CSO get their rental figures from Estate Agents

I just spoke to them by phone. When I asked where they got thier figures for rent I was told form several sources including estate agents. Estate Agents are, it would seem, thier primary source!!

They do not ask tenents what they are paying as this would proove difficult when tenents move on. They do not do like for like monthly questionaires of tenents, ( eg tenent in 3 bed semi in a particular estate in Dublin and then use the same estate again in the following months).

Maybe this explains the huge gap between what we see on Daftwatch and the CSO figures. It will be too bad if the CSO looses credibility by not reporting the true figures.

This needs to be investigated more fully.

Interesting! Are the they Central Spin Office or something?

Do they get their Cannabis use figures from Hash dealers?

FFS :open_mouth:

Time to give Joe a call?

Are these the same agents who inflate their sale prices? Or different honest salt-of-the-earth agents?

What’s his number? I’ll f***ing well call the sob.

Indeed it is…

I feel that this thread may not last too long as the CSO will want it pulled. I stand over my post. The person I spoke with was very helpful, but would not give me a breakdown of how many estate agents they ask, what percentage of the rent inflation figures are derived from what the Estate Agents say etc.

One thing is for sure the bulk of the Rent deflator figure is coming from a party that has a vested interest in keeping the figure higher than it really is. Big Mistake.

01 208 3264
01 208 2980
01 208 2984

I just called the CSO Cork office. Told me the same thing. EA’s and Local Authorities (for Council rents) are their only sources. They don’t go next nor near tenants!
CSO Cork 0214535000

A confirmation of this would be nice. If true it would be astounding.

I did above.

Confirmation, ring them yourself Cublin Office 01 4977144.

It needs publicity … I detest Joe Duffy and his ilk. But this would suit him perfectly. Otherwise we need a question to be asked of the relevent minister in the Dail, by someone form the oppostion. Joe Higgins would be the man …alas no longer a member. Maybe Tony Gregory TD…

Surely the census would be the first place to start? Didn’t we only fill in all our respective details last year?

Jesus. NonBeliever must be really embarrased now. He keeps quoting the CSO figures as gospel. I feel for you NonBeliever.



I got an answering machine and gave all the facts after the beep. I suggested it would be of interest to their listeners on a property talk.

Try the 01 208 2980 number, they are answering it, I’m not for talking on air myself, but this needs airing bigtime.

Irish Times are onto this. It may appear as part of thier report on Inflation tomorrow. Fits nicely with thier recent revelations on Private Treaty sale agreed price reporting.

I called the NCA - they were worse than useless.

Got through to some woman. She had no idea what I was talking about. She was interested in stuff about property buy she just hadn’t a clue. After two minutes of trying to explain she said she may call me back.

Really they shouldn’t have people like that on the front line. She just knew nothing about CSO etc.