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There is a telegram group but there is no need to going to read the drops. These appears to be for the purposes of onbaorind people to “sovereign” status but this topic-wiki is not an endorsement of any such “services” or “offers”, the purpose is to document the drops as they roll out for anyone assessment.

The original site hosting the blog and “intel drops” was taken down - intel drop links from 11/12 onwards point elsewhere. The original site maybe still be able available in archived form here https://web.archive.org/web/20220807022623/https://oculumlabs.com/

An alt. and earlier 2020 acc disputing oculus lab release, but at the same time, not denying the systems development: https://twitter.com/CSRQSM

Controversy - some commentators believe this is all an elaborate hustle is in play to lure people into sending money to become sovereign. Other ctisicse the way or how the information is released but do not specifically indicate the CRSQ or similar system is not real.

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Individual archived “intel drop” links:

  1. https://archive.ph/NfyEM
  2. https://archive.ph/tGiw3
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  13. https://archive.ph/N21qD

List of Gate Keepers:

Sample of transcribed chats:

Bill: What did the whistle blowers notice about the class system when they first started working on the software?

Gideon: “It was obvious right away there was a multi-tiered system. Most of the world would be placed in the Common category, with a small percentage placed in the Restricted or Quarantined categories. These categories greatly restrict freedom and capital, require vaccination, and they’re closely tied a social credit score.

The Sovereign category is completely different. There’s no vaccination requirement at all, no asset limits, no bank account limits. There’s only about 7 to 8 Million of these accounts for the entire human population of the world.”

Bill: So your men are able to look up these accounts and see who is who in terms of class?

Gideon: “Yes, it’s part of their job. They can pull up any person on Earth and most of the time find them easily. They became distressed when they realized so many politicians, celebrities and media figures were all Sovereign class. In fact, these were virtually the only people who were Sovereign class.”

Bill: This is top secret? I mean, no one is supposed to know about the Sovereign class?

Gideon: “That is correct. The other classes will be public information when this goes online, but the sovereign classes will not be disclosed.”

Current viable archive link: https://archive.is/0veEp

Read More (original site, dead link): https://oculumlabs.com/the-sovereign-accounts-of-the-rich-and-powerful-exposed/

More on the classification system:

Src: https://twitter.com/OculumLabs/status/1549560975937912834


Facts about each CSRQ-SM class

Each class within the CSRQ-SM software app has specific parameters. Each class contains dozens of metrics and variables. Listed below are the most basic, which appear on the account profile when the account is queued.

C – Common Class

Amount of accounts: 7.1 Billion or 95.5% of humans (approximate)
Covid vaccination required: Yes
Booster shots required: Yes (2 or more)
Monthly USDR stipend: $1,000.00
Asset limitations: Yes (no greater than $5,000 USDR net worth at any given time)
Account limitations: Yes (bank account cannot exceed $1,000 USDR)
Carbon score: Yes (restricts travel and food consumption; 1 is lowest and best, 500 is highest and worst).

S – Sovereign Class

Amount of accounts: 7-8 Million or 0.1% of humans (approximate)
Covid vaccination required: No
Booster shots required: No
Monthly USDR stipend: N/A
Asset limitations: No (no maximum or ceiling for total net worth)
Account limitations: No (bank account has no limit)
Carbon score: No (no score is calculated or enforced)

R – Restricted

Amount of accounts: 250 Million or 3.36% of humans (approximate)
Covid vaccination required: Yes
Booster shots required: Yes (3 or more)
Monthly USDR Stipend: $500.00
Asset limitations: Yes (no greater than $1,000 net worth at any given time)
Account limitations: Yes (bank account cannot exceed $500 USDR)
Carbon score: Yes (restricts travel and food consumption; 1 is lowest and best, 500 is highest and worst).

Q – Quarantined

Amount of accounts: 75 Million or 1% of humans (approximate)
Covid vaccination required: Yes
Booster shots required: Yes (5 or more)
Monthly USDR Per Month: $250.00
Asset limitations: Yes (no greater than $500 net worth at any given time)
Account limitations: Yes (bank account cannot exceed $250 USDR)
Carbon score: Yes (restricts travel and food consumption; 1 is lowest and best, 500 is highest and worst).

Each class also contains separate screens for fines, demerits, penalties and so on, as well as sections for rewards for good behaviour.

