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Some much longer running pin topics of similar subject matter, conjecture and vision.

Too long for one post Part A

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Intel Drop #17 - The Cosmic Rules Are About To Change (Part 2)

“The meeting will consecrate a covenant that will give full and complete reign to the cabal over Earth.”

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September 5, 2022

You can read Part 1 here.

Bill: I did what you recommended, I meditated for an hour before our discussion today.

Gideon: “Good, it will help you.”

Bill: I feel better. These topics are heavy. Maybe everyone should meditate before reading this?

Gideon: “It is up to them. I like to listen to sounds made with crystal bowls. It is very important to listen to something made with a real instrument or crystals, and not the electronic or computer-made sounds.”

Bill: You sent me your favourite 432hz, so I’ll include the link for anyone else who wants to try it. You also like this one for 528hz. Are there any others?

Gideon: “Yes, let me get you the other one.”

Bill: Ok, this is using crystal bowls but a lot of frequencies. This seems very strong, I can feel it just playing it for a few moments. Very nice. Anyway, shall we begin?

Gideon: “Yes.”

Bill: I have notes I’m going to reference here, since I have a lot of questions. If I get off-track I’ll try to get us back on course. Sound good?

Gideon: “Sounds good.”

Bill: We talked about how the cabal has a special meeting in September. Is that still planned and why is that meeting so special?

Gideon: “It is still planned. The meeting will consecrate a covenant that will give full and complete reign to the cabal over Earth.”

Bill: Who else is agreeing to that? Or is the cabal just issuing a decree?

Gideon: “It is being declared through their emissaries and vassals on the other side, in the astral plane, who have much more power than anyone on Earth. And yes, they are issuing a decree, there is no other side negotiating with them.”

Bill: Where are the good forces? Where are the righteous you talked about? There’s no way they would agree to this.

Gideon: “They are shut out of the agreement. They don’t agree with it, but right now they have almost no one on Earth strong enough to resist or fight back.”

Bill: What about in the astral plane?

Gideon: “They are fighting a war there now. All of their resources are going into that, and there’s almost nothing they can expend on Earth. Earth is also so cut off from the astral, that they have a lot of trouble just communicating at all with anyone here. They can’t even get through to hardly anyone here, Bill.”

Bill: So they know what’s happening, what the cabal is going to do, and they’ve decided they can’t save Earth?

Gideon: "They have decided that, because there’s nothing they can do. They also know they are going to be starved of righteous souls passing over, with this new vaccination plan, and they very are concerned, but what can they do? Their access to Earth is limited, they cannot reach anyone here.

It is like a fog, pushing through a cloudy soup, it is hard to describe, but this realm is about as real and accessible to them as us using sonar the way a dolphin or whale does. If someone told you to go swim in the ocean, close your eyes and use sonar to see around you, could you do it, Bill? Would you be able to see anything?"

Bill: No, I would see nothing, I couldn’t do it. Point taken. But it sounds like the cabal has humans here on Earth that can connect with the astral with ease. Why is it so easy for the cabal to go back and forth between these dimensions?

Gideon: “They can connect to the astral through their occult ceremonies. They are trained in these practices. They connect routinely with spirits from the other side, to receive instructions.”

Bill: But the righteous people here on Earth, they are not trained? They’re not able to connect?

Gideon: “No, they used to be, but many of those souls are in the astral now. Earth has been depleted of those trained in these practices, it has been for many years, partly due to the cabal’s efforts to target them and in some cases, kill them.”

Bill: What about this Galactic Federation I hear about, all the people who channel them?

Gideon: “I would say half of it is completely bogus, and the other half you have dark entities connecting with unsuspecting channellers, feeding them deceptions.”

Bill: Why are the channellers able to connect, but righteous people here on Earth can’t connect to the other side?

Gideon: "Because, again, it has to do with the training and who is being targeted. The channellers are completely unprepared and lack understanding of what they are doing, and they are easily exploited by dark entities. Any time a righteous soul from the other side might try to make contact, a dark entity will interfere and take over. The channeller doesn’t know better, they’re untrained. If the righteous here on Earth try to make contact with the righteous in the astral, they are targeted, sometimes even deceived, because they lack training, too."

Bill: Do these dark entities on the other side somehow have more power, more of an ability to get through to this realm? It seems they do.

Gideon: "Yes, in part because the cabal has so many of their humans trained in connecting with them. The cabal also physically controls some of the portals, there are ones in South America, Russia, Iraq, and more than a few important ones in Arizona, Utah and Colorado; the cabal controls their physical access, giving them an extraordinary advantage.

The good forces here are spread apart, while the cabal is highly organized, highly dedicated to occult practices. A lot of whom I would call good ‘teachers’ are also under intense attack here on Earth. A lot of good souls, doing their best, receive the most psychic and spiritual attacks of anyone, this makes them even less able to do the work they need to do."

Bill: Ok, thank you for explaining this. It’s making sense to me. I’m just trying to understand why it seems like the cabal has so much power, while these good forces seem outnumbered.

Gideon: "It is simply because the cabal’s control over Earth has been increasing steadily for years, while the balancing powers of good forces have been waning and declining.

The battle on the other side was about even, then the poison shots were taken by literally Billions of spiritually-dead people, who will now die and work for the cabal in the astral. This will greatly boost the cabal’s war footing there.

Meanwhile, the left over unvaccinated who are still here on Earth, still alive, while aware and awake in many ways, they do not have a plan at all for what is coming, nor do they even know what is coming. They will not be allowed to have a natural passing to the astral, to join the good forces there, or to be with the Creator, nor will they be allowed to do any good work here on Earth, once they are vaccinated with this new [life-extending] formulation."

Bill: Thank you, that’s helping me conceptualize what’s going on. This is a complex spiritual war-game across multiple dimensions. Let’s return to the cabal, their claiming of Earth. Once they have this ceremony, what’s going to happen?

Gideon: “These restrictions they always adhere to, those will be gone. Some are already gone. They always followed some rules.”

Bill: But those rules didn’t seem to stop them from killing, murdering people, and hurting children.

Gideon: “No, but they did keep all of that secret and contained, cloaked in deception, or kept underground, literally and figuratively. Now they won’t.”

Bill: Why did they have rules in the first place?

Gideon: “Because there were once much more powerful beings on this planet who were righteous, who enforced some of these rules, but they are all but gone now. The cabal is more confident than ever they can simply take over Earth without repercussions.”

Bill: What about the unvaccinated, who resisted? Are they not powerful enough?

Gideon: "Collectively, there are things they could do to harm the cabal, but they are not what I’m referring to. I’m referring to beings who held great power over the cabal, who were spiritually advanced and trained in proper techniques. They could match the cabal’s power, and they enforced these previous rules.

They could not stop the cabal’s evil and killing, but they could impose some restrictions, to prevent the cabal from turning Earth into a literal hellscape of horrors. Those beings are no longer here, they are in the astral fighting the war there."

Bill: I see. I’ve seen some things going on that seem to not follow any rules anymore, like the lock downs in China, the starvation of people, the vaccines for kids, scientists telling us we now need to eat human flesh, or scientists claiming paedophilia is somehow normal. This seems way more bold, way more. Does this relate to these other meetings you told me about?

Gideon: “Yes, it does. They’ve already had a series of meetings and crafted new agreements, which is why some of what they are doing is more brazen than usual. This meeting in September seems to be the final one for these purposes.”

Bill: Ok, this is confirming everything you told me, because I’ve felt they’re not even following rules or laws they used to.

Gideon: “No, they are not.”

Bill: Now they’re just telling people directly, “We are going to do this to you.” They just said the booster shots aren’t even tested, openly, by the way. Not tested! I guess because they now think Earth is all theirs, no need to waste time with testing. I also saw Kanye West had some Satanic ritualistic thing in Atlanta, out in the open.

Gideon: "Yes, but deception is still in place and still key. I don’t think that will go away completely right now, but they are going to be more direct going forward. The game here on Earth isn’t really complete until 2030, for the cabal."

Bill: I see. After 2030, the vaccinated will be dead, and the unvaccinated, who will eventually be vaccinated, will be hooked up to the Metaverse?

Gideon: "That is correct. By then, if you somehow lived without being injected and retained your Sovereignty and your soul, y ou will see things you cannot even believe."

Bill: I already see things I can’t believe, coming from these maniacs.

Gideon: “The true test of it will be how the public at large reacts. They have been heavily exposed to the truth, yet they ignore it.”

Bill: I want to understand something better. The cabal plans to vaccinate every unvaccainted person. If an unvaccainted person takes this formulation, or they are forcibly injected with it, you’ve suggested to me many times that this will irrevocably alter them in some way. Will they be the same person?

Gideon: “Based on what I know about this formulation, no, they will not be the same. It is not a poison, Bill, not like the current ones. It will take the most advanced techniques in terms of transhumanism and nano-tech and install them into the human body.”

Bill: There’s a lot of reports of the nano tech, of the tracking, people being caught on Bluetooth, and so on, you’ve said that is just testing for the future vaccine for the unvaccainted, correct?

Gideon: “That is correct. They’ve tested a lot of things on the vaccinated, but the purpose is to kill them, that’s it. Anyone who took the vaccine by their own choice, the purpose is to kill. Of course, in the course of issuing billions of these doses, the cabal has put out all kinds of experimental doses, too. Those experiments are just tests for their future formulation that will be used post-Reset, once CSRQ is online.”

Bill: I see. What about the children? What happens to them? Why would they vaccinate them?

Gideon: “Bill, this is one reason why these meetings took place, why the cabal is claiming Earth, so they can kill the children.”

Bill: Won’t the children join the righteous forces in the astral? Why would the cabal want that? It would offset all the vaccinated souls they sent there.

Gideon: “No, children will go be with the Creator. The cabal doesn’t want them on Earth, and they cannot be sent to the astral. The cabal wants to get rid of them, and stop new births. Children bring light into this world that the cabal cannot extinguish. Animals do, too.”

Bill: Wow. You just opened another can of worms and my head is spinning. I never in a million years considered any of this. So the kids don’t go to the astral?

Gideon: "No, they do not. They go back to the Creator. They bypass the astral. The cabal would like to be able to prevent that, they’ve tried for millennia, but some forces in the Universe, some rules cannot be broken."

Bill: I don’t know if this is good news or bad news. I’m glad they are going to be with the Creator, but what they are doing to these children, by injecting them, by killing them, it is heinous beyond description. I’m so sad for these kids.

