CSRQ Intel Drop #32 - The U.S. Is The Last Domino To Fall

Intel Drop #32 - The U.S. Is The Last Domino To Fall

“They are probing for information, and I am certain it is because of things I have recently discovered. They want to know how much I know about what is coming.”

We Are Sovereign @OculumLabs · 14 May 2023 · edited: 17h

Intel Drop #32 - The U.S. Is The Last Domino To Fall

Bill: There’s a lot to cover for this Intel Drop, so I have some notes to get us started. The first thing I want to address is that you requested we edit and remove most of Intel Drop 31. Can you explain why?

Gideon: “Yes. We received a warning that if it was not removed, we would see some kind of escalation.”

Bill: Ok, do you know why or have any idea what was in it that upset them so much?

Gideon: “I do, but it is best we not speculate, so at least this Intel Drop will remain up.”

Bill: Ok, understood. Let’s move along. There was some delay in getting this Intel Drop posted, do you want to talk about why that was?

Gideon: " With respect to the comms issues?"

Bill: Yes.

Gideon: “We have seen some anomalous things going on between our comms. So, in addition to the threat over the last Intel Drop, it appears they were trying to intercept conversations we had, conversations that would end up in this Intel Drop. I have been working with Michael to edit it properly so it does not result in escalation.”

Bill: Interesting. I have to admit, I’m curious what made them so upset, what we revealed. We’ve covered a lot of issues, and this is the first time it’s really happened like this, where they want something taken down, other than my website.

Gideon: “I can share with you exactly what it is privately in a future conversation. It appears we touched on a few things the cabal did not want discussed, and they were things I did not expect would result in escalation.”

Bill: Ok, what about security and comms? Some really unsettling things have happened. I’m not sure how much you want to say, but it’s involved a few of our Sovereigns, too. What’s going on?

Gideon: “They are probing for information, and I am certain it is because of things I have recently discovered. They want to know how much I know, and how much as a group, as whole, that we know about what is coming.”

Bill: Ok, and this relates to one of your sources? The one in the U.S. Government?

Gideon: “Yes.”

Bill: Alright, my notes go over a lot of things, so we’ll come back to all this later. I thought we could start with current events, then discuss some of the direct information you’ve been shown and given, which is quite interesting. Shall we proceed?

Gideon: “We can.”

Bill: Elon Musk appointed a WEF executive to the CEO position at Twitter, which seemed to shock everyone, but you weren’t shocked, were you? I certainly wasn’t.

Gideon: “No. Musk is an instrumental tool of the cabal in directing various anti-human and surveillance projects for this coming Reset and world order they want to impose. He is more of a figurehead than an innovator or hands-on manger. He is rather adept at public marketing and steering the political discourse, so they are using him for that.”

Bill: Do you think it’s at all possible he appointed this lady to bring attention to the WEF, sort of in a round about way? So people can examine her and see how bad she is?

Gideon: "I would consider that very unlikely. Certainly, her appointment generated some criticism and consternation online, but that will likely fade over time. Musk has shown he is highly duplicitous, he will say one thing, and do another, over and over. This is very much in line with his character, and his agenda.

It also appears they do want this woman directing things at Twitter. She has proven herself a dutiful, loyal servant of the cabal, and she has skills they want utilized to control and monitor Twitter better, as its evolution is important to CSRQ and the overall agenda."

Bill: It’s like the cabal is playing games with us. It’s like they are using Musk to lift up the veil, meanwhile he is busy behind the scenes enslaving us all. It feels the way.

Gideon: "That is because that is what is going on. The cabal is constantly revealing their plans in Hollywood, TV and film. They appear to have extended some of that revelation to public figureheads and leaders.

It is important to understand there is a difference between knowing the truth and knowing the truth and having the courage to take action.

The cabal believes humanity has no courage at all to stand up to them, so generally speaking, they do not even care if people know the truth. As I said last year, they will become more brazen, for reasons I disclosed then, and they have. "

Bill: They have told us so much of what they are planning, yet we are pegged as conspiracy theorists if we point out the very things they have told us. So, there’s also this campaign of gas-lighting.

Gideon: “It is a form of gas-lighting, yes, and demoralization. The appointment of this woman as CEO of Twitter was a type of demoralization.”

