CSRQ-SM The Great Reset - Hacked?

How do you kick in the blast doors of your local DUMBS? :icon_beer:

To note, only adds up to 99.96 dun dun dunnn… :ghost: who or what is the 0.04% :eye:

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This site appears to be gone today.

This puts pay to the idea it was/is a crypto scam, while not certain, let’s run with the idea it really was.

Though it’s not readily apparent, the wayback machine link revealed a tag line I hadn’t seen, the “hack your social credit” … for a fee?

This was the obvious biz model, charge to get into the “exclusive club” (8 million Sovereigns minted and you can’t have one unless…), that was the first thing I assumed after reading some of the early info but there were no indications of that and then with actual denials that this was the plan.

Simply put, there is nothing on the site to that affect. Naturally many people don’t read the TLDR drops, and use social media to try to understand and so jump into something like a Telegram group, and this may have been the plan.

While it claimed it was not going to help anyone become “sovereign” and for those people to be ignored maybe even blocked, how do we actually know?

It was the use of Telegram being a bit of a red flag.

There have been many a crypto scam using Telegram, it’s a scammers dream these days the way the app works and enabled with distrust and confusion in the inforwar running at an all time high. There are so many paddling in the deep end of what use to be fringe clinging on to the rubber ring of social media. I think the way Telegram works is you can run private groups or rooms then the scams can occur there out of sight. Telegram power users might clarify how users might be siphoned off who are willing to pony up.

If it’s not a honeypot or some other exercise, then it’s very possibly an old fashioned new fangled crypto scam.

I’ve already seen people pour all their money into other crypto scams via Telegram. It’s not nice to see, but this one might be larger scale than is currently visible to anyone.

Since 2020 there are enough people terrified out of their minds to be sucked into anything, be it the official psy-ops or side hustle back alley 3 card tricks.

The beating refrain was coming through loud and clear in the last few drops - all you have will be worthless and we’re running out of time (when it’s gone it’s gone - fomo), it was hypnotic (and it chimed with you’ll own nothing and be happy), it was designed for you to question all your pepper and financial plans to date, should I liquidate my cash, crypto, PM’s, shotgun and beans???

Some of the techniques it exposed, were the techniques it employed.

If that is the case, that was a very insidious play and would be really hard because it dovetailed with reader confirmation bias. The writing was good enough to really draw the reader in and it pulled in in plausible tangible things happening in disrepute location to an overall narrative.

If this is what it was, it had a lot of time and effort put into it. If they had a target they probably hit it and now it’s disappear into the night.

We await testimony from the many who got scammed, but often people don’t want to admit they got scammed because of the financial loss, damage and mental trauma.

Remind you of anything? :whistle:

However, you’ll still own nothing and be terribly unhappy right… during the super duper reset.

I think they called out that specific acc out somewhere (maybe on one of the social accounts) and other social media accounts as fake/scammers, and even so much to warn peopel against scammers for e.g.:

I also want to reiterate a series of WARNINGS we’ve already issued over and over, but we need to again:

  1. We do not know if the future one world currency will be called “USDR”. It may be re-named to “SDR” or “XDR”, or something else. It is not finalized yet. The whistle blowers have told us this, and we have stated this many times.

  2. Not a single existing crypto coin has anything to do with CSRQ or the future reserve currency. The USDR in CSRQ is not accessible to the public or a public blockchain at all, nor would it make any sense for it to be at this time.

  3. There is a site some of our followers are going to called USDReserve.org. This site has nothing to do with any of this. It is an older, apparently “dead” Ethereum project. There are thousands of them, and anyone can create a token such as that with the click of a button. Someone just went to that site and nearly lost their money, despite the fact we’ve posted warnings everywhere.

  4. Another person was contacted by an agent using a fake “Gideon” profile. As we state in our FAQ (please read it), Gideon has no official social media accounts. If this person had read that, they would not have ended up harmed. Instead, they turned over information they should not have.

  5. We will never, ever contact you first. Only agents will contact you first. If you see something from “Bill” or “Michael” or “Gideon” out of the blue, it’s probably an agent. Block them immediately, and verify with our official accounts what you saw. We have caught agents creating dozens of fake profiles, click here to see.

This is why it is so important to actually read what we’ve posted. People are not reading our materials, and then they are going out and literally getting deceived by agents or making incredibly careless mistakes. Be careful!