Gideon: “Their souls are protected, Bill. God protects them. They will know little pain from this, they will believe, at the time of the shot, their parents were doing the best for them and loved them. They will rejoin the Creator almost instantly after passing. The parents, on the other hand, they will have written into the code of their own souls a contract with the cabal that is everlasting.”

Bill: You first doomed yourself taking the poison, then killed your child. There are no words for that. What about animals? I saw a horrifying story that they want to inject the mRNA shots into animals.

Gideon: “They do and they are. They’re killing everything, Bill. Part of destroying the food supply is to back the unvaccinated into a corner. Part of getting rid of animals is to take away humanity’s companions, too.”

Bill: I need a break. I need to breathe. Can I take a moment?

Gideon: “Sure.”

Bill: I need to talk about something else. I need a day to just process some of this. Let’s continue, but I have some other topics in my notes here I want to address.

Gideon: “Proceed.”

Bill: I’ve known about Sovereign class way before we ever came out with this, and it wasn’t a word I saw often, now I see it a lot more. Is that directly related?

Gideon: "Yes and no. There are some references, probably put there intentionally by the cabal, but the term Sovereign belongs to each soul and is a spiritual term, stolen, or co-opted by the cabal, so the term itself is not exclusive to just CSRQ and the classification."

Bill: I’ve asked you quite a bit about the Sovereign Citizen movement, too, is your opinion still the same? They never have any information for non-Americans, either, it’s not even practical for the rest of us.

Gideon: “My opinion is the same. It will not stop the cabal whatsoever. There are also some claims relating to it that seem specious to me, claims people are recovering millions of dollars from their secret accounts.”

Bill: If that were true, why would a guy like David Lester Straight need to charge all this money for his seminars? He should already be a multi-millionaire, if he says it’s that easy to go recover all this money.

Gideon: "He wouldn’t need to charge money, no. But if he is a Sovereign, he would want to get more money to change into USDR."

Bill: We never checked on him, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he was. The whole thing might be a honeypot, too. They are getting a very good list of the kinds of people they will definitely want vaccinated.

Gideon: “It might also be a cabal ritual. I said before, the contracts they described are completely invalid and illegal. You cannot agree to a contract at birth, yet they are proposing that is what was done. You cannot even agree to a contract as an adult if such is done under deceptive circumstances, yet they are saying that is what you are doing when you sign certain things, or sign your name. So what they are doing is actually validating the illegal contracts by legally trying to get out of them.”

Bill: They’re validating the process. That’s insane. There’s nothing to get out of, because none of it’s legal in the first place.

Gideon: "That is correct. They would be better served by working to dismantle the illegal occupying police state criminal mafia that passes as their government, the U.S. Government."

Bill: Thank you for clarifying that again. I bring it up because so many people are into that stuff. Another question I have is I spoke with someone the other day about gang-stalking, they were saying it’s increasing. Can you get more into that?

Gideon: “Yes. They are the teachers I spoke about, the ones who are attacked the most. The gang-stalking can be done by entities, or it’s done by intelligence agencies. They go after the people who are spiritually the biggest threat.”

Bill: I see, I believe that. I know people are are gang-stalked. So if you really look, can you find the teachers? What do we look for to find them?

Gideon: “I think some astral travellers are good to listen to, because they can do something very special and rare. Unfortunately, they are untrained, and it’s rare to find one who has a solid connection with the righteous on the other side. These astral travellers are seeing glimpses of things, sometimes deceptions, too. I think the ones warning people not to go into the light, they have great wisdom. If someone is being maligned, attacked and censored, give them your ear and consideration, too.”


Part B

Bill: Hmm, I see. Who should we follow then?

Gideon: “You shouldn’t be thinking in terms of following anyone.”

Bill: Who should we seek out for guidance, is maybe a better way to put it?

Gideon: “Seek out those who realize the true nature of reality. Your soul can sense the truth in another, if you listen to your intuition. People do not listen to their intuition. God gave us an antenna inside of us, our penal gland, but we ignore it. That voice inside of us is highly attuned and will always guide us, but you would not believe, Bill, how many people consciously, directly ignore those senses and feelings!”

Bill: No, I get it, I get it completely. You know why I get it? Because I saw 9/11 happen a week before it happened, and I did nothing.

Gideon: "Right, you’ve told me this story."

Bill: I saw it all, the Towers exploding in fire, the news, a week before. I was watching CNN, and Barbara Olsen was on Larry King, and I froze and said inside myself, “She’s going to die in a plane crash in a week,” and then I saw the Towers on fire and heard the term of terrorism.

Gideon: "I believe you. I know others who’ve had similar experiences."

Bill: When this happened, I walked right outside my house and looked south to D.C. that night, I said, “I need to do something.” The drive was really far, really far, I thought about that, at least a day, but I was ready to do it. Then you know what I did? This feeling came over me of shame, and I felt silly, and I said, “Oh, this is nothing. This won’t happen. It’s not my country, anyway, why am I so concerned?” And I forgot about it. Then a week later, it happened. I did nothing. I could have stopped it.

Gideon: “You could not have stopped it. You would have just gotten yourself killed. The cabal would not let you, one man, stop it.”

Bill: I know, I know. I’m more upset I doubted myself. The good thing is that it showed me there’s a lot more to this world. How could I perceive such an event a week before it happened? It defies all known science. I know it wasn’t a false memory, because it was so distinct. Barbara Olsen really was on Larry King that week before, I really was watching it, I really did walk outside and look south of the border to D.C. I know it happened. The memory is clear as day.

Gideon: "It’s an incredible story for you, and you should never forget or doubt it. The cabal promotes their static version of the universe, that says there is nothing, there is no mystery, we are just solid, dead matter. They know better."

Bill: They don’t want us using DMT, LSD or Ayahuasca, do they?

Gideon: “They don’t want anyone exploring anything beyond this world, unless they are in charge of that, such as a Satanic seance they run. Or if the person is untrained, then they don’t mind. What is interesting is they found the dark entities could use the television to control people far more than introducing psychedelics to the masses.”

Bill: That is interesting. Are those drugs good to use, by the way?

Gideon: “Not unless under the right circumstances, because they will easily open you up to dark entities who can invade you, deceive you. It’s also better if you can train your own mind to become more sensitive. The brain already produces small amounts of DMT.”

Bill: I’ve never done them, but I would want to do them with a teacher or guide I trusted.

Gideon: “That would be wise.”

Bill: Do you think when people come together and intently form a collective thought, that it can have an impact for change?

Gideon: “Yes, it is small effect, but yes, it can make an impact.”

Bill: I guess the frustration I feel and a lot of people feel, and felt after reading Part 1, is this sense we can’t win, or we’re not winning, or the cabal is going to win. This is what I hear from people.

Gideon: “It’s very hard to process and to accept, but it is better to accept reality than believe in comforting lies or fantasies.”

Bill: You don’t truly believe the cabal is going to win, do you?

Gideon: “No, but they have been successful so far, we have to admit that. They are very powerful, we have to admit that. They can be stopped, they can be destroyed, but I think people are too vulnerable to their tricks. We need truth seekers to be strong, not weak. I see too many people following their gatekeepers. I see too many people who are seemingly aware and awake, who then quickly fall back into traps. This is what worries me.”

Bill: What’s an example of that?

Gideon: “There are countless examples. One that I noticed recently is I saw people comparing Biden’s speech to Hitler. It’s a shame, such a misunderstanding of history. The imagery is effective, but it just reinforces the cabal’s falsehoods, from the very people who think they speak the truth.”

Bill: It would be better to compare him to Stalin or Mao, right?

Gideon: “That would be more appropriate, if you are comparing him to a despot or dictator, or fascists. Comparing Biden to Bush would make more sense.”

Bill: Bush Sr. or Jr.?

Gideon: “Both, but in terms of what the public understands, Bush Jr. Or Cheney. These are figures people at least have some concept were divisive, corrupt tools of the cabal. Biden is much more like them.”

Bill: I see. You don’t think Hitler was like those guys?

Gideon: “History shows he wasn’t. Unfortunately, he made critical and terrible mistakes toward the end of the war, and had questionable alliances.”

Bill: General Patton said we defeated the wrong enemy, do you agree?

Gideon: “The Americans did, for certain. The British were led by a madman, in Churchill. All sides were compromised by the bankers, so it’s hard to say there was any ‘good’ side in the war. But the claim Hitler would have taken over the world is completely false. Something else far more evil took over the world instead.”

Bill: That’s a hell of a way of putting it. The history of WWII fascinating, because it’s layered with lies. Do you like David Irving?

Gideon: “He is one of the finest historians that ever walked the Earth, in my view.”

Bill: Agreed, I like him a lot. I’m also seeing everywhere this idea the Nazis somehow survived and there’s this underground Nazi force getting ready to take over the world. Out of the blue, I’m seeing this all over.

Gideon: “It is total nonsense.”

Bill: But some Nazis survived WWII, right?

Gideon: “Yes, Operation Paperclip. That is real. But the idea of a large force of Nazis underground, none of that is real. Of course, it is possible the cabal may invoke such things for a purpose. We see some Ukrainian fighters were propagandized in this way, but it is entirely unconnected to Hitler’s Nazi party.”

Bill: Back to winning and losing, we know we have a real shot to stop the cabal, but I don’t think people get that being Sovereign is a good thing. I had people say we’re bad for doing it.

Gideon: “We are not wrong for doing it. There is actually nothing even wrong with being Sovereign in the software, because it carries with it no pledge, no requirement. The only thing I expect is if we go against the cabal after the Reset, they will come after us.”

Bill: I told the Telegram, if they try to get us to take an implant or force us to do something wrong, there is no way we will do that.

Gideon: “We absolutely will not do anything that goes against what is right.”

Bill: We’re doing this to fight them on the other side of this. How can people not get that?

Gideon: “Poor reading comprehension, and reacting emotionally and not logically.”

Bill: I wanted to ask you this, I know you know a lot of people in high places, what is their view of CSRQ? What are they saying?

Gideon: “They know it is coming.”

Bill: They’re preparing? Are they Sovereigns?

Gideon: “One is, a few aren’t.”

Bill: Ok, the ones who aren’t, what are they doing? Are we going to help them?

Gideon: “One is going to be changed, but one of them declined to become Sovereign.”

Bill: But they could really help us.

Gideon: “They will. They will be strong fighters on the other side of this with us as non-Sovereigns.”

Bill: Are they one of the rich people you spoke about?

Gideon: “Yes.”

Bill: They’re all going to get wiped out, all of it erased, they must know that.

Gideon: “The ones I know do know that, but a lot don’t. A lot are totally in the dark and in for a very rude awakening when this goes down.”

Bill: Your friends will get wiped out.

