CSRQ Intel Drop #4 - Heaven For Them, Hell For Us

Intel Drop #4 – Heaven For Them, Hell For Us

Thursday – July 21, 2022

Good evening everyone. Let’s go over a few issues on the docket before we begin.

We have turned off all media and embedded links on our Telegram to allow for more focused discussion. We are also clearing out agents everyday, but new ones are hired to come in to replace them so it’s an on-going effort.

If you’re a skeptic, maybe you aren’t sure what to believe, I encourage you to spend some time in the Telegram so you can witness agent activity. It’s exactly as Gideon has described in many of our previous articles. Then you can see for yourself that we are really being targeted.

I want everyone to know that we are getting your responses to our comment form on our website and we are seeing your emails added to our mailing list. That’s really important. We will send out a newsletter soon. I’ll announce it on my Twitter when we send it. If you don’t get it, then you know your email is blocking it, so we’ll go over how to fix that when that happens.

I have three intel drops prepared for release, dealing with the military drones, the Q Anon movement and some info we got about CERN. So that’s all coming soon. Today, we’re just going to talk about the people we found who are Sovereign and why even good people are being lured into this trap by the cabal.

Bill: I know you’ve got a big list of names coming, but I gave you a few more just in case they’re not in there. Were they able to look them up?

Gideon: “Some of them, yes.”

Bill: Good. We’ve had a lot of people asking about these names. Should we discuss it now or prepare a separate article?

Gideon: “We can do both, we can discuss it now and later you can put it in an article.”

Bill: Let’s start with Joe Rogan and Russell Brand.

Gideon: “My guys had a little trouble with Rogan and finding him, but they eventually did and they’re confident they found him. He’s Sovereign and so is Brand. Both have huge in-flows.”

Bill: I suspected as much. How about Michael Flynn? Pretty big Q Anon guy, well, sort of admired by the Q Anons, I should say.

Gideon: “Mr. Flynn is Sovereign.”

Bill: Interesting. For our Aussie friends down under, were you able to check on Riccardo Bosi and Pauline Hanson?

Gideon: “Bosi is Sovereign but has no in-flows. As we’ve seen with some others like that, it’s hard to know what’s going on. Hanson is Common class.”

Bill: You think it might be that they’ve prepared an account for Bosi but he doesn’t know about it?

Gideon: “Almost certainly. He may be approached soon. If he refuses it, he will be placed as Q status.”

Bill: I keep getting questions about Trump, DeSantis, Alex Jones, all Sovereigns but no in-flows. Did your guys ever check back up on them?

Gideon: “Yes, just for Trump. The first in-flow was detected last week. An amount of $1 Million US Dollars, a bank wire from a Cayman Islands bank under what must be some kind of shell company. Trump ended up with $43.1 Million USDR due to the conversion rate.”

Bill: Wow. What was the shell company? *(See bottom of this page for further explanation.)

Gideon: “I’m not going to say because we think it’s a possible leak, or exposure data point. It’s completely unimportant, anyway. I could say it’s ACME Co., it doesn’t matter, because you can’t look up anything important about it. But to see that metric, Bill, my guys have to dig beyond the information just presented on the main screen.

Remember, it just says your name and a few things? Ok, well, to see in-flows and all of that is a different screen, and the obfuscation technique to obfuscate when my guys looked it up isn’t as solid. It, I won’t get into it, just realize if we’re looking beyond the main screen, we’re taking some slightly higher risks.”

Bill: But it is obfuscated?

Gideon: “Yes, they wouldn’t look that up if it wasn’t, Bill. If they couldn’t look beyond the main screen we couldn’t have made you or anyone else Sovereign.”

Bill: I totally understand. I don’t even care about the shell company. But I know people will ask.

Gideon: “They will. Even if we said the company, it would lead to dead end. Their account activity isn’t public nor is the real person who owns it public. My guys can’t even see that, but we do think the system can see it.

The entire system that handles the financial in-flows is separate. It’s hard to explain, but it’s some kind of Ripple-based block chain system. It converts existing assets into USDR. My guys can see it, but they can’t get to the back-end of it or access it in anyway. They can interact with it, you know, receive in-flows to your account or my account, or theirs, but that’s all.”