Bill: They will do these evil things, then say that it’s not really evil. They now want to decriminalize and normalize paedophilia, and if you criticize that, they’ll say you’re a bigot or this or that. They’re just crazy in how evil and manipulative they are, and all they do is lie.

Gideon: “All the Devil does is lie, Bill.”

Bill: True. I won’t press too much on the events going on, other than to say it’s all in line with everything you’ve said and warned for over a year. It’s playing out almost exactly. I wish it wasn’t, but it is. It’s just incredible to witness it. Now, I want to ask about the United States, because this has been more of a focal point for you, from this source you spoke with. How much do you want say on that?

Gideon: “I am prepared to speak openly on that, but I am going to hold back on a few things, to avoid escalation or this Intel Drop being removed. It appears the cabal does not want certain plans revealed, certain specific things.”

Bill: Ok, you’ve told me the U.S. is the last domino they need to fall.

Gideon: “The U.S. needs to collapse for CSRQ to come online, yes.”

Bill: How close are we to this?

Gideon: “We are in the midst of it. Much of the country and spirit of the people is already destroyed. The collapse is happening now, but the more apparent affects may take a few months or be seen in 2024.”

Bill: What will that look like?

Gideon: "An unravelling at every level of society. But, there will also be a period of denial. The American empire is slipping as we speak, and her financial situation is dire.

Incredibly, there are still operators at the CIA and within the Administration trying to desperately prop her up, and it appears these are Common class cabal servants who are unaware of the agenda. This was something brought to my attention and explained to me in greater detail by this source."

Bill: That’s quite interesting. So, are these people like at the CIA the bad guys? They must be. But they do not know the whole agenda. Please explain more of what you mean.

Gideon: "The cabal welcomes the coming collapse of the U.S., and they are moving chess pieces around so it happens how they want it to happen.

However, there are still what you might call ‘legacy’ operators within the U.S. Government who have become rich, or are attempting to become rich, by exploiting the country and its continued hegemony and dominance. These same people ran the War on Terror in the Bush Administration, for example, making themselves extremely rich in U.S. Dollar terms. These are people in the intelligence services, the military and the current Administration, too.

My source described all of this to me, and the panic, the fear, and the desperate attempts to essentially save the empire going on right now, and how utterly fruitless those attempts will turn out to be."

Bill: It’s actually incredible what you’re describing. I can imagine they’re afraid. What I find interesting here is that they’re not really in on the plan, they’re on the outside of it. They don’t know about USDR. Why hasn’t the cabal brought them in on it? Did your source talk about this? Why are they still in the dark?

Gideon: "Yes, we discussed that. It is because the cabal’s Sovereign class, within CSRQ, is relatively small. It is ten million or so individuals spread out around the world. It is compartmentalized.

So, as a result, you will still have many people, thousands, if not millions, working within the apparatus of the U.S. Government, who likely still serve the cabal in one capacity or another, but they are not fully aware of what is happening. They are still going to try to keep the American empire going, desperately, as she crumbles.

Their attempts will completely fail, the cabal knows this, and the cabal is not worried. The cabal will let them try, partly because this will shore up belief in the bi-polar world, the perceived conflict between East and West. The cabal wants Americans to believe this is real, so as America falls apart, the cabal can use perceived enemies to keep the Americans somewhat believing the collapse is not planned, but rather a result of outside forces working against her. The media will likely promote this."

Bill: It sounds like we have two levels of how the cabal is operating, first, we have the corrupt U.S. Government trying to save itself, then we have the higher level cabal members watching this from a distance, pulling the strings. Am I on track?

Gideon: “Essentially, yes. My source provided for me a better overall picture of what is transpiring, but I was not entirely surprised by it, either. We knew Sovereigns were a small subset of the corrupt power structure, so you have to have a place for all of these other people, which would be Common class people, within the government who survive through its corruption.”

Bill. So, it’s almost like they will still fight to save the sinking ship, while the cabal will sit safely in their life boats watching the ship go down.

Gideon: “Yes. We have to preface this, and remind those reading, that the people who will attempt to save the United States are not our friends, they are not working for the people. Rather, they are trying to save a corrupt empire. The cabal will eventually use them, absorb them into CSRQ in some way.”