Gideon: “Yes, but considering their resources, they can still prepare in ways almost no one can. They can’t get USDR, but they can get other things. They feel they are in good position, so taking Sovereign status would be selfish, in their view, it would be taking from someone who could benefit more from it.”

Bill: That’s generous of them and strategic.

Gideon: “Very, on both counts. Remember, these are people with great integrity, who gained a lot of wealth but never joined the cabal, which is to say, they never joined any secret societies. Most are introduced through Freemasonry. Very few decline, because the benefits of networking with others are profound, even if the lower levels do not share any of the cabal’s secrets. But once you are in, you are compromised.”

Bill: That’s incredible. How many of these types of people are there?

Gideon: “Quite a lot. The cabal is looking forward to them being made completely insolvent.”

Bill: How many know what’s coming? I mean, worldwide, there must be thousands and thousands of these rich people. Do they have any idea? They’re all going to be made Common class or worse.

Gideon: " A few do. The ones I know, they know. But a lot would not know, a lot will not have the faintest idea. They will be scrambling to move their money into ten different things when the collapse happens, not realizing none of that will matter at all or save them ."

Bill: I want to ask you again, there’s all this talk about how we will succumb to the temptation of being Sovereign. I won’t say who, what or where, but you know who said that. It’s really crazy to me.

Gideon: “Yes, the cabal believes we will all become weak on the other side of this and not fight.”

Bill: You told me, they love to conquer people. They don’t always want to just kill their enemies, or harm them, they want to conquer them, conquer their souls.

Gideon: “They’ve compromised many great people. They prefer that over eliminating people.”

Bill: The ones they do kill, I guess it’s safe to say they were incorruptible?

Gideon: “Yes, certainly. Paul Wellstone, Larry MacDonald, Aaron Russo, come to my mind. Probably Bill Cooper. Probably JFK and his brother.”

Bill: People who never backed down or joined them. Or people who walked away from them.

Gideon: “They were true warriors. There are many, in fact, in history, but fewer now.”

Bill: Heroes. But not Alex Jones or Trump?

Gideon: “No, both are compromised.”

Bill: What about Putin?

Gideon: “We don’t know. We could not find him in CSRQ despite our best efforts. His activities as President of Russia are hard to judge.”

Bill: But Russia doesn’t really have freedom of speech, does it? Or much freedom at all?

Gideon: “It has some freedom of speech, as long as it is not against the Russian government. Otherwise, it is not terribly oppressive.”

Bill: We’ve both said we would rather live in Russia over the United States.

Gideon: “Yes. A good life can be found there. But to say Russia is good and the U.S. is bad, that is far, far too reductive.”

Bill: To get back to the original point, most everyone is corruptible and the cabal prefers that over outright just killing people, but they do kill people?

Gideon: “They kill people all the time, but usually before they do that, they make an offer or issue a clear threat.”

Bill: I see. With us, well, you’ve told me whats going on, and they have made an offer.

Gideon: “Yes.”

Bill: Can you expound on that at all?

Gideon: "Yes. They are frustrated with us, because they can’t figure out what we are are doing, because we were good with the obfuscation. It is not that they cannot find or stop our whistle blowers, they could eventually, it’s just that to do so would require firing some of them, suspending operations, slowing the project down, and they aren’t willing to do that.

So they are in a position of being irritated with us, to put it mildly. But they have figured a few other things out, so they decided to step in and make this offer."

Bill: I think it’s good for us, but they think it’s good for them.

Gideon: “They believe we are corruptible, and by the time this unfolds, that we will be weak and not follow through against them.”

Bill: This has to do with USDR, mostly. We didn’t realize it will be worth as much as it will be.

Gideon: “This is true, now we know.”

Bill: So I have a lot, millions, and as you informed me, I’m much richer in USDR than I knew. I will be able to do a lot more with it.

Gideon: “You will be able to live a life similar to the highest echelons of how the cabal lives now, with yachts, large, palatial properties, a team of security protecting you. Since they are consolidating and concentrating the world’s wealth, and essentially stealing it from everyone else, you will benefit as a Sovereign. They think you will be so comfortable with this, you will find ways to rationalize to never give it up.”

Bill: It’s funny to me, that they think money is that important to me.

Gideon: “We are benefiting from their belief we are corruptible, because they are choosing not to kill us or aggressively hunt us or my guys down.”

Bill: I thought that was interesting, because if they manage to find us out after the Reset, I’d think they would just inject us.

Gideon: “No, for them, corrupting you or me will be a far greater victory for them.”

Bill: That’s incredible to me. But I can see how they see things. They corrupt everyone, I mean everyone. All the celebrities. I don’t even think all these celebrities started out as bad people.

Gideon: “No, they didn’t, but it is plain as day they all belong to the cabal.”

Bill: Right, with the hand signs, oh my goodness, they do not hide any of it! Covering one eye, or making those signs with their hands, around their eyes.

Gideon: “Anyone who doubts those things is blind.”

Bill: It’s all real, all true, these secret societies, the symbolism they use, the rituals, the human sacrifices, how they murder children. It’s all true.

Gideon: “All of it is true. It’s worse than you can imagine.”

Bill: They think they can turn you and me into that?

Gideon: “They want to.”

Bill: They will fail.

Gideon: “They don’t believe so. That is why they are making this offer.”

Bill: I’m going to get things clear with the Sovereigns, so they understand all this, so we are clear and they pledge they won’t get soft after the Reset or turn away from what we need to do.

Gideon: “Good.”

Bill: I don’t care what the cabal thinks, we need a team and we’re going to keep looking for the right people.

Gideon: “Our objectives won’t change.”

Bill: I hoped we could stop this, but the public is out to lunch. They don’t understand. I thought we did a good job of explaining it.

Gideon: “We did, but we are not offering the comforting lies. There are too many gate-keeping groups that are offering hope, people are drawn to that hope. So they go to those groups eventually.”

Bill: There’s no white hats, no military guys stopping this, no Quantum financial system, no way people are going to get rich off XRP. There’s no aliens coming to save us.

Gideon: “We are not going to sell fantasy. There are some protests, there is a certain element of people really upset with the direction things are going, but the actual opposition is not even happening where it matters, in the U.K. or United States, there’s nothing going on there.”

Bill: True, I see some protests, there are some, but not in the big countries where the real power is located. So the cabal must not be that worried.

Gideon: “They know they can bring everyone to heel if they pull the plug, and they’re about to pull the plug.”

Bill: I’m glad people are resisting right now, I am, I really am, but you told me it’s not growing enough to reach outside certain circles. You said it has to grow more.

Gideon: "Well, some of what we’re seeing is just anger about economic conditions, Bill, so we can’t confuse that with real opposition to the actual evils of the Reset. It’s a mixture. A bad economy is what really gets people into the streets. The real anger comes from the economic pinch.

You could see the Dutch farmer protest is a reflection of that. It was resisting a really bad Reset plan, but it was also very much rooted in the economic reality the farmers were facing. Money is what gets people out of their chairs."

Bill: This is what you’ve said all along, why CSRQ will work. They will bribe people with money, they will move everyone around the way they want, because they hold the purse strings.

Gideon: "The entire human race gave up their sovereignty for a hundred years, maybe two hundred, maybe as far back as we can remember, to the bankers. There is no reason a nation needs a central bank, none, yet they exist. That is the fundamental question of the freedom of a nation, if it has a central bank or not, if it issues its own currency, or not. That is how you actually destroy the cabal, in real terms, you eliminate their banks."

Bill: People barely understand this. All I hear on the U.S. news, and not just the U.S. but other countries, is the Fed did this, the Fed did that. But the Fed is nothing. The Fed is nobody. The Fed is useless! The Fed is a private bank we hand over all power to for no reason.

Gideon: “This is true. People feed their faith into the Fed, which empowers the Fed. But it is totally unnecessary to the functioning of a nation’s currency to have a central bank.”

Bill: There’s a guy in the Telegram calling for violence. I had to mute him. I’m not in disagreement really, but we can’t just say that out in the open.

Gideon: “If you have a plan of action, you don’t go around spouting it off. That is just a way to make yourself feel better. That is why we do not discuss what our plan of action will be after the Reset.”

Bill: Is violence ever the answer?

Gideon: "It is if you are defending your body, home or others from harm. In the broader sense of stopping the cabal, it will play into their game, if people get too violent. There are other ways to resist. The best is to stop participating in their matrix and to walk away from it ."

Bill: By walking away, what do you mean? Stop using phones? Stop watching TV?

Gideon: “Yes. Exercise discipline in one’s habits. Only use cash, stop paying for streaming services or cable, be extremely judicious at the grocery store with what you buy, what brands you purchase. Visit farmer’s markets. Get rid of the data plan and sanitize your phone. You can use social media, but do it anonymously, destroy their data gathering systems. Plenty of things we could all do, at once, to simply exit the system.”

Bill: I already do those things, I know you do. It seems obvious to do them, but meanwhile you walk into any given grocery store in the United States and the average person has two carts full of total garbage, I mean total toxic garbage. Three slabs of American cheese, 12 packs of beer, Oreos, soda, those sugary cereals! Meanwhile, their face is buried in their new iPhone. It’s you and me and a handful, against this horde of morons.

Gideon: “We are up against the brainwashed, who enable and empower the cabal.”

Bill: It seems to me they could have clamped down on the Americans more, but they haven’t. The country’s a big mess, but not as many were vaccinated there.

Gideon: "They don’t want to be that obvious with Americans. They will get them riled up if they impose too many restrictions, so they assault them with psychological operations instead. The Americans have this silly idea that they actually have freedom given to them by their government, which doesn’t exist for them because they live in a de facto police state, but they naively believe it does exist, so they might fight for it!

We saw such a spirit doesn’t exist in Germany, Austria, Ireland, The United Kingdom, New Zealand or Australia virtually whatsoever, so you can see America is quite different from much of the West and first world. Canada, on the other hand, seems to have a bit more spirit than we all suspected, which has been encouraging to see, but they almost all decided to take the poison, too."

Bill: It’s really cultural, unique to each country, how people react to cabal’s moves. Every culture has a sense of what freedom is, some value it, some don’t know what it is. Some strongly care about certain freedoms, while they don’t care about others.

Gideon: “The cabal adjusts their game plan for each culture.”

Bill: How do they see the blanket imposition of CSRQ going, especially in America? CSRQ and USDR is this one world, one government approach.

Gideon: "Well, as we suspected, they will not likely be calling it one term universally. It will be one software program, internally, but it will be presented in each country as a separate entity. This is coming from my men working on it, because they’ve seen recent memos and new updates."