Sovereign accounts do not have these variables, though they appear to contain a separate module for certain benefits, such as vacations, golf club memberships and so on.

More details will be added to this page soon.

Someone is playing silly buggers. That site was registered a few weeks ago with an Indian registrar and if you know anything about banking and financial transaction software infrastructure is all makey up stuff. A demo app to create those screen shots can be thrown together in less than an hour. Less if you have the app dev environment installed.

Whats going on in China is scary as fuck . They are now using the Covid App to stop people travelling when any kind of demonstration is involved. As happened with the Hunan bank collapse. In the west, they may be thinking of it but what happens next when inflation really takes off like it did in the 1970’s will keep those incompetent fuck ups busy. Watch whats going on in Germany very closely. They have reached a very dangerous level of denial about how close their economy is to t he worst collapse since the 1920’s.

Agreed, Germany really is on the edge.

You wake one morning after the party and cop that you have in your drunken state been forced to marry in sickness and health several banks and you say fuck all, then arrives the pox of the pox and you do the deal and marry the pox just for the sake of peace then it is time to adopt and …

There is only one way out of tyranny.

Indeed, you can fake anything, tests, vaccines, wars, deaths etc. etc. but sometimes, before you do that you fly kites. Many kites. Cartoon kites.

Sounds interesting and important even urgent - why not post such info in this topic here 🇩🇪 Germans Vs The Menace

A list of the sites on going intel drops / transcriptions, will be update dinted OP

  1. https://oculumlabs.com/bills-blog-gideon-update-crsq-1/
  2. https://oculumlabs.com/bills-blog-daily-update-2/
  3. https://oculumlabs.com/bills-blog-daily-update-3/
  4. https://oculumlabs.com/intel-drop-4-life-as-a-sovereign/
  5. https://oculumlabs.com/intel-drop-5-csrq-status-update-cabals-plans/
  6. https://oculumlabs.com/intel-drop-6-huge-usdr-in-flows-seen/
  7. https://oculumlabs.com/csrq-whistle-blowers-scared-for-their-lives/


Gideon: “It’s the new one world digital currency. It isn’t backed by gold. As far as we can tell, it’s going to be backed by the existing fiat wealth being poured into it as we speak.”

Bill: Some people are saying it’s like the IMF’s SDR, Special Drawing Rights, or that it might stand for Universal Special Drawing Rights.

Gideon: “That’s in the ballpark of what we think it is. We’re not certain on the name, it may be changed. People need to realize almost all fiat transactions go through the BIS, so that is the head of the beast. The IMF is secondary to the BIS. I hope that’s understood.”

Bill: Ok. As for the name, it’s probably not that important. You said they had seen SDR and XDR in the documentation. Does XDR refer to the crypto coin of the same name?

Gideon: “No. No existing crypto is being utilized here whatsoever.”

Bill: Ok. We are seeing all this talk about the BRICS currencies. What’s real?

Gideon: “BRICS are subject to the BIS, so it’s moot. The nation-states are subject to the BIS, including Russia and China. All the political manoeuvring and statecraft is ultimately subject to what the bankers and wealthiest families at the top decree and declare.

They usually like a war going on, too, at any given time. Once Afghanistan wound-down, so China can move in there and take over, they fired things up in Ukraine. So there’s always, always a war, Bill.

The last thing they want is anyone knowing what’s really going on. So their Sovereign agents pump out a ton of stories about ‘this or that’ or the ‘next big thing’ in crypto. Everything in the mainstream media is lies.”

Bill: What about China and Russia and this bi-polar world they are making?

Gideon: “It’s nonsense and misdirection. It’s sort of this Cold War rehash. It’s not just meant for us, Bill, things like that are meant for international bankers and business people who will not become Sovereigns. It’s meant to deceive them.”

Bill: Ah, ok, that makes sense. There’s only going to be 8 Million Sovereigns, so a ton of rich and powerful people will be left out in the cold.

Gideon: “Their assets will be seized and they will become Common class.”

Bill: They’re not expecting riots from these people?

Gideon: “No. It’s not in their nature to do that. There will be a lot of grumbling, discontent, fights with the wife in their mansions they lost, but not much will come of it. And there will be suicides, a lot of them.”

Bill: Will they get to stay and live in their mansions?

Gideon: “At first. They’ll pay some kind of base rent, $500 a month. They’ll be on a tight budget, working with their $1000 per month. A husband and wife, it’s $2000. It’s enough to live on, but their lifestyles will be drastically pulled back.”