Bill: Does the cabal think at any point the U.S. can be saved? Let’s say the Biden Admin, or CIA, got so desperate they tried something drastic, like shoot off some nukes.

Gideon: “That will not and cannot happen, because at the highest levels there are Sovereigns overseeing all of this, and they will make the final decisions. Those below them, many who are Common class, who do not have the full picture, may try different things, but the Sovereigns above will manage and direct the collapse, ultimately.”

Bill: Ok, let’s get into what will actually happen. Did your source talk about this?

Gideon: “Yes, extensively.”

Bill: I’ve gotten ahead of myself. I’m sorry if I’m a little it all over the place, I’m trying to follow my notes, but this is really incredible information. So, let me go back here, can you talk a little bit first about your source? Who this person is?

Gideon: “I will not say anything that could reveal who they are. I will simply say, this is a very high level person in the U.S. Government who works on Capitol Hill. They are Common class, but they work directly for a Sovereign who has fed them information. They are one of the most valuable and informed sources I have come in contact with, in fact.”

Bill: Ok, thank you. That’s good to hear. Are they on our side? Are they a good person?

Gideon: “That is a difficult question to answer, and one I would prefer not to answer publicly. I am not in a position to judge them at this point in time. I will simply state I am grateful for the intelligence they have provided me, and I believe it to be accurate.”

Bill: Fair enough. Is it possible they are cabal plant? I mean, that they are there to give you disinfo? I just want to ask this.

Gideon: “No, because I did a great deal of due diligence and verification of their claims. They are who they claim to be, and their information has been verified and confirmed from other sources. They are giving me correct information. I will not say it is all perfectly true, because even they could be misinformed, but it does not appear that way.”

Bill: Ok, back to the collapse, you said they described it in detail, please tell us about that. I mean, the collapse of the United States.

Gideon: "As I said, it is already happening, my source said it is happening, slowly. There will be a period of disbelief. We are seeing drastic things happening, but a certain level of normalcy still persists, and more importantly, the belief in that normalcy. People turn on their television sets and see familiar faces and familiar entertainment shows, and things appear normal to them, but things are not normal.

An unwinding is taking place, as countless factors come into play, from demographic changes, reduction in overall IQ, societal ills, economic strains, all of this is factoring into an overall decline. That decline will accelerate, soon. Meanwhile, the U.S. Government and media will pump out more and more outlandish lies to keep the illusion going."

Bill: When the collapse accelerates, what can we expect?

Gideon: “Well, this is something revealed to me, and not something I had considered a lot myself. It is the desperation of the United States as she crumbles that will be curious to witness. This is where we got into the discussions about how the power structure on Capitol Hill is somewhat disconnected from the actual plan, simply because there are so few Sovereigns, and most of the Common classes are not informed or aware of CSRQ or what is coming.”

Bill: Don’t they know there’s a Reset coming? Don’t they know about Klaus, the WEF? All these globalist plans?

Gideon: "They do, to some degree, but they still operate under the assumption the U.S. is a global leader. I am speaking about thousands of employees here in the State Department, the FBI, the CIA, in Congress, in the Administration, who have operated for years within an assumed power structure, one that did have ties to Israel and London, but still operated to ensure American global supremacy.

These employees of this superstructure do not have the full picture, and they currently and they are going to still try to keep the empire stitched together. A lot of our conversations were about how this unravelling will make all of these people start to panic, and what that will look like, not to mention how American society itself will panic, once the end is in sight."

Bill: It’s just incredible, because it sort of puts this new concept in my mind. I was always thinking, “Oh, the cabal runs everything, everyone’s in on it.”

Gideon: "They are, Bill. They serve and belong to various secret societies, they have always served Satan, in one capacity or another. The cabal simply has not given them the full picture, not yet. We are not sure if they will, other than to say, we expect many of these Common class servants to be absorbed into the Reset and eventually work to keep CSRQ in place.

It may simply be a shocking transition for some of them, too. They are not Sovereign, they will not receive the benefits of that class or be able to save their wealth in USDR. We believe many will later be informed of where they stand, or already have been, but this is on a case by case basis. Again, it goes back to the fact there are not many Sovereigns in the entire world, and those are the ones who really have the full picture."