Bill: We talked about it and speculated on this. I’m assuming they just think this will mean it will all be accepted easier.

Gideon: “They run simulations, and clearly they concluded this will mean wider acceptance, to present it as a series of separate, nation-state CBDCs. It seems this is all stemming from whatever analysis they have done of national identity, and people are far too attached to their national identities. This is going to all but certainly ensure compliance, that CSRQ is going to be accepted by the vast majority.”

Bill: You told me they are designing some new interfaces, logos and such for the bank accounts, both the front and back end.

Gideon: “Yes, this is something they had been doing, but now it’s taking on a much bigger emphasis. What happens is now the whistle blowers are cycling through these different apps and screens, whereas before they just used the main one. They are all country-specific. They still use the main interface, but they are also testing some new variations. This points to the fact they are going to roll this out in some phony way, as if each country has come up with their own digital system.”

Bill: Yeah, that’s going to be a major deception. People are still going to think their national currencies are somehow separate. It’s all nonsense. All transactions already go through the Bank of International Settlements. The separation of the borders is almost decorative at this point. They all work together.

Gideon: “It is highly interconnected. The nation-states, the names, the flags, they are placeholders to keep the people believing they have some power with their vote, or that their leaders represent them.”

Bill: Klaus Schwab openly brags all these leaders are WEF acolytes.

Gideon: “They serve the cabal, not their respective nations they claim to lead.”

Bill: I can already see the conversations I’m going to have in six months with these morons, when they say, “Bill, there was never any USDR or CSRQ. This is just the digital U.S. Dollar, it’s not so bad. Since the economic crisis was so bad, they can only give us $1,000 a month, but we’re all equal so it’s ok. And since the new vaccine isn’t mRNA like the old, bad ones, it’s ok to take it.” Oh my God, it’s frustrating as hell!

Gideon: "It is, that kind of conversation would not surprise me. The cabal’s currency is deception ."

Bill: I wanted to ask you if, because of these rule changes, what kind of crazy things they might do? What should we prepare for?

Gideon: “Someone who I trust, who would know these things, says the cabal is not going to do a fake pandemic for the next pandemic, they will do a real one. This is very concerning.”

Bill: That’s not good. We know they can’t do a virus, right?

Gideon: “They cannot do a virus. They do not exist in nature, not in the way they claim. The vaccines have always been the real virus, and they have to be shoved into the bloodstream with force to infect people, or it’s better to say, to poison people.”

Bill: What are they going to do if they want to do a real pandemic?

Gideon: "They have a variety of toxins available to them, chemical and bacterial, and they have sound and electromagnetic weapons. They might even pretend it’s a virus, more like a super virus."

Bill: They did their dirty work with vaccines, because it involved compliance, right? People had a choice to take them, for the most part.

Gideon: "Yes. They are throwing those old rules out the window. This is why I’m scared, genuinely scared for the first time."

Bill: You told me to expect the unexpected.

Gideon: "They will pull things off that no one is prepared for."

Bill: Will the cabal need to go and hide from whatever poison they are going to put out there?

Gideon: "We do not expect that, not something like anthrax. Not something that could harm them. They can target anything, anywhere, localize it, and produce the intended harm, exploit it and scare everyone else."

Bill: I see why this September meeting is such a grave matter. I wish we could stop them.

Gideon: “I am talking to a lot of people and putting feelers out on what can be done, I’m not seeing anything I can work with. I don’t know the location.”

Bill: What can people reading do?

Gideon: "Well, do not live in fear. Whatever the cabal does, it will be thankfully localized, as I said. Be smart and aware of your surroundings. I would not go walk around the downtown of a major city, or go to a music concert, for example."

Bill: What can our people do? Anything?

Gideon: “Share the information.”

Bill: I tell them that’s important. What about the people who wrote us? Most of them seem great to me, these are good people who can work with us.

Gideon: “You and Michael know what to do, so lead them in the right direction and we will get them up to speed.”

Bill: I will. Thanks for your time again. There’s ten more things I want to talk about, but we both have to go. I think we need a Part 3. I want to ask more about the war in the astral plane, and more questions about what it’s like there.

Gideon: “A Part 3 is appropriate, but I would have to write a book to get down everything I know about this spiritual battle going on, it is incredibly complex.”

Bill: I know. With each answer you give, I find there are more and more questions. I don’t want to give up on exploring these subjects. I’m hearing from a lot of people who want to know more, so we won’t give up.

Gideon: “We will reconvene again. Godspeed.”

[ end quote ]

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Intel Drop #18 - No One Is Prepared For The Economic Changes To Come

“Once the full picture came into view, I realized there is a very insidious plan at hand here. The cabal wants to induce suicides and facilitate them.”

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We Are Sovereign @OculumLabs · 18 Sep 2022 · edited: 15h

Intel Drop #18 - No One Is Prepared For The Economic Changes To Come

September 18, 2022

Here are excerpts from my conversations with Gideon, which are collated from multiple discussions. As always, these conversations are edited by Michael for clarity and for obfuscation purposes (see: Stylometry):

Bill: The past week or so has been intense, to say the least. How much do you want to disclose about what happened?

Gideon: “Some of it, but not all of it yet.”

Bill: Do you want to go ahead and tell everyone about who came forward?

Gideon: “Yes. They are people with specific knowledge. Most of them work for the U.S. government.”

Bill: It’s a group of people?

Gideon: “It is. I do not want to say how many, or who. I will use some obfuscation, as I have done before, to protect them, but still maintain the purity of what they want to report.”

Bill: How did they know to contact you? How did they find you?

Gideon: “I have a lot of sources from a lot of backgrounds. So, people I trust will bring me information, and if there is someone who wants to get something out, they will bring them to me. How we handled the CSRQ whistle blowers, and the care that has gone into protecting them, seems to have piqued the interest of others who want to come forward.”

Bill: That’s good. So your sources are starting to bring you more information?

Gideon: “Yes. In this instance, I had to have you and Michael do some things behind the scenes this past week, so we can be ready to release this.”

Bill: What’s the timetable on that?

Gideon: “Over the next few months, starting with this post.”

Bill: So we’re clear, there’s no connection between them and the CSRQ whistle blowers?

Gideon: “No, no connection.”

Bill: Do the new people who came forward know about CSRQ? I mean, did they already know about it outside of what we’ve reported?

Gideon: “Yes, they did. They already knew about it. Then they later came to know what we reported, too.”

Bill: That’s very interesting. I assume they’ve corroborated a lot of things?

Gideon: “They have.”

Bill: I know you are being careful about what you can say, but I’m still going to ask as many questions as I can here, for the sake of our readers. I’ll start by asking, What do these people want to blow the whistle on?

Gideon: “They have seen internal documents they found extremely alarming. These disclosures took place in a closed environment. They were not allowed to copy anything, or remove or save anything. They were given a presentation and a folder, which they looked through, in a secure room. This situation, among other things they have seen in their line of work, pushed them to want to come forward.”

Bill: Ok, for the people reading, why are you being so careful with this?

Gideon: “Because that has been requested of me by the whistle blowers, and I also advised it, due to my experience with these things. First, they had a lot of trouble coming forward, because they were not sure how many people were privy to the information they saw. Was it only those of them in the room? If it was, then it would be fairly easy to finger them. They had to do some digging of their own. They found out this presentation was made to many officials at many levels. A low-ball estimate would be a couple of hundred were shown it all over the country.”

Bill: So once they determined that, they felt safer coming forward?

Gideon: “Yes. But I still had concerns. One of them is whether within each presentation a specific bit of information was disclosed unique only to that room, or that discussion. That way if someone decided to speak out, if they included that information, they would know from which meeting it came. This is why we are being extremely careful with details.”

Bill: That would definitely help in finding a leak, if they did that.

Gideon: “Yes, it is just something we suspect, but we are not certain. We are trying to find a secondary source who also saw the same presentation. If the details were exactly the same, then we would not need to be concerned with that. I do not want my sources harmed, just as I do not want my CSRQ sources harmed, so we will be careful with some of these specific details until we know more.”

Bill: Ok, that makes sense. It sounds like this was highly classified in nature.

Gideon: “It appeared to be. As I noted, no copies, nothing in or out of the room, very secure. They also had to sign some things. But based on who was there, they felt a lot of government workers who would not have security clearances must have seen it. So it is something being treated very secretly, but being shared more broadly within the government, to prepare a variety of workers in different fields.”

Bill: I see. What were they shown in the presentation? At least, in general terms, or what you are willing to tell everyone?

Gideon: “It relates to what is going to be done in the United States in preparation for CSRQ, and in the aftermath. Some kind of new program is going to be used there. We are not sure if it is unique to the U.S., but we suspect it may be, or at least it will be used there, in Canada, possibly in Europe.”

Bill: Ok. I’m going to diverge here, because we discussed this privately before, and it has to do with the Deagel report. You told me you think that report was very accurate. What was strange is they listed “suicide” as a leading cause of death, which we thought was baffling. Can you discuss why you think that report is related to what these whistle blowers saw?

Gideon: “What they saw we eventually connected to that report.”

Bill: Ok. Describe as best you can what they can reveal, and what you can reveal right now.

Gideon: "The U.S. government is preparing on multiple fronts for this coming collapse, which we already knew. What we did not know, well, I suspected, but I had not had it confirmed, is that they are expecting a rash of suicides from the economic fallout, in terms of the economic devastation people will experience.

Then we linked it to the Deagel report. Once the full picture came into view, I realized there is a very insidious plan at hand here. The cabal wants to induce suicides and facilitate them. What these people told me perfectly lined up with all of that."

Bill: This presentation they saw, how was this presented? How did they spin it? I’m just wondering how the hell they make this acceptable to anyone.

Gideon: “It is presented as, for one thing, an emergency response plan. In the meeting they are told of what is to come. Most of them are either Sovereigns in the room, or they are Commons hoping to become Sovereign. So they are already aware of most of this, Bill. The emergency response is dealing with the fact the economic crisis will destroy the middle and upper classes. They are expecting suicides.”

Bill: Ok, we know the cabal wants this, but did the presentation act that way? That this is a desired outcome?

Gideon: “No, no. It treats it as a humanitarian plan, to deal with it. They will have suicide centres. They will help facilitate it. They will help normalize it, or make it seem acceptable. This is all something that is going to happen post-Reset. It is one of many phases, many plans they have.”

Bill: Can I ask why they came forward to disclose this to you?

Gideon: “It was a culmination of different things they’ve seen and heard, that pushed them to start asking who they can trust with this information.”