Src: Intel Drop #10 - Money Will Be Worthless Soon - Oculum Labs

The real deal or brilliant use of controlling your own opposition and buying trust and rcredability by warning your followers against it, or maybe it really is happening.

Maybe it would be better if we actually did all own nothing, then we wouldn’t have to worry about any scams no more, think of that cashless world of wonder, peace, joy love, light and drones delivering your BK & Vaccine to the 46th floor through the window! :icon_beer:

The latest on the twitter account of Mr. Sweet

After a series of attacks, too many people got fed up. Their website is down, and the operation may be closing entirely.

No drop #11 ??? :thinking:

Meanwhile - drop #12

We are learning that no platforms are safe. Even suggestions of the safest show there are back doors. The cabal owns it all. We have to just move forward.

I had a conversation today with Gideon about everything going on, here’s most of it:

Bill: They’ve actually gone bonkers. Why do people believe the idiocy they spew?

Gideon: “Because the cabal can make anyone believe anything.”

Bill: The agents seem more frenzied and hysterical than ever, what is going on with them?

Gideon: “The agents are trying to become Sovereign, so they will do anything to please the cabal.”

Bill: So they have an even bigger incentive to lie than normal?

Gideon: “Yes, they do.”**

Bill: I still see people calling us a hoax. But how can it be a hoax with such intense attempts at censorship and so many agents swarming us?

Gideon: “Because it isn’t a hoax.”

Bill: Why can’t people use the brains God gave them and engage in a little logical deduction and see that?

Gideon: “Because their minds are controlled by the cabal. They don’t think for themselves. They follow certain narratives. It’s comforting to live in a world where CSRQ isn’t real or can’t happen. The agents reassure them things aren’t really that bad, and people like you or me must be some kind of hoax or a psy op.”

Bill: They don’t go after Q Anon like this. They prop-up guys like Phil Godlewski with money, agents or Dave at X22 Report, and millions of people follow them without a hint of push-back or censorship.

Gideon: That’s because that’s a real hoax, a real psy op. They want the truth seekers believing in it. They don’t want them believing in us. You have to fight every day to stay above water."**

Bill: What about their capabilities? It seems they have the power to do anything, create any lie out of thin air.

Gideon: “They can do whatever they want, Bill. Let’s go back thirty years. They erased Bob Lazar’s entire life historyin an instant. His records, gone. He was left with one little piece of paper that proved he had some kind of tangential connection to the U.S. government, but it wasn’t much. If they could do that then, imagine what they could do now.”

Bill: They can fake emails, they can fake anything.

Gideon: “Anything. It can be generated convincingly. If they need to discredit someone, it’s easy. They can create a false record of your life, if they need to, including a false criminal history. They can create an entire fake history of your online activities, if they have to. They can falsely accuse, charge and imprison someone, which they do all the time.”

Bill: I had hundreds of brute force attacks per day on my site. I posted on my Twitter about it. Then they stopped. Do you think they got into it?

Gideon: “Very likely, yes.”

Bill: So they got in and planted things?

Gideon: “It would fit the narrative they are building, yes.”

Bill: I changed the password, it was a strong one.

Gideon: “They can backdoor the query so it will bypass the limiter, and run it thousands of times without it triggering the limiter. That’s probably what was done.”

Bill: How often do they do things like this?

Gideon: “Rarely. You’re an exception. They despise you.”

Bill: It seems so. The level of hate, vitriol, anger, it’s off the charts with these people.

Gideon: “They’re scared of you, and of us.”

Bill: They’re accusing us of things which are false, but in some cases, they’re not. It seems to stem from their failure to comprehend the Reset. Don’t they know everything will be wiped out?

Gideon: “Of course they know that, but they don’t want the public to know that. They want the public to keep believing in the system.”

Bill: Right, I think we’ve been attacked over things that we explained over and over, but it doesn’t sink in. We know that all fiat will go to zero. We know the cabal has a new digital currency coming.

Gideon: “They’re terrified of us actually waking people up to the reality that their world as they know is going to fade away into nothing, and be replaced with CSRQ.”

Bill: It’s interesting how the areas they attack us the hardest are the things they don’t want out, or want people to know or believe.

Gideon: “It’s very telling, isn’t it?”

Bill: They seem to have found out about Obsidian. How much does that escalate us?

Gideon: “They don’t know what it is, they’re not smart enough to figure it out, so it doesn’t matter now.”

Bill: You mean the agents, or the public who believe the agents?