Bill: Ok, we’ve talked about in the past how some Common classes know about CSRQ and they desperately want Sovereign class, how does that fit into this?

Gideon: "That is true, but it is not everyone. It is a handful who the cabal decided to inform at that level, likely because they needed those Common class individuals to be motivated and work more precisely on certain things. We discussed that it would be logistically difficult and would pose a security issue for the cabal to inform every Common class servant of the full details of what is to come.

As such, the operation remains largely compartmentalized. You have people in the Biden Administration, in relatively high up positions, who are pushing all kinds of cabal agendas, but they still believe in a bi-polar world, that the U.S. reigns supreme, the U.S. Dollar must remain the reserve currency, and they may think of China or Russia as threats."

Bill: Got it, more of a Cold War mentality, they want to keep the U.S. in power, the Dollar supreme, but they are still enemies of the people because the U.S. Government is totally corrupt to begin with.

Gideon: “That is correct.”

Bill: Ok, back to the collapse. Did your source talk about the U.S. Dollar, the discussions of debt default, all of that? Because to me, that seems how America will end.

Gideon: "Yes, and it is of the utmost grave concern among the cabal’s servants at the highest levels, the ones who are not fully informed of what is to come. They are afraid, and in fact, terrified, that the entire system is about to fall apart.

They believe the U.S. is in a desperate situation, though they are not letting this on in public, some of that fear has even leaked out. That is by way of the debt default comments that even made it into mainstream press, even comments by my Janet Yellen. Such a thing is extraordinary, that it would ever be broached like that. That is because their fear is real, and they are now acting desperate and making mistakes.

The cabal is watching, and steering all of this, and they want those mistakes to occur, because those mistakes by these corrupt, Common class underlings will precipitate America’s demise."

Bill: It sounds like this collapse will be messy. You have two control groups working, one is fully informed, the other isn’t, but both serve Satan, essentially. It’s crazy. How will this play out?

Gideon: "As you say, messy. Chaotic. You will see crime, protests, cover-ups, increased media lies and gas-lighting, incredible numbers of deaths relating to the vaccines and drug abuse, then economic desperation and despair, and fear unlike anything we have ever seen.

Expect China and Russia to be made as enemies, a resurgence of Cold War fear. Those in power still holding desperately on to the American empire will slither, squirm and act out in every way they can to keep the power structure in place.

Think of someone like the FBI’s Peter Strzok, a detestable individual but not a Sovereign; he is the type who will begin to act in fear and desperation, and make mistakes, to hold on to his small domain of power. I use him as an example, I am not saying he will literally do this himself, though he may. You see, the cabal will watch this from a distance with glee as America tears itself apart.

Through this process of controlled destruction, the global order will emerge, after the U.S. is dissolved. How that comes to be could be through invasion, war, and it may be bloody. The cabal is only concerned with the outcome, which is CSRQ, USDR, the Reset and this new world order, this global structure. That is the end game. To reach it, America must and will be destroyed."

Bill: Is this your opinion, or that of your source, or both?

Gideon: “Mine, but informed by my source’s information, the details given to me. As I said, my source is receiving this information from a Sovereign.”

Bill: How does that go down? Discussions in their office? Does the cabal know the Sovereign is disclosing this?

Gideon: “Yes, you might say discussions in an office, and the cabal does know and it is being permitted. As I have said, the cabal does selectively inform some Common class people, like my source, of the full picture because they need to utilize them in some way.”

Bill: What’s your source doing with this information? And why did they need to tell him?

Gideon: “My source is preparing themselves and their families. They also hope to make Sovereign status if they comply as they are being asked. They told me all of this was a shock when they were told this, because they realized their retirement, IRA, stock holdings would all be worthless soon. So they are very focused on USDR and obtaining it, though that has not happened for them yet.”

Bill: Ok, wow, so is this source good or bad? It sounds like they’re working with or for the cabal, but they also spoke to you, too.

Gideon: “I already stated before I will not judge. I am simply thankful for the information.”

Bill: What does this source think of you or us, or what we’re doing?

Gideon: "Some things I am not allowed to share. I will say the source was generally favourable to what we are doing, and they said their boss, the Sovereign, is aware of us but said they are unconcerned about us.