Bill: So what’s your conclusion on this in-flow?

Gideon: “This one’s still hard to say. It’s hard to know if it came from Trump himself, or someone else, because of the bank it came from. We know Trump’s name was not on the wire itself, just this shell company.”

Bill: Maybe they’re still preparing it for him?

Gideon: “I’m not sure.”

Bill: Were you able to check on Robert Kennedy Jr., Dana Coverstone and Nick Fuentes? Sort of a random bunch there.

Gideon: “Mr. Kennedy is Quarantined. Dana Coverstone is Sovereign and has large in-flows. Nick Fuentes is Sovereign but no in-flows. We’re seeing more Sovereigns now with no in-flows, by the way, just a pattern.”

Bill: Ah, they’re preparing accounts for these people then.

Gideon: “Yes, they are.”

Bill: Interesting about Kennedy, he’s not one of them despite being from a family of such stature.

Gideon: “He’s not. I’m sure his anti-vaccine advocacy put him in Q status.”

Bill: I don’t even agree with him on a lot of what he says, because he doesn’t go far enough. He’s too timid for my tastes, because I think all vaccines are poison. But he says a ton of good things, too.

Gideon: “He does. He straddles a careful line. You will notice he often says he’s not anti-vaccine. He must say this, I assume, so he doesn’t end up like his father or uncle.”

Bill: Of course. He’s high-profile enough they would probably eliminate him if he said more than he does.

Gideon: “What he says has already put him in Q status. It looks like he did enough to earn it. He’s absolutely one of us and not one of them.”

Bill: I’m glad. Back to Coverstone, he’s Sovereign. You said you’re not going to look up anymore Christian pastors?

Gideon: “He’s going to be the last one. They’re all Sovereign, Bill. We haven’t found one who isn’t. I’m sure there are ones who are not, but any who are high profile or have a large following are Sovereign. Most didn’t even speak against the vaccine, so there you go.”

Bill: I agree, most are garbage. I don’t see them being a threat at all to the system or cabal. John Hagee is one, we don’t even have to look him up to know he’s one. They’re all compromised. Anyway, what about Julian Assange and Ron Paul? We had a few inquires for both.

Gideon: “My guys didn’t check on Ron Paul. I would safely put him in at least Common class. As for Assange, he is Quarantined.”

Bill: They hate Assange.

Gideon: “They do. He has no protections. We don’t think he’s like Epstein.”

Bill: We need to talk about him. You were saying Epstein has an active account?

Gideon: “He does, Sovereign, of course, with in-flows.”

Bill: He’s alive?

Gideon: “We can’t conclude that, because the in-flows are coming from shell companies. Same with Trump. We can’t determine if it’s him making the deposits or someone else. The only way we could know is if my guys had access to the financial software, but they don’t. They’re not authorized. They work on CSRQ, which is primarily for the class status and social credit tracking. It only interacts and interfaces with this separate financial software, the block chain based one.”

Bill: Right, they can’t really see under the hood, so to speak, of the financial module. So, why would he have an account at all? He’s supposed to be dead.

Gideon: “It doesn’t add up. He’s the only one who will, or should have any access to this account after the Reset.”

Bill: I’m worried we’ll get criticized for saying he’s alive with no proof.

Gideon: “We’re not saying he’s alive. We’re saying he has an active Sovereign account and there are in-flows. That’s not proof he’s alive, one way or another. If you see agents accusing us of this, remind them, we are not saying he’s alive.”

Bill: I will. It will be a fruitless exercise since they’re agents, but I will. Anyway, I have people asking about a lot of politicians, like Jacinda Ardern.

Gideon: “Bill, if they had a status or class higher than Sovereign, she would be in it. People need to realize almost everyone on television, in a position of power, in the media, in government or celebrities, they are Sovereign!”

BIll: I know, I know. There’s few exceptions.

Gideon: “If they’re not already, they’re preparing accounts for them! They’ve got them lined up. If you’re talking about someone on the periphery, or someone who built up their empire from the ground up, they are going to be approached! And most will take it!