Gideon: “Both. The cabal probably isn’t worried about anyone figuring it out, not yet.”

Bill: I made a mistake with that, didn’t I?

Gideon: “It’s not important now. Let them spin their fairy tales and fantasies. It will keep them busy. Have you noticed how they are wrong about almost everything you do and say?”

Bill: Yeah, they’re not very smart. They just think they’re smart. Michael said one guy went nuts last night, saying I took down my site. Saying a “403” means I took it down. Well, I proved today I didn’t.

Gideon: “The cabal adores people like that, because they work for free as agents, but they’ll end up as Common class and still get injected. They’ll get no reward for the free work they do against us.”

Bill: God, they are dumb. And why would I want my beautiful site to be removed? I loved it.

Gideon: “They might have thought you would give yourself some kind of credibility to say the cabal removed it.”

Bill: Ok, but that didn’t happen, and I have proof it was not removed by me.

Gideon: “Proof means nothing to them.”

Bill: Let me ask you this, are these agents scared of not becoming Sovereign?

Gideon: “They’re terrified, because they know what it means to be Common. Bill, there’s 100,000 agents operating at any given time, and only a handful among them are Sovereign. The rest are desperate to gain that status.”

Bill: So the more they deny that CSRQ is real, the more they push against us, the higher chance the cabal may bless them with an upgrade?

Gideon: “Exactly. And they know time is running out, quickly running out.”

Bill: God, this is all making sense now. They’re trying to score points, gain brownie points. The more they can attack us, spin lies, twist everything, call us names, the better chance they have to become Sovereign!

Gideon: “They know they won’t have much time, either, to get USDR.”

Bill: Wow. If it’s late in the game, and they get made Sovereign, what then for them?

Gideon: “Probably a week or two to make some transfers, everything they have. They know they might not end up with much on the other side of this. They will do anything to get that upgrade as soon as they can, to impress the cabal.”

Bill: It’s all coming together now. It’s all making sense now. Plus, you have the rest of the Sovereigns preparing. Look what they’re doing to the economy.

Gideon: “They’re getting ready for the big dance. The crash.”

Bill: September, right?

Gideon: “Very likely. When they pull the plug, Bill, it will be like 2008 all over again but one hundred times worse. It’s going to sneak up on everyone”

Bill: America gets hit the hardest?

Gideon: Yes, the United States is ground zero. The cabal wants it burned to the ground. I would not have us doing any of this if we were there, we would have to get out first. Then Europe will crumble and the rest of the dominoes will fall."**

Bill: Everything we’re saying about this collapse is being confirmed and validated by other sources all the time, constantly.

Gideon: “Of course. There are very credible people paying attention and they know exactly wants coming, they see it.”**

Bill: Like Michael Burry?

Gideon: “He knows.”

Bill: What about Jim Rickarts and Martin Armstrong?

Gideon: “They know, they have a piece of it.”

Bill: What about Greg Mannarino?

Gideon: “He seems to have a piece of it, too.”

Bill: But not the whole picture?

Gideon: “No, and if they do know, they’re not saying it.”

Bill: No one is really talking about CSRQ in a real way except us. We’re the only ones.

Gideon: “The only ones. No one has come close to detailing the exact plan the way we have. The exact scenario. What they exactly plan to do. Because we know what it is, we have access. And that’s why you’re being targeted, while those other guys just talk and talk, without any censorship at all.”

Bill: It’s just incredible, all of this. Where do we stand right now on the Sovereign situation?

Gideon: “My guys don’t want to move forward with it, not now. They have cold feet. They’re watching all this play out and they don’t like it, they don’t like how the public is siding with the agents. They’re wondering what the point of risking their lives was for.”

Bill: I don’t blame them at all, but we’ve got to change their minds.

Gideon: “I’m working on it.”

Bill: This is where people lose their damn minds, because we want to help people become Sovereign.

Gideon: “Bill, I’ve told you a thousand times, if we attempt this, they are going to go crazy trying to stop us. They know once an account is deleted, they can’t find out who we made Sovereign. Can you imagine how upset that makes the cabal?”

Bill: I would imagine it infuriates them.

Gideon: “They don’t want us doing this. They will lie until they are blue in the faces to convince people to keep believing in their false system, rather than believing CSRQ is real.”

Bill: Do you think when we get closer to the end game, and it’s obvious we were right, that our enemies will come to us? Is it possible for them to see reason?

