CSO Residential Property Price Index - megathread


I’ve seen a few houses in my area languish on the market. Looks like a new standoff between buyers and sellers could begin. The old “sure I can’t sell it for less than it’s worth” mantra is back.

At least the brakes have been put on the incessant rises.


A few months without constant threats of pro-cyclical government intervention may go some way to allowing the market to normalise.


IT flash report says Property Prices up 7.9%


RTE surprisingly posting a fall in prices
rte.ie/news/business/2016/02 … se-prices/


But they still blame the CB for killing the “recovery”. :imp:


Looks like this slipped by over the weekend.

irishtimes.com/business/econ … -1.2550421

Don’t forget who our real masters are. Though I don’t agree with excessive interference from Europe we certainly deserve to be talked down to for the way we run most things.


As seen when they were increasing, the National figure is lagging behind Dublin but no doubt will catch up in the coming months.

“Let’s keep the recovery going”, you’d have to wonder if it’s all about house prices


As often said here, it’s hilarious that the people (VEs) who said there’s no point bringing in the macroprudential thingy-me-jigs because they won’t make any differences are now blaming the regulations for putting a pin in the recovery.


Let’s not forget those who told us that the rules would lead to prices rising!



Alas, there’s no telling what the new government might do - whoever they may be…


Looks like the year on year drops could come as early as April.


That’s what I would have said until asking prices showed a slight upward blip. Asking prices have shown a very strong correlation with selling prices on the CSO index for the last five years, so I’m going to stick my neck out and say that price drops could be over for now.


I would tend to agree with you here from what I’ve been seeing.


Got any quotes to this effect, with the same person saying both things at different points in time? :smiling_imp:


independent.ie/business/pers … 00258.html

“Broker body PIBA (Professional Insurance Brokers Association) claimed that home ownership was now beyond the reach of many potential first-time buyers who are being forced into a very tight and increasingly expensive rental market.”

…as opposed to being forced into a very tight and increasingly expensive buyers market…muppets!!


Yes - prices are too high

I bet their “solution” is to allow people to borrow more - what could possibly be wrong with that idea XX


Has there been any statement from the Central Bank about what accountability the banks have to comply with the macro-prudential measures introduced last year? Will there be a statement released giving the compliance of the various banks with the thresholds?


Yes they have said they will undertake a review after the rules have been in force for a year. I don’t know that they’ll publish details of compliance by each bank but probably something on the overall compliance.


Remind me again of the source for that (Daft reports don’t count!). Was it one of your analyses?


Why do daft reports not count? I’m pretty sure if it showed prices going down you’d be happy to let them count.