Would you turn down Sovereign if you were told what was coming? If you were told if you refuse it, you will be Quarantined? Think of what that means, Bill!”

Bill: I know. Imagine. Let’s say, you’re Mike Adams. We don’t know about him yet, so we’re not assuming anything. For argument’s sake, let’s say Mike Adams is Restricted or something, and he’s approached and they offer him the Sovereign status. What’s he going to say?

Gideon: “Most say yes. If they say no, they are told they are Quarantined and they are threatened not to talk about it or they will be killed.”

Bill: Do you think anyone’s turned it down? Do we know if anyone has?

Gideon: “Maybe someone has. We don’t have evidence of that. Those would be backroom, encrypted discussions. The only way to know is if someone got an offer, then exposed it. They would probably be killed or eliminated before it ever got out. They are closely monitored, we think, if they refuse Sovereign status.”

Bill: I guess it’s hard to judge them too harshly. They’re put between a rock and a hard place.

Gideon: “We also have to hope they will take Sovereign status then do something good with it on the other side of this. But that’s very wishful thinking. You have to realize, these people think they are still doing good!”

Bill: Right, because they’re allowed to still speak some truths.

Gideon: “Yes! They’re allowed to still do their thing, Bill. It’s not like they stop being themselves. They just can’t talk about certain things, say certain things, and during and after the Reset, they’re going to have to follow a special script. Russell Brand is doing this! Everyone is following him and thinks he’s a truth-teller. Don’t you get it, they want that!”

Bill: They need their pied pipers speaking truth. Controlled opposition gatekeepers.

Gideon: “They will be so important after the Reset, to keep people calm and get them to accept this new slavery. They will also be instrumental in covering up that there is a Sovereign class that exists! Remember, they are going to pretend to be Common class.”

Bill: Incredible how complex and layered it all is.

Gideon: “You can’t take people like Brand at face value! And listen to me when I say this, even if these guys have some plan in the back of their minds like we do to sabotage this, they might not. They might get soft.

Look at the life you will have after the Reset if you’re Sovereign! Incredible wealth, access to the best food, freedom, no vaccination requirement. Who is going to walk from that? Who is going to risk it all? They aren’t risking it all now to stop the system, why would they then?”

Bill: I see what they’re doing. They’re making Sovereign status so appealing that no one is going to turn it down.

Gideon: “They want their lives as Sovereigns to be Heaven, and they want Hell for the rest of us. Look at what you get if you’re not Sovereign, you get your assets taken, you’re forced to eat bugs, you get a drone that shows up to shoot a vaccine into you, you get fined if you dare speak against the system. It’s dystopian but it’s real, Bill.

First, they predictive programmed people for this with Black Mirror and ton of other Hollywood and TV productions, so people are anaesthetized to it. Then they just pulled off a huge vaccine hoax and genocide, now they’re moving on to the next phase. Once you choke people financially, they will do anything for a meal. It’s scary how fine-tuned this is, how real this is becoming each passing day.

So your life, if you’re not a Sovereign, will be Hell, but they will try to make you think you’re happy. They’re going to hide the Sovereign status from the world. It’s classified. So if you don’t know that even exists, you might even think your status as a Common is a decent life.”

Bill: That’s what people forget. No one will know about Sovereign status. I think there’s an allusion here to Plato’s cave. If you don’t know what you could have, you aren’t going to make a fuss.

Gideon: “If after the Reset the public knew about Sovereign, it would be harder for them to pull this off. Of course, word will get out, there will be some rumours. But with the financial system, CSRQ, and the Internet censorship more robust, it will be very hard to get the word out.”

Bill: Sovereign gives you full human rights, or I guess it just removes all the restrictions placed on everyone else. I guess the only freedom you don’t have is to speak about being Sovereign and speak against the system.

Gideon: “Yes, those would be the two, somewhat unwritten exceptions. If you violate those two, you’re dead.”

Bill: How quickly are you dead?

Gideon: “Within two to three hours.”

Bill: By drone?

Gideon: “Most likely.”

Bill: What’s our plan, then?

Gideon: “You know what it is, BIll. I know you’re preparing this for public release, so for those reading, sometimes Bill asks rhetorical questions he already knows the answer to. We do have a plan.”