Bill: We’ll get back to USDR, but what happens to the luxury industry, if these people are pulled out of it?

Gideon: “You need rewire your brain to see the world differently. This is Communism. The top of the top in Communist nations live very, very well. The luxuries don’t go away, but they are concentrated. The luxury industries will still exist, but they will be downsized, to serve this small, elite class.

All the top CEOs of the biggest companies are Sovereigns and they’re in on this and agreed to it, even if it means a restructuring of their business models.”

Read Full text: https://oculumlabs.com/intel-drop-6-huge-usdr-in-flows-seen/

An except of Drop #7

Bill: I had one guy say the software looked fake. I never thought that, so I thought it was an odd reaction to the screenshots.

Gideon: “Hmm, ok. I have an exercise for you. I want you to get on a search engine and search for a random banking app, and then take a screenshot of it. The first thing you see or find. Don’t try to find one or another, just whatever you see first.”

Bill: Ok, hold on. I’m going to scroll through Twitter, I see bank ads on it all the time. Will that work?

Gideon: “Sure, of course.”

Bill: Got it. First one I saw. Here it is.

Gideon: “You know what an agent would call that if you told them that was CSRQ? I mean the right side, the phone, if you just showed them that screen.”

Bill: They would say it’s fake.

Gideon: “That’s because according to an agent, everything is fake that isn’t approved by the cabal. You could pull up your banking app on your phone and show it to an agent, and they would say, ‘That’s fake.’ You will lose your mind talking to these morons. They’re like A.I. bots. No semblance of human logic, reason or intelligence at all.

I wanted you to do that exercise, too, just to see how most banking apps look like today. They have very simple, clean interfaces. The CSRQ front-end will look similar, just as the back-end is user friendly.”

Bill: Very true, these apps all kind of look the same now, so to me the screenshots of CSRQ look normal.

Gideon: “They are normal. What are you seeing is real. Real accounts, real data. You also saw what happened with David Wilcock’s account, being changed like that.”

Bill: That was wild, to see how they did that. In real time. To see them react to what we are doing.

Gideon: “We are being watched very, very closely.”

Bill: So has there been any hint at all that your guys have been found out? Or they are being looked at?

Gideon: “There’s no hint of it yet but we know it could all be over for them tomorrow, too.

When we planned this, we put everything in place to protect them, do everything by the book, in terms of security. So the line of communication and contact between me and them is encrypted and there are no leaks, no way to intercept that data.

But that doesn’t mean my guys aren’t scared everyday, scared they will be found out. They are scared. They’re terrified. I would be, you would be, anyone would be.”

Bill: The cabal knows someone is leaking. Someone said to me, why not just fire everyone and re-hire new people?

Gideon: “That’s not logistically feasible, unless they wanted to delay this project by years. Everyone working on this, even lower level people, have very stringent security clearances that are not easy to obtain. So you fire those people, then what?”

Bill: The cabal can live with this, in other words. They can accept the leak, because finishing this is more important. Are they worried your guys might sabotage it?

Gideon: “No, because my guys know it’s not worth it. They know my guys know that. Not only would they get caught, the damage they could do is minimal. There’s way too many redundancies in place. My guys are way more useful as they are right now. Just working, doing their jobs, and working within the system to leak information.

Bill: Someone asked me why more people working on this don’t blow the whistle. Why don’t they come forward?

Gideon: “Why would they, Bill? First, they would put their lives at extreme risk. Second, they risk losing Common or potential Sovereign status. You have to realize, by doing a good job on this software, they are raising their social credit score substantially. They will see benefits on the other side of the Reset.

Most have also been screened, in terms of personality and political background. My guys are in Europe. Most of these people think all this is good! They don’t care or think it’s bad. My guys are a very rare exception to the rule here.

I’m sure there’s a few, out of the thousands, who might not like it, but they’re not going to risk it all, for what? To be ignored, ridiculed, attacked, killed, imprisoned?”

Bill: I agree, it’s a huge risk and takes a lot of courage. Where do you think we stand on escalation?

Gideon: “We are at Level 3, which entails better-trained agents infiltrating your activities, heavy monitoring of your activities, data mining and shadow-banning.

At Level 4, we will see much more intense shadow-banning, as well as some campaigns will be launched to discredit us. I’m already seeing this is in the works.

