Crowded house just started on RTE1 tv

The impact of your grown up kids moving back in due to the recession etc

I’m building a moat and drawbridge as soon as the last of my two has left!

Priory Hall? What a fucking disaster.

I have the opposite problem… My mother-in-law wants to move in with us. Over my dead body!

Poor auld Woodleys are on the hook for the daughters loan, and the holiday home looks like it will have to go

Add portcullis so!

The family with kids can’t move out cos they can’t afford a three bed which they need cos its better to share with your parents than have your kids share a bedroom.

This programme made for some of the saddest viewing in a long time.

I hope the senior bankers , developers and politicians who presided over the property bubble were watching and can see the the misery they have created and the lives they ruined.

As for the smug and insensitive earlier posts on this topic , there but for the grace of god go you or I.

PolPot and Fred West shared bedrooms with an older sibling. Need I say more.

What posts are you referring to?

It was nothing to do with god.

De bankuhs de bonuses.

Oh but dey ruined us altogether, sure didn’t dey, ochon ochon.

Ah be jaysus, is dat the truth?

And begad, it’s terribul what dem bankahs are doin’ to the cuntry.

I had a lot of sympathy for the Priory Hall lady. That was entirely caused by lack of building controls and inspections. Felt really sorry for the guarantor parents too. They shouldn’t have to be facing that at their age.

I only caught the second half. Some of it was pretty grim indeed.

Priory Hall is a living monument to the dysfunctionality in this failed state.

I am pleased that this issue is once again being highlighted, lest we ever forget.

How many more Priory Halls are out there?

Next you’ll be talking about bringing up children in a rented house! Black helicopters are on their way to sterilise you.

I actually watch some of this show and it was a mixed bag … the priory hall case was a genuinely hard luck story and you have to have some sympathy with the girl in question.

However, the case of the woman with the house in wexford who has now crippled her elderly parents with a debt actually turned my stomach; from two angles. She was a woman in her 40’s who needed her parents to guarantee a mortgage application … alarm bells should have been ringing at that stage, how anyone could put their parents in that position is beyond me.

Before I got married I considered buying a house on my own (around 2003ish) … I put in a mortgage application for with two of our main banks and the first response I got from both of them was ‘Do your parents own their own home … do they still have a mortgage’ … I questioned why I was being asked this and they said that if my parents were mortgage free and homeowners I could put them down as guarantees and almost double what I would be approved for.

I genuinely was horrified by the thoughts; my parents were retired and fought very hard to hold on to their house in the 80’s & 90’s … my dad was self employed and during the bad days of the 80’s had to beg / borrow and steal to keep the roof over our heads, me as one of 5 siblings could not have even considered risking this house for my benefit … it was obviously the banks that thought it was a great angle to lend more cash.

^^ +1

I remember once I came of buying age (steady job/good income) my father telling me and my brother he’d never go guarantor for either of us no matter what - thankfully very prudent. I honestly wouldn’t of dreamed of asking them in the first place though.

I didn’t see the programme, is it just the reverse of “I’m an adult get me out of here”?

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