Gideon : “Yes. They will have a change of heart. They will come begging. They will see the writing on the wall, that the end is near, and they will think of you and me.”

Bill: You know, I already had one person do that.

Gideon : “More will do it.”

Bill: Should we help them, the ones who betrayed us and doubted us, if they come to us later?

Gideon : “No.”

Bill: Damn, that’s cold.

Gideon : “Think of the people they deceived with their lies, who they turned away from us. Think of the damage they did, Bill, before they woke up. Remember that.”

Bill: I will. Too many others deserve it, not them.

Gideon : Too many good people do not deserve to be force-injected, so why should we save them?

Bill: We won’t, I promise, I won’t give them the time of day.

Gideon : “If they were once an enemy, don’t.”

Bill: We’ve had a lot of problems sorting out the bad people from the good. How do we form a small group we can trust? I even have this one really obvious agent acting like they are my friend.

Gideon: “Use discernment, and if you need help, just keep passing them along to me, I will check on them.”

Bill: Good, I’ll keep doing that. I just feel like the agents have this power over us. How do they have so much power?

Gideon: “Because they have a license to lie, and gatekeepers and money to back them up.”

Bill: We should be able to beat them with the truth.

Gideon: “We should, but the public relishes their lies. If the people rejected their lies, they would have no power, none at all.”

Bill: Same for the cabal.

Gideon: “The cabal’s power would evaporate into a puff of nothingness if the public simply stopped believing their lies. It’s not hard. You and I don’t believe them, because their lies are so unbelievably stupid in the first place.”

Bill: I never believed the Covid crap. Just at the start, I was worried, but after a month or two, I said, “Ok, this is bullshit.”

Gideon: “And then it became an education for you. You learned more about the reality of our world, viruses, vaccines.”

Bill: I always knew it was suspect, I never got the flu shot, I knew that was bad. But Covid opened my eyes to all the truth, how it’s all a huge scam, all of it, going back a hundred years, back to Pasteur. The terrain theory versus germ theory.

Gideon: “It’s sad that an event like this would serve to fully and totally wake up a very small few, but put to sleep even deeper the majority.”

Bill: It’s incredible how as the cabal gets nuttier, the more people seem to believe in them.

Gideon: “It’s a mixture of sunk cost fallacy, fear, doubling-down. The vaccinated know something’s wrong, they’re too weak to admit it.”

Bill: Well, in fairness, a few are. A few are getting angry.

Gideon: “A few. It should be tens of millions. Instead, those millions are busy injecting little children with deadly, poisonous vaccines. They are literally murdering their own children so Pfizer can be richer.”

Bill: How do we win if it’s this easy for the cabal?

Gideon: “I don’t think we can.”

Bill: I wish this ended on a better note, but it is what it is.

Gideon: “We’re going to be ok, Bill. You and me and our group. We have to worry about us now.”

Bill: Ok. I feel like we’re giving up.

Gideon: “Don’t give up. Find the few who are good. Find the few who can help us. Find them. And fight back if you have to. Fight back.”

Bill: I will.

Bob Lazar wha’ :icon_beer:

Gideon? Is that the man with all the bibles?

Buckle up? :icon_neutral:

Drop #13

Intel Drop #13 - The Cabal’s Trump Card

August 12, 2022

Good evening everyone.

I’ve decided to skip past my original Intel Drop #13. It’s hidden for now. It deals with some very deep spiritual subjects. I’ll probably split it into two parts or make it a separate post. Gideon said he didn’t want it associated with the number 13, either, considering the subject matter. It’s coming soon, just not today.

Before we begin, I’m recommending a couple of superb videos that expose gatekeepers. It’s really worth your time to watch these, they’re not long:

All connected to Sasha Stone - 7grainsofsalt

It’s Always SHOWTIME! - Hugo Talks

A quick reminder, every link you need for our materials and articles is right here. Check the bottom of this post for an important update. Don’t forget to subscribe to this JustPasteIt and give us an up vote.

Here are excerpts from my conversations with Gideon over the past day or two. Thank you as always to Michael for helping edit these and cleaning them up:

Bill: You’ve always told me everything is done for a reason. We actually did some things that hurt our own credibility. Can we explain that to people now?

Gideon: “We can.”

Bill: You had me send some emails I thought were ill-advised. You said this had to be done, so it was. Please explain.