At Level 5, that is full data erasure, and you and I will be criminally pursued, or worse. They may also re-launch copies of your sites and accounts, and pretend to be you. This is something they rarely do, but it has been done. The public has no clue who they are following is not the person they once trusted.”

Bill: That’s another layer we might want to explore, this copying. Maybe in the future. I want to know more about that.

Gideon: “People think the person they are talking to is the person they were talking to yesterday. That isn’t always the case. The cabal can go into the back-end of most social media companies and change things on the fly, and take over accounts. It’s happened in the Q Anon movements, I know that for sure. Millions of Q Anon followers have no clue.”

Bill: I don’t think they have much of a clue of anything.

Gideon: “No, they don’t.”

Full Read here: https://oculumlabs.com/csrq-whistle-blowers-scared-for-their-lives/

#8 transcription:

Bill: I’ve had questions about the Reset, people asking about what happens to their assets. Let’s go more into that. Some people can’t believe they will lose everything.

Gideon: “It’s going to be a very big shock for people in the middle and upper classes. They are going to get liquidated. One day their bank account has $1 Million in it, tomorrow it will have $1,000 USDR. They will panic, they’ll be upset, but they won’t be able to do anything about it.

You have to realize, these people have no skills at all at resistance, protesting, fighting back, standing up for themselves. It will be the shock of their lives and they’ll be caught flat-footed, and eventually just submit. Suicides and familial problems will be the main fallout. A lot of fighting in the home, but it won’t extend much beyond that.”

Bill: What about people in upper management, or CEOs, or rich lawyers. What happens to them?

Gideon: “They will be expected to continue doing their jobs, and if they don’t, there will be severe consequences. Their social scores will be lowered, they will be moved to Restricted or Quarantined, their USDR will be drained. It’s that simple. They will have to comply, and eventually, they will realize if they behave, they will get some rewards.”

BIll: Can you explain that more? You’ve mentioned they do have reward system for Common class.

Gideon: “They do. Not really a monetary rewards system, because bank accounts are capped and so are assets. That isn’t changeable. We see in the software, it’s not changeable. What’s in place of that are vouchers and coupons for good behaviour.”

Bill: Will people scoff at those? Will they not be happy with them?

Gideon: “What choice do they have? A voucher for a free coffee is certainly better than no voucher. Remember, draped in all this, before and after the Reset, will be justifications based on climate change. And if you disagree with that, then you must not only be a climate change denier, you are hurting the planet and others. They will frame much of it this way, and the rest will be all about pitting you against your neighbour, which is common in Communist countries. Snitching is a profession of its own.”

Bill: What about restrictions on food? I posted something about that on Twitter, restricting food physically in stores so you can’t even get to the food without getting scanned first.

Gideon: “It’s absolutely true. There will be turnstiles just to get into a grocery store. You will be scanned. Your social score checked. Your vaccination status checked. You won’t eat if you’re not complying.”

Bill: It sounds so crazy, but I’ve seen they have implemented this and they do have the technology.

Gideon: “Wal-Mart has it all ready to go. All of this is ready, Bill. They’re just waiting.”

Bill: I’m seeing confirmations every day. They’re moving quickly on the digital IDs and the digital currencies.

Gideon: “They’re moving fast. It is all connected to CSRQ. So if you see some trial run in Ukraine or anywhere, it’s all directly going into CSRQ. They want people to think it’s all separate, just like they want people to think China and Russia are somehow against the West.”

Bill: It’s really all just some dialectic. They’re all in this together.

Gideon: “Of course they are. Every country is on board, more or less. But they don’t want people thinking this is all coordinated. They want people believing in their national identities, and believing their leaders still work for them, and that on the political stage there are all these competing forces.”

BIll: They want people invested in this Cold War throwback narrative.

Gideon: “Yes, because they have a World War III scenario on standby. It wouldn’t make sense unless they had the narrative to back that up.”

Bill: So, if we’re sitting around thinking Russia and China are trying to take over the West, we’re just playing into their psy op?

Gideon: “We are. Russia and China are the enemy of the people. So are the United States and the United Kingdom. So are most countries. They all are subservient to the cabal, and just play a role on the grand stage. All of the leaders were replaced over the past thirty or so years with those who will be supportive of this Reset and New World Order.”