Bill: You told me about some clues they saw. What were the clues?

Gideon: “What I mean by that is, they told me they thought the presentation was trying to present something a certain way, but underneath that there was some kind of agenda. They hated what they were shown, even though it was presented in this emergency planning, humanitarian approach.”

Bill: Right, the cabal wants this to happen, it’s not like they want to save anyone.

Gideon: "Correct. So the people who came to me, they seemed to have picked up on that. It was not just the presentation, they have more information, Bill. A lot more. I am sharing right now what I think I can share that will keep them from getting exposed.

They began connecting the dots. They can also see this is all coordinated. They were wondering why this all seemed planned. They also knew about CSRQ and knew they were Common, and were given a presentation about that, too."

Bill: When did that happen? Was that before this?

Gideon: “It was some time ago, early this year. They said they think most of the employees at their level, in their department, were made aware of CSRQ. They think the majority are Commons are intending to do good work, more or less, to later attain Sovereign status or bump their social credit score.”

Bill: So most just stay quiet, because they want to save themselves?

Gideon: “They do. We are talking about career government employees, Bill. They are not going to turn on their master. They are servants. They care about their pensions, their retirements, and they have faith in the government. Once they learn about CSRQ, then that’s what they care about. They are just pieces in the cog, the machine. They are operators. Most of them are brainwashed. Most just go along to get along.”

Bill: There must be a few against this. Those who came to you are against it. Why don’t more speak out?

Gideon: "There are those against it, but they have no recourse at all. What are they going to do? If a person is aware of how wrong this is, and sees their own government and media supporting it, they must be smart enough to know they cannot simply come out and expose it. A naive person might spill the beans, but they would be wiped and memory-holed quickly. We would never hear of them.

Additionally, a lot of them are told about CSRQ as if it is a good thing, so they are not even immediately going to be against it. The people who came forward said everyone they work with was for it, they felt worried about the coming crisis, but hopeful for the post-Reset world."

Bill: I keep forgetting, a lot of sheep will think CSRQ is a good thing. Are the people who came forward vaccinated? Did they willingly take the poison? Once they are told about CSRQ, how can they feel good about taking a poison shot?

Gideon: "Yes, they took it. When they are told about CSRQ, they are not told the whole plan, of course. Just to expect an economic change, a new world ruled by digital money and digital tracking. Most are supportive of it. They are not told they will eventually expire over the next decade due to the vaccine.

Things are compartmentalized, Bill, based on need-to-know. The cabal is not going to tell their vaccinated minions, ‘Oh, by the way, we killed you with the vaccine.’ They need them, they are still instrumental to this plan being put in place, even if they will eventually expire."

Bill: Ok, did you tell them the truth about the poison shot?

Gideon: “I did, and they already knew. They were brought to me, Bill, from one of my sources. They were prepared beforehand. They were also told that I will not help anyone who does not disavow this evil.”

Bill: So they disavowed all of it?

Gideon: “Yes. They also were made aware of our reporting on CSRQ. They support us, they support everything. They know it’s all true, we just helped show them the bigger picture. They know they made a mistake taking the shot.”

Bill: What information do they really want imparted here? What do people need to take away from this?

Gideon: "First, they know much more than I revealed here. What I am revealing here has to do with the suicide plan and agenda. They have seen more. This is all we can really share now, because if we go further we have reason to believe they could be pinpointed and discovered. The situation is similar to that of my CSRQ whistle blowers. We have people working within secure environments, under a lot of stress, with grave consequences if they go against the cabal.

So we are working on how to get this information out without compromising them. The other information is much more serious, so it will need to come out, one way or another, I will make sure of that.

In terms of what people need to take away from this, people need to be mentally ready for what is coming. They still think all of their money will be worth something, they still cling to it desperately. If they are not ready mentally for the shock that it will all be rendered worthless or banned, I am concerned suicide could really be something people actually consider. The cabal is not wrong, they are right, suicides will be a major issue."

Bill: We talked about how we think a lot of people will accept CSRQ, those who live paycheck to paycheck will probably be thrilled with it, but that others will be devastated. You said they will not act out. Instead, they will internalize it. How will that happen? Will they not know it is not their fault? This is why I can’t understand why anyone would commit suicide over it.

Gideon: “This is where the psychological operations will be used. It seems the cabal wants to induce people to make investments, then pull the rug out from under them, so that they blame themselves. This will be highlighted during and after the collapse with subtle media campaigns. They will show some suicides. They will feature men who invested in something and lost it all, and how upset they were. That will be shown pre-Reset.”

Bill: Does this relate to Gamestop, and AMC? They have everyone in the stock market now. They have everyone in crypto. They have everyone in gold and silver. They have their gatekeepers pushing Trump bucks, and XRP. They’ve been pushing so hard for years to get Americans investing into everything under the sun, with promises of riches.

Gideon: "Yes. One of their objectives was to get people into more and more investments, so when the collapse happens, more people will blame themselves. The impact will be more devastating. It will break families up. Wives will be mad at their husbands. The economic strain will simply break people.

We also think the cabal is coming up with ways to shift blame for the economic collapse. We are not sure how yet, or what they will do. We can see the cabal always shifts blame and uses the media to push lies and false narratives, and for this suicide situation, they will do the same."

Bill: I can see how the hopium that the gatekeepers push would play into this. The cabal is always, always pushing these narratives that the military, the white hats, the Galactic federation or Trump is going to save us. All these hope-narratives. They’re fantasies, but people strongly believe in them. Once people realize none of that is true, it could put them on a path to suicide.

Gideon: “Yes, it could lead a person to feel that way, to have all of their hopes pulled out from under them, and that is part of the psy op, the intent of it. Humans are psychologically fragile, sensitive creatures, they naturally need to believe in something, and the cabal knows this and exploits it.”

Bill: I think this is really, really evil. It’s really evil to induce someone to commit suicide.

Gidoen: “It is, and it is even more evil because of the soul contract we all agree to. It is a violation of it. It places us in the hands of the cabal in the afterlife. We give ourselves up to them if we take our own lives, and we separate ourselves from God. Not everyone knows this, not consciously, but in that moment, you still make a decision to take your life and you must take ownership of that decision.”

Bill: Does God forgive suicides?

Gideon: “God does not judge it at all, and feels great empathy for those who are in so much pain they commit such an act. But God also adheres to the universal laws we all agree to, these soul contracts.”

[quote continued next post]


Bill: Is there ever a good reason to do it?

Gideon: “I do not know. I think if someone was being tortured or in so much pain they could not take it, then maybe. I only speculate here. I think those situations are rare. But certainly, to take one’s life due to lost savings or lost money, that is a terrible mistake.”

Bill: The cabal wants that.

Gideon: "They are looking forward to it. They know the economic crisis will present that opportunity for them, and they are planning for it. They are putting all these plans in place for it.

First, it will be encouraged, they will have their assisted suicide facilities, then they will quietly link it to carbon footprints, climate change, and say suicide is some how honourable or good! They will also use psychological campaigns to shift blame on to people for the economic crash."

Bill: This is just beyond evil. It’s almost like what they did with the vaccines, isn’t it? Push and prod people into taking it. Will this be like that?

Gideon: "Similar, yes, but the cabal will not be obvious with this. They will just use their usual psychological tricks. They already are. Watch how the media talks about suicide. Look how normalized assisted suicide as become. Look at the data, look at the numbers, suicides are already way up.

They want depopulation, Bill. They also want it done willingly, where the person makes a decision to die, they love that, because it commits the soul to the cabal. The cabal doesn’t want to just go murder people, because doing that doesn’t serve their spiritual ends, it just sends good people to fight in the astral war for the righteous side, or sends them straight to God. Do you see how complex this is?"

Bill: I do. Are they making a distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated in terms of who they want to commit suicide?

Gideon: “No, no, the act itself is so drastic that it plays into what they want. In their view, if a vaccinated person commits suicide, it simply accelerates them joining the cabal in the astral plane. That is fine with them. In fact, it further solidifies that person’s soul contract with the cabal, so it is preferable. This is why we think it is possible more and more will come out about the fact the vaccine is a death sentence, so they can induce suicides that way, too.”

Bill: Oh my God, you’re right. They seem to be letting some truth out. So some of the vaccinated will catch on and feel hopeless.

Gideon: “This is correct. They will allow some truth about the vaccine to filter out, to induce suicides in the vaccinated. They let enough out so the more curious vaccinated will see it, and be scared. In the larger sense, the average person is still clueless. They do not want outright revolt over the vaccine, just some truth to leak out.”

Bill: I assume they are perfectly thrilled if a non-vaccinaed person commits suicide for any reason.

Gideon: “They are, they very much are. They are going to be very focused on that. They want them to do it. They want them to take the future post-Reset vaccine, but they also know if they commit suicide, that person will be joining the cabal in the astral. It works for them, either way.”

Bill: Does this September cabal meeting have anything to do with this?

Gideon: “It does, it is part of the changing of the rules. The cabal is just going to be doing more evil things, more openly now. The years ahead will become more evil, more dark.”

Bill: I keep hearing dates, late September. The 23rd or 24th, have you heard anything?

Gideon: “No. My perspective is, we have a few months of economic viability left. Our Sovereigns have very little time to prepare to get USDR. Beyond Winter, I see CSRQ could be online into early next year. My men report what I have suspected, that in-flows are steadily increasing, and the workload is increased. They are preparing rapidly, but they still have a tremendous amount of internal work to do. Anything you hear about digital IDs or CBDCs is just the cabal talking about CSRQ in code words, and if you notice, they are talking about it more and more.”

Bill: I have noticed. One thing I think people have trouble with is understanding the new vaccine formulation will keep the non-vaccinated alive. This really throws people off. First, the cabal uses a deadly vaccine to kill, induced voluntarily but not without pressure and manipulation, then later one that will keep people alive, one they will actually force into people’s arms, even with drones if they have to. This is very complex. I think we need to explain it better.

Gideon: “If a person does not understand the spiritual side of this, they will fall for the cabal’s tricks, especially after the Reset. It is going to be evident the new vaccine, in fact, offers life extension properties. Many of the non-vaccinated will fall for it. They may be hesitant at first, but then they will see they new vaccine is different, which it will be! It will keep you alive, not kill you, but the devastating consequences of that will be hidden; it will be full of nano tracking technology and mind-control technology. It just won’t kill you, it will keep you alive. It is that simple. Many without spiritual knowledge will fall for the trick, and take the deal.”

Bill: Their plans are so, so insidious and evil, it boggles my mind. There is no end to their tricks. They are always fooling everyone. Do you think they are fooling their own Sovereigns? I had one guy say all of us Sovereigns are being fooled and the cabal will get rid of us.

Gideon: “I see no evidence of that. The Sovereigns are their own, they will need them post-Reset. All of the Sovereigns seem to be people in key positions, so getting rid of them would not serve any of their purposes. Us infiltrating them is the only way to stop them.”

Bill: Do you think they will betray or sacrifice some of them, or us?

Gideon: “In rare instances, yes. Or if there is insubordination detected, then a Sovereign would be eliminated, or in fact, force-vaccinated and be hooked up to the Metaverse, to serve in that purpose. Remember, they want all of the righteous to be kept out of the astral and also from God and moving beyond the astral.”

Bill: I still don’t think people fully get this. Not much of what they’ve been taught lines up with this. They get angry. But at the same time, I’ve had a lot of people say what you say lines up with their spiritual understanding, too. A lot of people came to me, in agreement with you, on your perspective on the astral and afterlife.

Gideon: “I think the people who are well educated on the spirit realms will accept what I have said, or at least, be open to it. I am not asking people to believe me wholeheartedly. I am reporting what I know, what I believe is accurate. If am I deceived, I would want to know if I was, so I would want to hear why.”

Bill: I will keep sending you things. People attack you, but they don’t realize how open you are to hearing other perspectives. We forward you a lot of emails.

Gideon: “Thank you, keep doing that.”

Bill: I’m really concerned about this suicide plan. What can anyone do to prepare for this?

Gideon: “There is not much that can be done, other than to be prepared mentally and spiritually. One cannot ever, ever let such a thought enter their mind, no matter how bad things get. Be aware, the cabal will manipulate you! In any way they can. Suicide is never an option. God is there for you, reach out to Him, if you are in the deepest of despair.”

Bill: Our Sovereigns will be spared this nightmare. We had some good news on that front, can I share that?

Gideon: “You may.”

Bill: We found a way to use my own USDR and transfer it to other Sovereigns. This way I can make monthly in-flows for them, albeit small in-flows. This took a lot of work, but we found a way. This is really good for making sure everyone’s accounts are kept in good standing.

Gideon: “Yes, we felt we had to do this, because not everyone can make the in-flows or keep up with them. Not everyone is rich like most of the real Sovereigns are, so that is a challenge.”

Bill: It’s a relief. I was worried before. One of our Sovereigns just dropped off the map, we have not heard from them. Their account was about to be flagged, because they had no in-flows. They just vanished. Then I was able to make in-flows for them, so the account will be ok.

Gideon: “Yes, I know. I have spoken with Michael about this. We are still trying to find out what happened, and why communication stopped.”

Bill: Ok, I’ll discuss that with you later. Is there anything else you want to add before we go?

Gideon: “I expect more will be coming from my sources. They saw more than just one presentation. They know a lot more. They also know their lives are in danger, so everything is being done to protect them, the same way we protected our CSRQ whistle blowers.”

Bill: Do you think if word gets out how much you protect your sources, that more will come forward?

Gideon: “I have my people putting feelers out, and there are more parties interested. They respect what we have done.”

Bill: That’s really good. It would be great if more came forward. We are better than Wikileaks, I know that, because they are compromised.

Gideon: “They are absolutely compromised. There are almost no safe venues for whistle blowers right now.”

Bill: Ok. I want to get this up soon, so we will talk later.

Gideon: “Goodnight.”

[end quote]




Intel Drop #19 - The Cabal Has Told Their Servants What Is Coming

“Everything will accelerate now. As far as the cabal is concerned, it is done and sealed.”

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We Are Sovereign @OculumLabs· 24 Sep 2022 · edited: 4h

Intel Drop #19 - The Cabal Has Told Their Servants What Is Coming

September 25, 2022

Bill: The first thing I want to ask you today is how your men are doing, the whistle blowers?

Gideon: “They are doing OK. They are doing the jobs they were hired to do.”

Bill: You told me they were upset with the public response so far to the information they brought forward. Is that still the case?

Gideon: “They wanted CSRQ to be shut down and destroyed. They wanted there to be a public outcry, they wanted the information to spread. Then they realized that was not going to happen. So yes, there was some disappointment, but I had already prepared them for that possible outcome.”

Bill: We talked about them releasing more proof, some of which I have seen. It would be convincing, but I can also see how it could be questioned or attacked, too. Where do they stand on that?

Gideon: “I have told them not to do it. It will actually just harm them and everything we are trying to do. You are expecting people who took the deal with the Devil to throw that away, to expose the very thing they signed up for.”

Bill: You mean these gatekeepers?

Gideon: “Yes. If we bring out more proof, it is going to either be ignored, co-opted, or criticized. Meanwhile, my men will be put at even more risk, and our plans and our Sovereigns will be put at risk, which we have tried so hard to protect. You are expecting all of these compromised people in the Alternative Media to now help us?”

Bill: No, no I’m not. I get it now. Before, I thought we could trust a lot of them. Now I know better.

Gideon: “The cabal has bribed almost everyone in positions of influence with Sovereign status, Bill. No one has the courage to say, ‘No’ to the offer. Once they sit them down and explain it, they all go for it. Imagine what they are being offered. It is unlimited USDR and a vaccine-free life, a life of freedom. They are all accepting that.”

Bill: I get that, but how can you build your life and brand around being a truth-teller and then betray all that?

Gideon: “I do not know. They must just make a decision based on selfishness. I also think they believe they cannot fight this. When someone is presented with this offer, they are told if they refuse what the consequences will be. The consequences are presented as total destruction of their lives, whether it be shutting down their platform or worse.”

Bill: So some of it is out of fear. Do you think someone like Alex Jones has been cowed into this position?

Gideon: “Certainly. I surmise he must tell himself he can do more good walking a fine line, than exposing it all. He probably thinks about his family, his children. I think he thinks he would be killed or neutralized in some way if he exposed it.”

Bill: He was talking a lot about things that sound just like CSRQ recently. He even is talking about feudalism, which you have told me for months that is exactly what the Reset is, now he used the word, which I thought was interesting. We posted that in the Telegram. I know he knows. Your guys saw he was Sovereign.

Gideon: “He knows. He is allowed to say a few things. He will never tell the whole truth, though. The problem with half-truths is they can do just as much damage as lies.”

Bill: The half-truths in the Alternative Media are a scourge. It gets everyone confused.

Gideon: “It does. There are too many who are just pushing headlines, to attract attention. The Q operators are guilty of this, so are many others. Most of them do not know for sure what they are saying, but they run with these stories regardless. Some of the stories are made up by the cabal and fed to them.”

Bill: I agree, it’s a huge problem in the truth movement, too many false headlines.

Gideon: “People have to use discernment.”

Bill: I wanted to bring something up and I completely forgot about it until now. You mentioned to me there was an incident at the fusion centre the whistle blowers work at, can you get into that?

Gideon: “Yes, I can.”

Bill: What happened?

Gideon: “It has to do with a Sovereign who broke the rules. It was someone in Hollywood, I believe a producer. They were made Sovereign, but then they started selling access to their account.”

Bill: How so? You mean giving access to non-Sovereigns?

Gideon: “No, not giving access, but making promises. Taking fiat from others and turning it into USDR for themselves, and promising after the Reset to give it back.”

Bill: Ok, I see. You mean taking money from Common class people?

Gideon: “Yes.”

Bill: So these Common classes knew they were not Sovereign and knew all about CSRQ?

Gideon: “Oh, yes. Many in Hollywood are not made Sovereign. Many are Common, but they belong to the cabal. They are given the information, Bill. They are told what is to come. They are told if they do well, if they are good servants in the coming crisis, they will be rewarded.”

Bill: I got it. So the cabal is using Sovereign status to manipulate people in different ways. They can make someone Sovereign and manipulate them into serving them, or tell someone about the classes and make promises of becoming Sovereign?

Gideon: “Yes, it is very effective. We see more people being made Sovereign, too, but the total amount is not high. It is based on various factors, and who you are within the hierarchy, and the needs of the cabal. The cabal has found making promises of Sovereign status for middle management-type servants is effective.”

Bill: Would an example of that be, say, a B-list actor? Maybe they are told about it, but not made Sovereign?

Gideon: “Yes, that is a good example. A B-list actor. Or B-list television personality. Those are the ones the cabal will tell about CSRQ and what is coming, but tell them they are still Common until they do certain things. Meanwhile, Sovereign status is gifted more upon those in higher positions, much more well-known actors, or TV personalities. This same hierarchy correlates to business, the military and government, too.”

Bill: Ok, I understand it better. So someone was made Sovereign and abused that status?

Gideon: "Yes, the whistle blowers said this person was a high level producer who it appears had financial issues. Or it was just based on naked greed. In any case, this producer wanted more USDR than they could acquire themselves, so they started selling access to other Commons in Hollywood. The other Commons were more than happy to commit their own money to gain USDR.

This was going on for a few months. The Sovereign was putting in huge in-flows, amounts far beyond their known income and net worth, so their account was flagged. The amounts were Tens of Millions in U.S Dollars, which translated to astronomical amounts of USDR. Essentially, the cabal, for lack of a better term, investigated and found out what was going on."

Bill: Ok, you say cabal, but I’m assuming this was some internal security team for CSRQ?

Gideon: “Yes, that would be a more precise way of putting it.”

Bill: We try to impress upon our Sovereigns to follow the rules. This really makes me concerned. Should we be concerned?

Gideon: "If the rules are followed correctly, there is nothing to be worried about. So far, we have seen no issues. Our accounts appear normal within the system, and the in-flows appear normal. It is very important to maintain that. It behooves us all to work together. If one of us makes a mistake, it could potentially harm all of us.

I think you and Michael have done an exemplary job of explaining the process, and bringing to me excellent candidates. We monitor everything closely, and the whistle blowers can step in and mitigate any potential issues usually before they get out of hand."

Bill: Good. Do you think more of this is going on, in terms of what this guy did? Because I can see the temptation. If you are Sovereign, you could bring in other people and just build up your own account.

Gideon: “My impression is it is rare. In fact, this may be the only time it has happened. The Sovereigns know the risk of doing that. This person was cavalier, maybe arrogant, maybe just extremely greedy. You have ten million or so Sovereigns, I think the cabal knows there will be a few who have to be dealt with. He was dealt with.”

Bill: What happened to him?

Gideon: “Well, under his account now, he is reported to be deceased.”

Bill: I see, wow. What about the Commons who were involved?

Gideon: “They will have no chance of ever being Sovereign. It is possible they were moved to Restricted or Quarantined class. I do not know for sure. They will certainly not escape punishment for trying to take advantage of the system.”