Gideon: “When you are revealing highly classified information, for it to get out to the world, it’s almost an impossible task. So how do we make it possible? We allow ourselves to be partially discredited, or allow the spectre of doubt to hang over us. The cabal will back off when you do that.”

Bill: What’s funny is they still lied about us and faked things anyway.

Gideon: “Yes, they did, I expected them to. It ended up damaging them rather than hurting us. Your man, whoever he is, that was skilled work by him.”

Bill: He came through for us, no doubt. It will not be soon forgotten.

Gideon: “This is the winnowing process, separating the wheat from the chaff. If we had more time, we would put this on a slow simmer over a year and find the best of the best. We just don’t have time.”

Bill: I know. I’ve felt rushed.

Gideon: “We are.”

Bill. Anyway, let’s get back to this. So, you discredit yourself a little bit so they don’t kill you or erase you. Is this why we went to Level 5 but then after erasing my website, they cooled off?

Gideon: “Yes and no. We are the link to the whistle blowers. What they are trying to do is discredit and contain. If they can do that, they want us to keep talking, so they can dig and dig, to find my guys, through us.”

Bill: Right, I keep forgetting that. They need us to find them.

Gideon: “They think we are the weak link to getting to them.”

Bill: You didn’t really let me in on this, but I suspected it was a strategy. I felt like it helped us find and finger some agents, and some really dumb people left us and went into the arms of pedos and hackers.

Gideon: “Losing some of those people was a gain for us, not a loss.”

Bill: It’s a really interesting strategy. I could see doing this, for example, if you had a tape of a real UFO that landed and aliens walked out, you might go around saying, “This is a just student film project,” maybe with a nod and a wink.

Gideon: “It could be done that way, yes.”

Bill: Is this why David Icke would say “Reptilians” instead of who is really in charge?

Gideon: “In terms of your line of thinking, yes, that would be an example.”

Bill: You’re always telling me to look beyond the obvious. Look at things in terms of chess, instead of checkers, look many steps of ahead. That seems to apply here.

Gideon: “It’s because it’s what the cabal does, Bill. They think ahead, plan ahead. They’re never very obvious, even if it seems that way. They are very clever, they plan, and they constantly engage in trickery and deception, while presenting in a truthful or honest way.”

Bill: But they’re arrogant. Do you think their arrogance is going to catch up with them? Look at Klaus, he’s so full of himself. Or Bill Gates. People hate these guys. They’ve done a bad job at public relations.

Gideon: “But they know something. They know they hold the ultimate trump card. They know they can pull the plug on the $500 Trillion debt-laden financial system and reset it at any time.”

Bill: They know we’re reliant on them, we need them to survive.

Gideon: “They can afford to be a little arrogant. Look at Bill Gates’ many tells and duping delights. He doesn’t even try to hide it. He knows they have CSRQ planned.”

Bill: I’ve felt the past week there’s an awakening, though. What if there is a real awakening?

Gideon: “They’re not worried, because it’s not enough people, and if it does start to become too many, they will pull the plug.”

Bill: I see all this talk of Digital IDs and CBDCs. All of it confirms CSRQ. Why are they talking about this openly now?

Gideon: “The cabal is going to familiarize the public with some concepts. Warm everyone up to them, normalize them, but they’re not going to tell everyone they’re taking all their money.”

Bill: People don’t get it. Money will be worthless. The only thing that will have value is USDR.

Gideon: “True.”

Bill: People come to me and say, “Bill, it won’t work,” or “This is ten years away.”

Gideon: “It’s not that far away. It will be before 2024.”

Bill: This FBI raid on Trump is big news, what’s your take on it?

Gideon: “With Trump, it’s either a long-game dialectic, or they’re just tired of Trump. But they’re never this obvious. This is obvious. This leads me to think they want to foment civil war of some kind, at a later time. This is a set up.”

Bill: “The obvious, surface-level narrative here is the FBI is corrupt and Trump’s another victim of partisan attacks.”

Gideon: "And it’s demonstrably true. The FBI is corrupt and he is constantly attacked. But as we know, the cabal’s true agenda is never obvious. Whatever political chaos is going on, it’s being directed and co-opted. They’re not worried. If it brings about a civil war, it serves their ends.

They want the people fighting each other, and they want the Right to engage with the Feds, instead of banding together and fighting their real, collective enemy."

Bill: True, and the mainstream press still has a grip on the Left and Democrats.