Bill: I had one guy email me and he lost his mind because he said he couldn’t find anything on Google about us. He seemed to be expecting to find news articles about us, like the New York Times talking about CSRQ. He couldn’t find it, so he got mad and called me names.

Gideon: “Then he lacks basic reading comprehension skills. You will see a lot of people lack the basic capacity to process information. They operate more at the level of a 12 or 13 year-old child now, even if they are an adult. It’s a combination of psy ops, mind-control, EMF pollution, poor diet, and so on. They will be fodder for the cabal, and they will be easy to vaccinate if they’re not already.”

Bill: I’m just struck by this everyday, people who can’t comprehend really basic things. Then they jump to wild conclusions, or get scared. I had one guy just losing his mind, saying, “They can’t do this! This isn’t possible! It won’t work!”

Gideon: “That’s denial. Why would this not work? Are they not aware that Communist societies exist and have existed for decades? Do they have no education of history? Do they have no awareness of the cabal or power structure that controls this world?”

Bill: I think they’re in this American mind-control trap that says, “America’s great and that can’t happen here.”

Gideon: “The American government is one of the most corrupt, authoritarian and oppressive in the world. I would hardly say they are free, and yes, it can happen there, it already is happening there right now.”

Bill: They have guns, they think the guns will save them.

Gideon: “It’s good they have guns, but they should have used them twenty years ago after 9/11, and probably further back than that. All they had to do is march into D.C. and take it over. A few million patriots, with trucks and tractors, and it could have been done. The city itself should be burned to the ground and everyone in the Federal government should be arrested and most executed.”

Bill: They’re too late then.

Gideon: “Way too late. The cabal is not worried about the United States. The cabal’s gatekeepers on both the Right and Left have everyone corralled and pacified and distracted, believing all kinds of nonsense.”

Bill: You were saying the other day that you think a lot of Q Anon followers will end up vaccinated.

Gideon: “Yes. By virtue of the fact they’re in a cult, they follow the cabal’s cult leaders, and they’re mentally unprepared for reality. I don’t see them posing much of a threat. One way or another, I see them ending up vaccinated, after the Reset.”

Bill: Where do we stand right now. What’s your update on what we are doing?

Gideon: “We are plateauing. The people seeing the information is dropping off everyday. Some people in the alternative media published this information, some of them deserve a lot of credit, but now that source is drying up. There may not be many left who will cover it. Most are Sovereigns.”

Bill: What percentage right now do you give the cabal in succeeding in this plan? To collapse everything then Reset?

Gideon: “It’s at around 85% chance of success for the cabal. Our time is running out by the second. Once this happens, it is going to be much harder to defeat them on the other side of this. We will try. You and me, and our group, we will try as Sovereigns to sabotage them, but we don’t want it to come to that.”

Bill: There has to be some good news?

Gideon: “I’m seeing a small but solid awakening to the Reset online, and to the vaccine injuries. It’s not enough right now, not remotely enough, but the response is positive. It’s not clouded yet with gate keeping. The messaging is clear, it’s truthful.

But be forewarned, the cabal will enter that resistance and put their disinfo agents on overtime. They will spin false narratives. I expect that’s going to happen in the next few weeks, because right now the response isn’t being controlled. They will want to contain this, Bill. Contain it. Keep it circulating in the same group of people who are awake and make sure it doesn’t get out to the wider masses.”

Full read: https://oculumlabs.com/csrq-great-reset-strip-wealth-bank-accounts-empty/

#8 Archives link - https://archive.ph/xRU9u

This stuff is a total blackpill- all savings etc. up in smoke & then get ready for your jabs.

The twitter account - formed March 2020. We’re only hearing about this now though? So another psyop, or why did it take so long to hit people’s radars?

Don’t try to tell me that “The Great Reset” isn’t a thing.

Oh it is and a huge danger - just look at everyone going on about build back better and that circle symbol everywhere. I’m just wondering about the specific csrq-sm.

Whether to empty my accounts of whatever is in there, buy a shack, a boat, or what the hell to do.

#9 https://oculumlabs.com/intel-drop-9-csrq-sm-agent-attacks-china-war/


Bill: I’m sitting here realizing there’s fifty topics we need to cover. I have to ask about the young people. Where do they fit in this?

Gideon: “It’s not looking good for them. You don’t have any counter-culture. The spirit isn’t there. We had previous generations that rejected authority, now they embrace it. The kids used to buck the trends, now they follow them. They’re gone.”