That does not mean the cabal is not concerned, simply that this particular Sovereign was not concerned, or, at least, did not care about what we were doing, for whatever reason. That Sovereign likely has other things they are focused on or tasked with."

Bill: Is your source worried about their own safety now, after talking to you?

Gideon: “Yes and no. We took some steps to ensure what I would say here, what would appear in the Intel Drop, would be obfuscated enough so that the cabal could not easily identify them.”

Bill: Ok, I’ll slow down on this line of questioning, because I’ve seen how you do this before to protect sources. Can I explain to our readers what’s going on here?

Gideon: “You may, I trust you know what to say and not say.”

Bill: To people reading, Gideon has changed some details here, he’s given some general information but certain details might be off or not correct. These are obfuscation techniques and they’re good, they’re done to protect sources.

Gideon: “That is correct.”

Bill: Ok. I just want it explained. People should know you’re not lying or misleading here, you’re just changing some details to protect the source.

Gideon: “That is absolutely the case. The important things, the truths disclosed, those are not changed or altered, not by me. If a person, for example, wants to blow the whistle on a child sex trafficking ring, we might say, ‘A source from Germany came forward,’ when in reality they are from a different country in Europe. That change of detail just protects them, but it does not distort in any way the truth of what they are presenting.”

Bill: Of course, good. I’m sure people will understand you here. Let’s get back to things your source told you. What’s the timeline they see playing out?

Gideon: "August and September are critical months. The United States is extremely concerned about moves made by the BRICS countries, the soundness of the Dollar, the potential for a hyper-inflationary collapse due to the Dollar’s slipping reserve status, declining tax receipts and overwhelming U.S. debt that is becoming unsustainable and difficult to service.

I have said before, the conflict between the East and West is an illusion, and it is, but it is not to the Common classes who still work within these power structures. Thousands of them will fiercely try to keep their positions of power in place, not realizing the full plan is a global world government and total enslavement. They have some idea of that, but they still strongly believe in their own nation-states and their perceived enemies. The cabal will use all of this to bring about their plan."

Bill: What’s going to happen to the average American?

Gideon: "Once the financial collapse initiates, which will happen over a few weeks, much like the 2008 financial crisis, you will see an unravelling. It will pit family against family and friend against friend. You will see accelerated desperation, an explosion in crime, and people will find it is not safe to even go outside. There will be supply chain disruptions, food shortages and a huge increase in mass shootings.

There is an invasion scenario also being planned by China, with Russia’s help. The U.S. knows this is going on, a lot of resources are being put in place to stop it, but the higher ups, the Sovereigns who actually make decisions, they are facilitating it.

There is, in fact, some disagreement, confusion and dissent among the power players on Capitol Hill as to the bizarre decisions being made by their superiors, but it is immaterial and my source said the Common classes will fall in line with the Administration, even if they disagree with the policies. Meanwhile, the Administration will present a unified front that they are working to maintain global dominance when, in fact, they are Sovereigns working to undermine the U.S."

Bill: Extraordinary. Well, I’m not shocked by it, I think I already had sense of all this, but this just brings it into clarity. It’s going to be something to behold, to watch all these people confused as their precious empire blows up in their faces.

Gideon: "They have gotten rich of the U.S. or they are getting rich off the U.S., so when they see that begin to fade, the Dollar die off, they will become desperate. If they are lucky enough to be Common and be given the inside track on CSRQ and what is to come, with USDR and the financial reset, then they will begin to act accordingly, to support the cabal.

But we have always said there will be Common class individuals who are surprised by this and end up broken, with nothing. That is where you will see a lot of middle and upper class suicides when the money is lost, when they end up penniless. Eventually, they will have to accept the small monthly UBI, and some will kill themselves or think of it, because it will be a shock to their system.

If they are not Sovereign, or protected by a Sovereign, they will have to adjust to essentially being poor, maybe for the first time in their lives or in decades. They will be used to a lifestyle and they will not like the adjustment. You will see this happen extensively in Washington D.C.'s wealthier suburbs, near L.A., New York, major power centres in the U.S. The cabal is unconcerned about how they react or deal with it, because CSRQ enforcement measures will ensure overall compliance."