Gideon: “The size of that is underestimated, it’s 35% of highly partisan people completely brainwashed, who will tow the Democrat line against all reason and sanity.”

Bill: America’s gone, you’ve said that, I agree.

Gideon: “It’s gone.”

Bill: I’m tired of the American-centred perspective, but I’m guilty of getting wrapped up in it.

Gideon: “The place is a symbol of freedom, and though that freedom is but a mirage, it still has not been completely shattered. The cabal is carefully planning for that moment.”

Bill: What about the rest of us? What about Aussies? Canadians? Europeans? Asians?

Gideon: “Much of the world is, in fact, more free than America. The policing is less oppressive. Far fewer people imprisoned. Taxes either lower, or public services better. There are some exceptions. I would rather be in the United States than in China, when this happens, but not by a lot. The rest of the world will fare better, but in the end, they will all end up tied into CSRQ.”

Bill: It probably goes without saying, finding a remote corner somewhere in a country a little bit behind the times is best bet to ride this out.

Gideon: “It is, but I know things I haven’t told you yet, and I know even such a plan is pretty futile.”

Bill: Hmm, well, this goes back to our other conversation. The one you want me to hold off on. I just found out there’s a lot of things you hadn’t told me yet.

Gideon: “You will know. I’m going to give it all to you within a few weeks. There’s no time, so now is the time.”

Bill: When can I release the other articles? The one this was supposed to be, but it’s 13, so, we’re saving it. I think it should be two parts or separate entry, an article or something. It could be a book.

Gideon: “Yes, it could. Just wait a bit. No more than week. I want it published. I’m also going to introduce you to someone, someone who can help you understand better what we talked about.”

Bill: Ok. I look forward to meeting them.

Bill: If people would just walk away, we win.

Gideon: “Yes, but the cabal controls the money, the power, literally, the power generating facilities, the military, all of it. It could be done if humanity just said, ‘No more,’ but with great sacrifices.”

Bill: People can’t even put down their smart phones at dinner.

Gideon: “We’re too far down the line, Bill. Way too far. There’s no time left to organize some kind of real resistance. Americans needed to lead they way, too, they aren’t doing anything.”

Bill: The Feds have them all scared. Now they’ve got 86,000 new IRS agents with authorization to kill they’re going to roll out!

Gideon: “For a country proud of their guns, they strike me as timid and fearful of the dictatorship they live under.”

Bill: Well, some guy just tried shoot up a FBI building, I think in Ohio. Is that part of the script?

Gideon: “An agitator, maybe a fake story, or just a failure. It sounds like he failed in his mission.”

Bill: Looks that way.

Gideon: “Killing some field agents isn’t the answer.”

Bill: No, it’s not at all. You’ve said the answer is 5 Million people need to go D.C. with semis and tractors and park their asses there until they take the government back.

Gideon: “That is correct, that would have to be done, that is do-able. And blood might end up being shed, because the cabal will engage. But you need about 5 Million people to make it work.”

Bill: If Americans can’t get off their asses and do that, they aren’t worth saving.

Gideon: “They can’t even save the kids being murdered with the poison.”

Bill: What about China’s house of cards about to come down?

Gideon: “I don’t think they are the catalyzing event. They have serious internal problems, but the BIS controls the ebb and flow of all money worldwide. The BIS and those who control it will decide when to pull the plug on everything.”

Bill: You said it will be like dominoes falling.

Gideon: “They’re already falling, Bill. It will accelerate.”

BIll: I’ve tried to get it through people’s heads, money won’t be worth anything soon, but then I’m bashed for putting my $65k into USDR.

Gideon: “The first sign of collapse, that panic will hit them right in the gut. They’ll remember you.”

Bill: Yeah, we talked about that.

Gideon: “We know what we know is true, we’ve tried to inform them, and people can take that or leave that. We’re not forcing them to do or believe anything.”

Bill: I know it’s safe.

Gideon: “Yes, you do. It’s going to be our last chance to do anything, to save anyone.”

Bill: We both have to go. I’ll put all these conversations into one Intel Drop, is that ok? Just the ones that pertain to politics.

Gideon: “That’s fine.”

Bill: Any last words for those who will read this?

Gideon: “Discipline yourself to prioritize information and time. Set aside quiet time. Set aside some nature time. Set aside time for friends and family. We all have so little time left, make it count.”

Src: Intel Drop #13 - The Cabal's Trump Card - JustPaste.it