Bill: Not much hope there?

Gideon: “No. Very high vaccination rates among that demographic. We can’t rely on them. It will be the older people who save this world.”

Bill: But the older folks are wrapped up in Q Anon. Wrapped up in religion, following these false preachers. Wrapped up in gold, and silver, and the Quantum financial system and a bunch of other baloney.

Gideon: “The cabal is feeding these people bread and circuses. Fattening them up before slaughter. They are all going to be force-vaccinated within a month after the Reset, all these people in these groups.

But that isn’t everyone, Bill. There’s a lot of strong, wise, smart people in the old demographic who don’t buy all the bullshit. We need them to be with us on the other side of the Reset, to fight with us.”

Bill: How do we reach the people who love the gatekeepers?

Gideon: “Once the people who follow those guys see CSRQ, many of them will come to our side and leave behind the snake oil salesmen. That’s why the agents are going crazy right now, they know they could lose their captive audiences if this gets to them!”

Archived link: https://archive.ph/UMIZu

A lot of the ones staying quiet for now, for whatever reasons, are conservatives with a lot of guns and a big streak of bloody-minded resentment towards the cities as it is (edit - much of which I see as having a justifiable basis).

I don’t see them taking to a CSRQ system quietly.

Ireland? Just look at our vaccination rates :frowning: and the bank bailouts :frowning: and our politicians.

Just another elaborate Q style hoax IMO. Drones firing vaccine filled syringes at people?

Yeah relax there a little folks :thinking:

Kite flying from the Irish Petroleum Industry Association about different ‘tiers’ of access to fuel in a possible(read inevitable) shortage.

Half the country was proudly marching around scanning their medical papers all over the place last year, many for convenience, there was no life endangering hardship involved in not doing so. If people are required to submit to a new monetary system to access scarce fuel or food the acquiescence will be off the charts.

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Context - Hoax won’t be the right word, psy-op is closest, but to what end and to what agenda, why did the MSM only begin to consistently attack their “Qanon” strawman. So it has had an effect, mind you, this info release, be it a table top LARP for whatever design, would tally with your view more so.

As to drones, guess you never saw slaughter bots video no?

If you were looking at drone tech 15 years ago, you would have figured out all the uses cases before they became popularised, and it is happening in different places, the various predictable applications are being or have been developed and evolved.

A drone or a swarm of drones, powered by AI, could easily hunt you down, tase or tranquilise you while the clean up team comes.

Why wouldn’t the evil sickos want this kind of tech and more besides?

So they fund it, assume it’s developed, doesn’t have to be brought to market, drones are cheap and cheerful now, mass production done quiet, easy enough, sure look at Hyundai mass producing the terminator dog… drones are even easier to make, circuitboards and a few plastic mouldings, battery etc. etc. they’re is not much in them, unless you scale up and want a flying drone gunship, and even so, they exist already.

The idea of being hunted down by drone was high speculation back in 2020. I remember people joking about it in a wtf kind of way. I didn’t catch who or what story popularised and injected this idea into the mix, but it was there.

Skynet is already here, there may be many skynets if you follow.

Current events are always already over in many respects.

Take Taiwan, I started that topic August last year, that’s a nice 1 year Delta no? :icon_beer:



Bill: You told me the real crash was supposed to be 2008 and 2009, is that right?

Gideon: “In terms of the reset they need, yes, it was, but they weren’t ready, so they pushed the can down the road.”

Bill: Which will make this reset even worse, more severe, is that right?

Gideon: “Yes, all it did was exacerbate the problem, so the eventual collapse will be far worse.”

Bill: They could pull the plug today if they wanted to.

Gideon: “They could. They have scenarios. A few bad days on Wall St., which would be staged and set up, could kick it off. Within months, you would have mass unemployment, hyperinflation and chaos.”

Bill: I think we need to paint a picture here, in terms of what you mean by “worthless” or “zero”. You are saying gold will be worthless?

Gideon: “Everything we understand is priced in fiat currency. If fiat currency goes to zero, everything goes to zero. Once that happens, there is a bartering economy. Everything commodity-wise has value, but it has to be adjusted. This can take a few days or up to a month. The problem is, the cabal is going to ban bartering, seize the means of production, quite literally, and quickly institute USDR as the new global currency.”

Bill: So that leaves people in a situation that’s pretty hopeless.