Bill: True, I do that. To make it more readable, I guess. Anyway. We’re not going to be like the others, and get used to the lifestyle.

Gideon: “No, we’re not. We would never sit around and watch our friends and family get force vaccinated. We will have a short window, about one or two months. That’s how long the lower classes can hold out until the drones come to inject them.”

Bill: We will have one or two months to destroy them from within.

Gideon: “Yes.”

Bill: This is why I think we need more Sovereigns. You and me, and our little group, I don’t see how we can do it.

Gideon: “I know. I told you, we have a plan on that. It’s important you find the right people. If they’re on your Telegram or in the Inner Circle, when you get that going, or they’ve emailed you, that’s a start.”

Bill: How do we tell them?

Gideon: “It’s going to be a quick notice then taken down. We don’t want the people who pay no attention, we want the people who are engaged. You’ve seen all these people who don’t read anything you post, we don’t want them at all.”

Bill: No, I don’t like them. They’re always pestering me with questions but didn’t even bother to read anything. It takes up so much of my time! Anyway, once we bring in the right people, they will go through the process I went through. A process I liked, I felt safe with it.

Gideon: “It’s our back up plan, our insurance. I know you talk about losing money if we beat them, but you won’t. If we defeat them, you’ll get your money back that you turned into USDR, I’m sure of it.”

Bill: True, if we expose them and destroy them, I think all these fusion centres and this software will be exposed. I’m not worried about it, but yes, I think I would get my money back. I expect it. I’ll help with the investigation.

Gideon: “It’s a win-win scenario. We’re going to expose this and defeat them. If for some reason we fail to do that, we’re going to destroy them after the Reset once it’s all in place.”

Bill: I feel good about our chances. Are you still one hundred percent on your men?

Gideon: “I am. They’re with us. Bill, they see it everyday, they know how evil it is. They’ll never accept it. They want to fight. They need us, we need them.”

Bill: What about these people who say we shouldn’t have gone public. That we’re going to get caught.

Gideon: “We had to go public to stop this! There’s no way we could sit on our hands. There’s no way we could just wait until the Reset, then plan some sabotage. We had to get this out there! It’s wrong to hide this from people, just to keep our own asses safe!”

Bill: I’m glad we went over this today. What about the other articles, you seemed to want me to hold off on them?

Gideon: “I know what’s in them and it’s going to be hard for people to take. Maybe go with the Q Anon one, that one’s fine. That one is some tough love, some hard medicine. We have to stop these cults. We’re not just battling the cabal now, we’re battling all the cults the cabal made to control the opposition. We’re sadly in a battle against our own people, who’ve been brainwashed.”

Bill: Brainwashed with hopium.

Gideon: “Yes, this idea, ‘Some good guys somewhere are doing something, so I can just sit on the Internet and feel good.’ It’s completely infantile. It’s not reality. We’re up against the most evil cabal the world has ever known, and meanwhile people are buying fake Trump Bucks and fake Trump Cold Cards. Klaus must be laughing his ass off at how easy this is.”

Bill: I bet he’s laughing at that, for sure. It’s just sad to see our people being so stupid, following all of these gatekeepers. Worshipping them. Worshipping someone like Phil Godlewski, a convicted child predator!

Gideon: “One thing the cabal loves is to get our good people, the people on our side, to fall in love with their own, controlled, corrupt men and women. They want people like you and me worshipping their own. But we never will. That’s why you’ve got hackers trying to break into your site and ten or fifteen agents trying to destroy your Telegram. If we get escalated, then we have to worry about being totally silenced. Can you see why it’s so hard to break through all this noise and get the truth out?”

Bill: It’s almost impossible. The cabal has rigged this all in their favour, top to bottom. We’re not going to give up.

Gideon: “No, we’re not, but we can’t do it alone. If the people reading this don’t do anything, we lose and the Reset will happen. Then we have to go to our back-up plan. There’s no guarantee it will work, but that will be our very last chance to save the world.”

*Note: There are instances Gideon will alter or change information he states publicly. This does not mean he is being deceptive. This is a method of obfuscation.

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