Crosbies Head


Extraordinary shilling for New fucking Beginnings by Fintan O’Toole!

Mentions that Ross Maguire refused to comment and then quotes a letter they sent to Noonan … -1.1898614

Just print their Press Release why don’t you!


They’re “pulling together for Ireland”, a collection a w***ers you could say.


He’s on Joe Duffy being lauded now, saying how he’s not a whinger and just picks up the pieces and moves on. The buildings he’s built will be around for centuries.
He didn’t do it for the money, but rather to bring big acts to Ireland. He still has Vicar St by the sounds of it?
Now planning a 4,000 seater in Dublin


Crosbie fights Nama pursuit of family home and personal assets … 87454.html


Crosbie loses appeal over nama




Crosbie has plenty salted away beyond NAMAs reach, don’t you worry. :slight_smile:


Does this mean his house is gonna be sold? I definitely want a tour of that.


Very dark inside apparently.



Rubble from old Abbey to be used to build Dublin open-air theatre
Permission sought by Harry Crosbie to build Greek-style theatre … -1.3034847


Looks like a giant public urinal and will no doubt be used as such. What’s the bets within twelve months Dublin wags will be calling it “The Mingin’ Stones”?


Spot the difference. :smiley:

#153 … -1.3069181

I know what I’d call this.