Gideon: “Yes, plus there is the factor of asset seizure and restriction. If you have, for example, $50,000 in Bitcoin, it’s going to be worth nothing during and after the Reset. However, it could regain some value, the problem is you are restricted as a Common class person to $5,000 in total assets. You can have a little bit of Bitcoin, which you can’t barter with, or really use.”

Bill: Right, and if you’re Restricted or Quarantined, it’s way less.

Gideon: “Way less. So even if something has value after the Reset, you can’t own it. If you do own it, they will eventually repossess it, physically. They will physically come and get it.

It will also be illegal for you to hold it. They will have records of those who hold gold and silver. You will have a week or something like that to turn it in, if you don’t, your social score goes to zero and they put out a criminal warrant to come and get you.”

Bill: What about gold and silver ETFs or physical precious metals stored in vaults held by these companies that sell them?

Gideon: “All will go to zero and then be confiscated quickly. If you don’t have the gold or silver in your house, it’s gone. If you do have it in your house, they will pay you a visit, if you don’t turn it in.”

Bill: This sounds like science fiction to people.

Gideon: “This is called daily life in China, where this has been tested with great success for years.”

Bill: Right, Americans can’t wrap their minds around this, but a lot of these controls are already in place.

Gideon: “America is one of the least-free countries in the world. It’s a surveillance state and a police state. So it’s strange to me when Americans talk about freedom.”

Bill: Maybe it’s because they still have some freedom of speech.

Gideon: “There are still certain groups, certain members of the cabal, you cannot even speak about or say anything negative about. That isn’t free speech.”

Bill: No, it’s not. I have to ask you about this, you were telling me about the cabal’s philosophy, which I found really intriguing. You were saying they want a return to feudalism. That this current world structure is bothersome to them.

Gideon: “They believe humanity needs to be brought to heel. They believe in a return to the old order, whereby kings owned everything and the serfs owned nothing. The cabal thinks the average person is too rich and has too much freedom.”

Bill: What do they think of someone with a three bedroom, two car garage, a couple of nice cars, a 401k? You get the idea, what is that person to them?

Gideon: “That person, in ancient or medieval times, would be incredibly wealthy, by all standards. To the cabal, that person has way too much power, money and freedom, and they need to be brought back to serve under their overlords. The cabal thinks private property ownership is offensive to them, that serf can own land. They intend to end that.”

Bill: Why did they allow capitalism for so long?

Gideon: “It made them exceptionally rich, and allowed for technological innovations, in the direction they wanted. They can utilize human capital more efficiently under it, but it also allows too much freedom, a caveat for them.”

Bill: Is there an implicit acknowledgement there that Communism or this feudalism can’t bring about such things?

Gideon: “There may be, in fact, there is. They don’t care. People say Communism doesn’t work, but it does work, for those in power. They are ready, now, to put an end to what they consider an ‘experiment’ in allowing humans to have freedom. They’ve seen enough, it’s time for a Reset, in their view. It isn’t the first time they’ve done this.”

Bill: What do you mean?

Gideon: “The history you know of is not the true history of the world.”

Bill: Ok, so humans have advanced before, and you’re saying the cabal put a stop to that?

Gideon: “Yes. If humans have too much freedom and too much wealth, it becomes a serious threat to the cabal. They believe they would be defeated. This is why they focused the past few decades so much on dumbing people down, poisoning people, and that was to weaken them.

All of this has been planned out. They were not ready for the Reset thirty years ago, they were planning it, they wanted the technology to advance. But in the meantime, they had to keep people from waking up, and from taking over.”

Bill: Ah, so all of the TV programming, the mind-control, the crap in our food and water, I see, makes sense now.

Gideon: “If they had not done any of that, Bill, humanity would have woken up a lot sooner and very likely, the cabal would have been destroyed. People would actually, simply walk into places like Davos, Switzerland or Washington D.C. and burn it all to the ground.

Instead, they’re cowed into submission by the police state, fractured and confused by gatekeepers, and poisoned by vaccines and EMF pollution. They’re grumbling and getting their anger out online, but they’re not actually doing a single thing that threatens the cabal’s power.”


Any narrative which involves a secret team of ‘white hat’ tech guys working on the inside to bring down the evil empire is fiction. This thing ends in the same way all these things end-with a crazed mob-the bulk of which will be people who were completely fooled-kicking in the doors of those responsible.