harry managed to amass nearly half a billion of debt without having a charge on what was his only real asset for many years, how on earth did he manage that ???


Harry’s not going down without a fight … 02085.html


Harry Crosbie enters legal challenge against Nama … -1.1831451


Nama secures €77m judgment against Harry Crosbie … -1.1847849


I will be avoiding Brendan O Connor, Marion Finucane and all the Independent group titles for the next month, I really could not stand the nonsense that those media outlets tolerate unquestioned from Crosbie. :slight_smile:


Marian’s going on some well deserved holidays :smiling_imp:

You’ll probably lover her replacement for this weekend!!! … -finucane/


Signs of the depression ?


2 hours of Crosbie schlockaroonies then, bleeeugh. :nin


Just put on the radio to hear Brendan say ‘we cannot allow 70,000 repossessions to happen, how do we stop them’.
Got someone from The Phoenix Foundation on with him and some folk who are in troble with the banks


Crosbie makes a cunt of himself (again) . … -1.1855536

Had he made a full disclosure like he was supposed to then he may well have a case…but he didn’t did he???


BUSINESSMAN Harry Crosbie says he should not have to live on €5,000 a month as one of the conditions for NAMA not enforcing a €77m judgment against his home and other assets. … 25838.html

What sort of country expects it’s ‘best and brightest’ to survive on 5k per month!


make him queue for the first €188 of it on Gardiner st


I distinctly remember Harry talking to a fellow property professional here in 2011 …


Sad that Harry is trying the old Fiona Nagle ‘I can’t possibly live on so little’ defence in court…especially seeing as it went so badly for Fiona and all. :slight_smile:


Biased, unprofessional sack licking disguised as journalism - you expect it from others but now St. Fintan?

Barbarous? … -1.1871418


What’s he got against warehouses outside Mullingar?


He must have no friends in the stockbroking word! … -1.1872623


is there a whiff of sibling rivalry at the IT with lads in the business/property section having a dig at Sir Fintan for encroaching on their territory?
“He is currently campaigning to be allowed retain control of the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre in Dublin’s docklands.”


My God they filleted Crosbie and his ‘business’ ‘dealings’ in the business section…or what!? :nin … -1.1872623

The ‘economics’ of the Grand Canal Theatre is most interesting.

Now that 200 year lease is interesting, and the DDDA was only down €70m ( + 200 years interest) on paper. :smiley: Harry was not happy with that.

and NAMA ponied up €2m to Joe O Reilly on the back of that one and added it to Crosbies bill. Joe O Reilly is not guilty of any wrongdoing here that I can see BTW.

The rest of the article is a long summary on Crosbies deliberately hidden wealth, Crosbie pulling out €1m + a year in salary since going into NAMA, dodgy 'gifts from Crosbie to his family and the various schlock and nonsense Crosbie has told NAMA/The Courts over the years.

Maybe the IT business section will finally show Fintan O Toole how to use a calculator ( in front of all the rest of the IT staff) or would that be a “barbarous act” in there. ? :smiley: :smiley: