CSO: 2013 avg. earnings down y/y, avg hours, up (slightly)

CSO Earnings and Labour Costs Quarterly, 26th Feb 2014


](Earnings and Labour Costs Q3 2013 (Final) Q4 2013 (Preliminary Estimates) - CSO - Central Statistics Office)

However, earnings increased in most sectors.

Full tables of data available … cso.ie/px/pxeirestat/Databas … language=0

Blue Horseshoe

When we have high unemployment like we do at the moment, falling real wages in the economy is a good thing as it will lead to lower unemployment ( demand for labour is depended on price of labour) Tho I know some pinsters believe this to be old school economics and what is needed for lower unemployment is everlasting fiscal borrowing.

It seems that the “brightest and best” are also significantly impacted by downward pressures on incomes.

Report from TheJournal.ie, 7th March 2014


](Graduates are now earning much less. But exactly how much less?)

For the property market, there’s your mid level renter cohort with falling incomes. They won’t be FTB’s for about another 10 years, but their income starting point is lower than those during the bubble years.

Blue Horseshoe

An apt topic was posted just yesterday


Jesus BH, the only way is up man! Haven’t you heard we suffer from cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias and groupthink and god knows what else! About time you realize it’s only going one way and stop prettending the opposite!

If this happens - it might add a little pressure depending on where house construction is