Bill: I just want to confirm with you, for our Sovereigns reading this, there are no problems with our accounts?

Gideon: “No, there are no issues. What we have done with respect to obfuscation, data erasure and other careful steps, it is nearly impossible to link these accounts together. Right now, they blend in with all ten million or so other Sovereign accounts.”

Bill: Good. I had someone ask me if we have to take an oath, or have to get an implant, and I assured them, no, we don’t. We would never do this if we had to.

Gideon: "We would not, if such was required. This gets into the nature of Sovereign status and why the cabal did things this way. It appears the purpose of the status, for them, is to enjoy a status free of all encumbrances, restrictions, obligations, contractual agreements.

I do not fully know why, but there is definitely an intentional reason this was done this way. It is the status we all deserve, but the cabal is keeping it just for themselves. I think that is what it really signifies for them. Sequestering something for all, just for themselves."

Bill: That’s exactly what I think it means to them. I’ve said before, we say it all the time, we are all Sovereign. But under CSRQ and this Reset, they are taking this for them and putting everyone else into a class system. It’s just evil.

Gideon: “It is.”

Bill: What’s incredible to me is to realize almost everyone already knows about CSRQ and these classes. But then they say nothing. Now, if I watch TV or see someone famous or powerful, I say to myself, “That’s a Sovereign,” or I say, “Wow, they know and they’re not doing a damn thing about it.” It’s all of them, isn’t it?

Gideon: “It is a lot of them. Not every, single one, but a lot are Sovereigns. They are not going to say a word. Why would they? Not only would they destroy their lives, they destroy their families and their futures. They have no courage, Bill. They have no interest in a free society, either. To them, they cannot wait until this plan is fully put into place. Life after the Reset for them will include more power, more money, more control. They are thrilled with it.”

Bill: Sometimes I see clues. If you really watch, it’s like some of them are hinting at it. Some of the talk about it, in the Alternative Media, but never tell the whole story.

Gideon: “The cabal does not mind if a little bit leaks out. The cabal has always relished in giving hints for what they plan to do. So that would come as no surprise. Pay attention, and they will tell you what they are going to do.”

Bill: This brings me to current events. A lot is going on. We are talking about dates, the 23rd, the 24th. Nuclear war. A comet impact. The Shmita cycle. It is like an ever-increasing crescendo of events, all leading up to something.

Gideon: “It is accelerating, as we warned it would. Everything will accelerate now.”

Bill: Ok, did you confirm the cabal meeting you talked about? Did it happen?

Gideon: “Yes, it has happened. It is confirmed. As far as the cabal is concerned, it is done and sealed, in terms of claiming Earth in the way they wanted to.”

Bill: What do these dates mean? Why is the 23rd talked about all over?

Gideon: “I do not know.”

Bill: Does the cabal put things out to confuse people? Put out false dates or stories?

Gideon: “Yes, they do. Be wary of dates. Do not fixate on them.”

Bill: But don’t dates mean a lot to the cabal? 9/11 seemed to have a big meaning.

Gideon: “They do, but seldom is the public informed of them. If there is a date, it will be a surprise. The cabal rarely foreshadows dates. 9/11 was a rare exception of this, but even then, their foreshadowing of that date was very subtle. It took years for people to find the clues, and very few knew about it beforehand.”

Bill: What about the war escalation? The rhetoric has never been like this.

Gideon: “It is a grave concern, from my point of view. This rhetoric comparing Putin to Hitler is very bizarre. Look for the cabal to recreate the conditions of World War II again, artificially. Of course, that war was artificial, too. World War II took many years to build up, too, as well. I see some strange parallels, in terms of Russia appearing to be backed into a corner, the same way Hitler’s Germany was. All orchestrated. Pay attention to that.”

Bill: I agree with you, we need to look more at that, that’s very important. Something is going on in China, too, do you know anything?

Gideon: “The country is in a severe crisis that is not being reported. If it continues, the ripple effect will be devastating.”

Bill: There was a post we shared in our Telegram group about a quick bank holiday breakdown that could happen, well, today, or tomorrow. ATMs going offline. I said it might be a false report, but seemed realistic. How do you think this will play out when it really does happen?

Gideon: “It will be a shock. You will wake up one day and realize nothing is working, nothing is the same. Between Cyber Polygon, and whatever staged crisis they create, access to money will put people in a position of total fear. When you cannot get your money, or into your bank, you will see absolute bedlam. This is why when the Reset happens, USDR will be accepted and embraced, we believe, by most people. It will be seen as a relief from instability and lack of access to money.”

Bill: What can anyone do to prepare for this collapse?

Gideon: “Storing up food, being out of the cities, having clean water, some kind of plan for a power outage, these would be prudent preparations. In the long-term, they will not help, though.”

Bill: Because of the Reset?

Gideon: “Yes. What you are really planning on is to survive the collapse, the mess the cabal is planning, before they clean up their mess. Once the Reset comes, there is no way to plan for that, there is no way out of it. Only Sovereigns will look forward to it.”

Bill: It’s going to be a huge wake up call when they see all their money is going to zero. What can anyone do to prepare financially?

Gideon: “Having some kind of liquidity of your assets. Having money locked up in a 401k or stocks would be a mistake. You would want to think about the land you own, and realize it will be seized. The deed will grant you nothing, so maybe sell the land or sell the house. Knowing that debts will be forgiven, you would want to consider taking out loans. Hoard cash and crypto, even though both will be worthless eventually, they are more liquid and can be moved around during the collapse.”

Bill: What if Americans decided to take their country back? Then CSRQ could be stopped.

Gideon: “It could. The cabal is unconcerned about such an outcome.”

Bill: I’m seeing more Q-Anon garbage than ever before. That really makes me think something is going on, for them to be pushing it this much.

Gideon: "Well, it is very telling Donald Trump would now be sharing some Q posts and videos. Meanwhile, he praises the poison shots. If Americans keep falling for these tricks, they are utterly doomed. If Americans do not reject Q, they will not defeat the cabal. "

Bill: What about XRP? They’re going crazy over it, because of the SEC decision.

Gideon: “The cabal planned this. The cabal is using crypto, Bill, a lot. But not for the purposes people think. Crypto facilitates the movement of capital into USDR. There is an unwinding of all assets going on behind the scenes that people do not realize. Not only is there a type of debt bubble, there is also a massive black hole forming whereby fiat is being siphoned off into USDR. This will blow up the markets eventually, but people will not understand why or told why.”

Bill: So can someone make money off XRP? Because I felt like maybe you could invest now and make some fiat, then move that extra into USDR. I was thinking of doing that.

Gideon: “That could be done. After the Reset, though, XRP will not be used in the way investors believe. Investors are completely blind to what is coming.”

Bill: I had someone say to me I should be buying gold, and not trying to get USDR. What do you say to people who still believe strongly in the current system?

Gideon: “This is going to happen whether they believe it or not. It will happen. The cabal is already telling them about CBDCs, and they still refuse to wake up.”

Bill: What about these people who plan to barter? Who plan to create their own economy?

Gideon: “Small bartering economies will form, yes, but the cabal has plans to destroy them. Much the way the general public favoured the vaccines, they will favour USDR and resent those who appear to destabilize the system. The cabal will say that bartering is a threat to USDR, a threat to everyone’s monthly stipend, and so on.”

Bill: Are you saying people should not even bother trying to barter?

Gideon: “No. People should be focused on destroying CSRQ, not trying to skirt around it. This is what I see in these prepping groups, it is an idea of just trying to live outside the system, and hope the cabal and military somehow ignores them.”

Bill: Right, right. Absolutely. I see that. They want to just create little communities and ride it out.

Gideon: “It will not work. The cabal is too powerful .The cabal will not allow it. They should be focused on destroying the cabal, not trying to hide from the cabal. We want to destroy CSRQ.”

Bill: Good. I think people need to hear that.

Gideon: “They do. If more had spread the word about CSRQ, we would have had a chance to at least slow it down or expose it. That did not happen. We hit a ceiling, due to various factors, attacks against us and so on. Now we have to fight from within.”

Bill: Ok. This is way off topic, but something reminded me of it. I guess it tangentially relates to investment. I wanted to ask what will happen to casinos and the gaming industry. The gaming industry is huge, how will that work with USDR being so limited for the average person after the Reset?

Gideon: “Interesting question. It will be bigger than ever, Bill. Do you know anything about these slot apps that are so popular on Facebook?”

Bill: No, not really.

Gideon: “Well, they are extremely popular. Now, you cannot gamble on Facebook, not legally. So people buy credits, with real money, to use those fake credits to gamble with. If they win, they cannot cash out into real money. They gamble with fake money! It is a multi-Billion Dollar industry. This same model will be used post-Reset with USDR.”

Bill: I see. So if someone goes to Las Vegas, they will use some of their USDR, even if they do not have much, to buy fake credits?

Gideon: “Yes, and you have to realize if they are Common class, they are going to be incentivized via their social credit score. They will be able to gain perks. Some of those perks might be gaming credits. Everyone will be motivated to push up their social score, with greater compliance. The sheep are going to love the new system. These apps have been conditioning them for CSRQ for years.”

Bill: How will the gaming industry still make Billions off this?

Gideon: "The Reset is ushering in a new model. It is not a growth-based model, or aggressive profit-based model, but rather one based on compliance, social scoring, data and so on. The industry will adjust, but they will still make money, in a certain sense.

There will also be separate gaming apparatuses for Sovereigns, which is expected to be a very big thing. Sovereigns will be gambling and have access to special areas, for example, in Las Vegas, to gamble with USDR. There will also be Metaverse gambling.

Contrary to what you may think, the cabal wants to expand gaming and gambling post-Reset. This may sound strange to some, but gambling is widespread in the astral plane, as well. So is prostitution, drugs and alcohol."

Bill: I believe it, because the cabal loves to push degenerate behaviour. That is a conversation for Part 3, which I want to save for that.

Gideon: “Very well.”

Bill: Back to the gaming question. Does this correlate to investment? Because you have told me, business and investment will radically change. Will businesses seek credits instead of profits via USDR?

Gideon: “You are on the right track in your thinking. But it is important to note, most Commons will be locked out of this. This is the shock to the system, that many middle and upper class Commons will have to endure. They are totally unprepared for it, but they will have no choice but to watch all they own either go up in smoke or be taken from them.”

Bill: I’m wondering if war will tie into this. The idea of confiscation.

Gideon: “It could. War, economic collapse. Remember, the cabal believes the average person in the West has far, far too much wealth and riches. They aim to change that, to bring back a feudal system.”