Bill: Amazing. What about the migrant invasion at the border? How does that fit into this?

Gideon: "It is being allowed so that the U.S. has a continued supply of new consumers. Without them, an implosion would occur, because the current set of American consumers have reached their credit limit, so to speak, and their discretionary income is being spent to pay down and service their own, personal debt, and beyond that, Americans can barely pay their own bills.

The U.S. Government needs new consumers to maintain the economy, so they allow this invasion, but the cabal, the Sovereigns at the top, prefer it for other reasons, and that is the destruction of the American identity and to bring in Chinese assets, spies and so on. All of those migrants will later comply with CSRQ, as well. So, two agendas are at play, serving two different purposes, with respect to the invasion."

Bill: Ok, it’s making sense to me. One thing I have in my notes is the demographic problems, the birth rate collapse, all of this, the fact men aren’t working, young people don’t want to work, men and women aren’t even dating or marrying anymore. This is a huge discussion on its own. Did this come up?

Gideon: "Yes, it did. Even if there were not a debt or Dollar issue at hand, the U.S. would eventually collapse because of the reasons you listed. This is called societal collapse, and it is happening now. The Leftist agenda, which has infiltrated almost all aspects of society, along with the overall nature of the U.S. surveillance and police state, has created a culture that is toxic, diseased and dying, though still desperately trying to hold on to and maintain its former lifestyle, dominance, and power. It is the end of an empire.

You will see, and we already see this, things like military service personnel unable to perform tasks properly. Or, crash helicopters because they are poorly trained, mentally and emotionally stressed, or physically declining due to the vaccines. You will see more accidents, more infrastructure failures, more signs of what you might see in a second or third world country

Now, repeat that scenario across the private sector. You have people in key positions not able to do their jobs, or not even willing to work. The whole system will crumble, while the birth rate is not even at a replacement level. The cabal will be ready to step in with CSRQ to bring about order and bring the U.S. into the global government structure."

Bill: It’s depressing to think about all this. I’m thankful we don’t live there. Would you say it’s the worst place to be as all of this goes down?

Gideon: "Yes, without any doubt. But that is not to say other places are safe, either. The whole world will come under the control and purview of CSRQ and USDR, in varying stages. Europe is in some sense safer because it is not quite a police state like the U.S., with the exception of the U.K., but her people will happily accept enslavement, so you will be around a culture that accepts CSRQ if you are there. Additionally, Starlink is already in place enveloping the planet in total surveillance and directed energy weapons, so there is no place to escape to.

The best places would be underground caves in the wilderness, if you can find them, or an underground bunker that has been built in a way that the cabal is not aware of, because the cabal already has an extensive list of people who have built bunkers or who have hide-out shelters because they used their credit cards and took few if any steps to hide what they were doing."

Bill: That’s so true. All these preppers bought everything with credit cards, so it’s all in the database. The cabal knows who they are and where they are. They’re all R or Q class in CSRQ, too.

Gideon: “The cabal’s gatekeepers that have been in place for years in the alternative media and prepping community gave very bad advice on how to prepare. All of them peddle the same prepping gear that you have to buy with a credit card. So, not only did preppers not really prepare, they made themselves targets, and the cabal is ready to eliminate them when the time comes. The cabal knows exactly who they are and where they are.”

Bill: That’s just unbelievable, but true. I know people who buy all those things with credit cards, and think nothing of it. I don’t want to get too off track, but how should they have prepared?

Gideon: "Shut off their cell phones or not use them. Buy all gear with cash from local stores. If they need to source something online, there are ways to use a prepaid debit card not linked to your identity. There would be even other means beyond that.

Keep a very low profile in your online presence, and do not even be known among friends as a ‘prepper’. Share your thoughts or decisions with a few very close friends or family members only, who also are doing the same things you are.

Buy land with an offshore LLC or corporation that is obfuscated in some way, or that has a representative who acts as the company’s owner or figurehead.

There are many, many steps to do this properly, but few preppers ever bothered. They did everything in their name, through their bank account, online, with their IP address exposed. It is very easy for the cabal to categorize them and know what they are doing."

Bill. I know, it’s really sad, but I think a lot of it was, as you say, these gatekeepers they trust. They had really bad leadership on how to prep. Ok, I’m looking at my notes here, and I want to get an update on our Sovereign team. How are we doing? And how is our rescue plan going?

Gideon: "Well, as you know, we have seen some comms issues. The cabal is attempting to infiltrate us, as well, which we warned of in our last Sovereign newsletter. As for our rescue plan, we are working diligently on that, and we will have some good news to share with some of those who wrote us.

Unfortunately, we cannot share that good news with those who were found to be Restricted or Quarantined in CSRQ. My main focus now is to help those people who wrote us who turned out to be those classes. They will be hearing from us, because it is critical we help them."

Bill: Ok. I know we can’t talk much longer. There’s still about five points in my notes I didn’t cover. I talked to you about this before, but I’m thinking we could post some smaller updates, maybe not full Intel Drops, but just updates on Telegram and my Twitter. Are you open to that? I feel like we need to just address a lot more things, but I also know you have to screen and edit some things, too, with Michael.

Gideon: “We can look at arranging that, to increase communication. Security and safety will come first. If we do something that would cause escalation, it could threaten our team, so I will always err on the side of caution in this sense. I want to inform and warn people, but our Sovereign team is the main priority, as well as our efforts we are making with our rescue plan. We cannot do anything to jeopardize those things.”

Bill: I fully get that, I do. Since it’s been a while since our last Intel Drop, is there any advice you want to give readers? We have a lot of people who rely on you to give them intel, so I hope you can take this opportunity to speak to everyone, maybe give some assurance, because this is depressing and scary information.

Gideon: "I would say to everyone to spend time preparing, but also seek spiritual guidance and renew your faith. I do not want to preach, but our faith is placed in Christ. I would encourage everyone to find themselves in a strong place spiritually, to continue to spread the truth.

I would also suggest that you resist feeding your time and energy to the cabal’s gatekeepers in the alternative media. It does concern me how much they are controlling people’s attention. Many of them are Sovereigns or Common classes trying to get Sovereign status. While some may actually tell the truth, you do not want to support them with your time, attention or money, regardless."

Bill: Ok, great advice, and if people are wondering who those people are, we already exposed them. You can see the list on our website, or if you have questions, just write me or ask, because I’m pretty up to speed on the gatekeeping going on. I’m also in full agreement on the spiritual side of things. I have to admit, I do get scared. I worry about my own faith sometimes, if I’m being a good enough Christian, but I guess this isn’t the time or place to get into that, it’s just what I’m feeling. I have a lot of fear, and I’m ashamed of it.

Gideon: “Ask God to relieve you of that fear and fill your heart with faith and comfort, and He will.”

Bill: I will. I just want people to know, there’s a lot that goes behind the scenes that people don’t see, and so far Gideon has done nothing but guide me with correct information and put everything on the line for our team. So, thank you, Gideon, for everything you’ve done. We all appreciate it, but I probably do the most, because I’ve seen a lot more and I know a lot more. I wish people knew, but we can’t share all of it, maybe some day. I know we will win this, I see signs of hope, I just worry about courage, you mentioned it, if people have the courage or not to resist. They have to have courage.

Gideon: “They do. Because they are making a choice of who their soul will belong to.”

Bill: That’s exactly right, it is a battle for our souls, at the end of the day. Anyway, as I said, I have a lot of notes here, but we need to end things so I’ll ask one, last question. A reader asked about Donald Marshall and his claims. We’ve already discussed him privately, but for the purposes of this Intel Drop, what’s your thoughts on his information?

Gideon: “I have been told much of his information is legitimate, but he is still somehow a controlled asset of the cabal. It appears they planted him with false information, or he is spreading false information. I do not know if he knows this or not, he may not. The most important thing to take away from anything he has discussed is the so-called ‘Black eye club’. You would want to follow-up on and study that, because it key information, though not exclusive to him, as many have reported on it, too.”

Bill: Well, this is another can of worms I’d love to get into. I guess some people might not know who he is, so I’ll link to a video of him. A lot of his stuff is really out there. It’s been hard for me to figure out what’s real and what isn’t. In any event, you set a time limit on our discussion today, so I’ll stick to it. Thank you for your time, and we’ll speak again soon. God bless.

Gideon: “You as well, good night.”

[End Quote]