Bill: What about how the cabal will just take people’s land? Who is going to tolerate that?

Gideon: “What can they do about it? People already rent their land, via property taxes. Does anyone protest? Do people not pay? No, they pay. They are renting the land they supposedly own. They will do the same after the Reset. The cabal will not kick them off their land. Well, not at first.”

Bill: Not at first?

Gideon: “By 2030, the cabal wants small towns and villages to be empty, totally empty, and everyone consolidated in cities.”

Bill: Someone asked me about all these bunkers the cabal is buying. Some people think they are going underground for good, but I said no, just temporarily, during a period of unrest.

Gideon: "That is correct. The cabal is claiming Earth. It is theirs, in their view. If there is some manufactured chaos, they will go hide for a bit, then come out when the dust has settled. They’re not going to hide forever from the Earth they now control, quite the contrary.

However, as Sovereigns, they will create new places and cities, just for them, managed by Commons who have been vetted to run those places. There will be a separation, the same way royalty once lived in castles, separate from the commoners."

Bill: I wanted to ask you about our plans. We discuss them in private all the time. But is there something we can say to the public, to give them some reassurance? Because our plan is to stop this, using our Sovereign status after this Reset happens. I hope people know that.

Gideon: "We will be in a much better position after the Reset to do something. There is a part of me that wishes it would happen now, so we could take action. We cannot take action now, we have to wait. We have to build up our USDR, wait, and be as careful as possible. So there is anticipation, for me, personally. And for others, who I am working with."

Bill: It is frustrating, but I think the plan is wise. Someone asked me what we plan to do, can we talk about our plans?

Gideon: "Not in detail, no. We will have to do an assessment post-Reset. That is when we will put our plan in place."

Bill: The cabal is reading this, and you told me they are not worried about us. They think we will just fold and even join them.

Gideon: “Indeed. They believe we will not fight back. They believe some of our Sovereigns will defect from us, or just stop communicating, and go enjoy their lives. The cabal believes this.”

Bill: Yes, we discussed this in a previous Intel Drop. It still just amazes me. It’s like they think they know our own souls.

Gideon: “It is all a test to them. They think they always win these tests, Bill. Look at Covid and vaccines. The cabal is flying high. They think they are victorious in everything they do. They believe they rule this planet, you do not think they believe they rule us, too?”

Bill: I bet they believe that, but we will never, ever give in to their temptations.

Gideon: “No, we won’t.”

Bill: In the last Intel Drop, you talked about the new whistle blowers who came forward. They shared some information about suicide, and the cabal’s plans to push that. After learning about that, I did some research, and it backs up everything they say. Do you have anything else from them to report?

Gideon: “Not at this time, not publicly. We are still in communication and I am learning more. Some of it is very disturbing, and it is things I did not know about. I will be giving some of that to you, and we will report it, but I have not been given the green light to do so yet.”

Bill: Ok, I look forward to that. Another thing before I forget, someone said to me, “Gideon never said the word Jesus.” I couldn’t believe that, because you’ve said it to me many times and we’ve discussed religion and faith so much. But then I realized, maybe it hasn’t been in any of the Intel Drops. Can you comment on that?

Gideon: “Bill, if anyone ever asks you, you tell them you are washed in the blood of Christ. I am washed in the blood of Christ.”

Bill: Yes, I do say that! You said if you say that, you are protected.

Gideon: “It is a spiritual sheath of armour. If I did not say it publicly, that is my fault. Now it has been said.”

Bill: Ok, this is my last question, I know you have to go. How much time do we have? Because I’m worried we have less time than we thought.

Gideon: “It is less and less time. If the collapse happens now or soon, I am worried about our Sovereigns, if they do not get enough USDR they will be in a lot of trouble, so we need to help them be ready.”

Bill: We’re doing our best on that. This has been a great conversation. Can we finish Part 3 soon?

Gideon: “Yes, we will plan on that.”

[end quote]

Vaccine Drones

I’d also put consider checking that off as the September ritual thing, because this IMHO breaks the consent rule, there is now no law, no rules, this is pure lawlessness, they are playing to win.

Intel Drop #20 - CSRQ Is Not The End Game, It Is The Beginning

“I always thought once they get CSRQ online, that is what our world will be like far into the future. What she showed me was that CSRQ is not the end game.”

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We Are Sovereign @OculumLabs · 15h · edited: 1h

Intel Drop #20 - CSRQ Is Not The End Game, I t Is The Beginning

October 10, 2022

Part 1 - CSRQ Deployment Underway

Bill: You were saying they are doing a lot of testing of CSRQ with the banks, can you get into that?

Gideon: “Yes, it is being integrated right now.”

Bill: You told me they want this to be a seamless process. Can you tell everyone what you told me?

Gideon: “The cabal knows for CSRQ to be accepted, it should be a quick switch to the new system. The key was bank integration, which has been worked on extensively. All banks are currently connected via the Swift system, and all transactions go through BIS. This established a network already in place, used by Billions of people. They were never going to attempt anything like Bitcoin, that is too hard to transition everyone to, it had to be based on existing banking. So a lot of work has been done in this area.”

Bill: I’ve told our Sovereigns to expect to see all of their USDR in their banks when they login, that’s what will happen, correct?

Gideon: “Yes, one day, this change will happen, likely on a Monday. There will be announcements in the news and media, and government announcements. They will reference terms the cabal has already used, already prepped people for, like CBDCs. So people are familiar with these concepts. People will login, and see a new currency, new amounts in their accounts, and notices and alerts. There may be video tutorials and guides, and so on, that pop up.”

Bill: We were talking about China’s new “use it or lose it” Yuan program. Have you seen anything like this with CSRQ?

Gideon: “Yes, your USDR will need to be used or spent. It always resets to $1,000 per month, each month, and you cannot have more than that. So this was assumed, but yes, you would need to spend it to maximize it. The Yuan program is a trial of this. We are seeing trials all over the place, whether social credit scoring, CBDCs, digital IDs, they are trying these things out to get the public comfortable with them. It is all part of the CSRQ program.”

Bill: Is the $1,000 per month permanent or would they change that amount?

Gideon: "It could be changed, but for now, that is the amount. It seems they have paired USDR closely to the U.S. Dollar in terms of buying power and its current value. This is also why they seem to want the Euro and Pound to join parity with the Dollar . If all three become perfectly paired, it could be a sign to watch for."

Bill: The 1st world seems like it will come right online easily, so is it better to live in a place like Mexico? Where things are not as technologically advanced?

Gideon: " There may be some advantage, but since Mexico’s banking is fully integrated worldwide with the current system, they will also use CSRQ and use USDR. If a small town has an ATM, then it is integrated, and most do have them.

The whistle blowers said there are separate departments handling logistics for some of these countries. One program is a cell phone and app program, to provide these to people who do not have them, so that is being done. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are also deeply involved, especially in providing Internet access for the third world."

Bill: Will they adjust the buying power of USDR for a place like Mexico? Where $1,000 USDR would be worth more.

Gideon: "We do not see an adjustment, but we see capital controls and price controls being integrated into this worldwide, in terms of trade and commodities. So there will be an equalization that takes place, probably over a few months. $1,000 USDR may get you a bit more in Mexico momentarily, but the system will quickly adjust ."

Bill: I think people forget that a vaccine will be required. I had someone say they think $1,000 a month will help them and is good!

Gideon: "Yes, that is the problem here. Many people will like this system, for anyone who is not rich or anyone who is living paycheck to paycheck, this will be welcomed, especially in hard economic times. The debt forgiveness will bring in many people, too.

But they must remember what comes with it. A social credit scoring system and vaccination requirement. It puts everyone in a position that they must accept this system and make compromises to participate. You will get fines, deductions, based on your behaviour ."

Bill: And there is no way to not participate, right?

Gideon: “No, bartering will be banned, cryptos will be banned, gone, shut down, broken by then, and so on. A huge enforcement campaign will be in place as well, to ensure alternative communities do not arise.”

Bill: Someone said to me CSRQ way too radical to ever work.

Gideon: “Bill, look at the world today. Everyone essentially uses electronic U.S. Dollars. Tomorrow, they will essentially all use electronic USDR. The cabal already knows how to move the sheep around in the pen, into the places they want them to be. We already live in a quasi-CSRQ system as it is.”

Bill: True, we do. We’re already tracked and it’s already digital, this is just even worse. You told me something about how CSRQ is like phone apps, can you describe that again?

Gideon: "[The whistle blowers] said the social score aspect appears appealing, and integrates some design features found in many game apps. Billions of people play online games on their phones. I am not familiar with them, maybe you are not, but they are popular with the younger generation, and even the older generation uses them. The concepts employed are playing to gain credits, points, moving up in tiers. It becomes addictive.

They have integrated these concepts into the social scoring, so that your behaviours now become part of the ‘game’ so to speak, so you can act in ways to gain more credits, more points, pass more goals, more achievements to unlock. You cannot get more USDR, but you can get these social credits, which people will greatly desire."

Bill: Remarkable. They’re turning your life into a game you play, one where if you follow the rules the cabal wants you to follow, you’re rewarded.

Gideon: “Yes, people have been mentally prepped for this in the apps they use, and this relates to the Metaverse, too. The media, the governments, will all sing the chorus of how wonderful this is, how good it is for society. All of their gatekeepers and operators in place, the ones everyone follows, will sing the praises, too. Even people on the Right. Even, and very importantly, Elon Musk will support it.”

Bill: Whenever I hear about CSRQ, I know it will work, but then I think we’re not quite there yet. More needs to happen. Where do you see CSRQ coming online? We felt 2023.

Gideon: “It is going to be within the next year and at the latest, year and a half. The development is nearly done, so what would happen is we would see if they will wait or not to bring it online. What the cabal is looking at now are their collapse scenarios, what to initiate, they have a number of them on the table.”

Bill: Our Sovereigns have been prepped for all of this and they know what’s coming. I think we all just wish we knew exact dates. But you do know the exact dates.

Gideon: “I do.”

Bill: That gets into the other discussions, this meeting you had, can I release that publicly or not now? We could do something like provide by email-request only or just tell our Sovereigns.

Gideon: “You may release the parts I can approve to be released, out of those discussions.”

Bill: Good, just let me know.

Part 2 - CSRQ Is Not The End Game, It Is The Beginning

Bill: You told me you had an important meeting with someone, but wouldn’t share many details. Is this something we can talk about in an Intel Drop?

Gideon: “We can, but I will have to choose my words carefully.”

Bill: Was this related to CSRQ or something else?

Gideon: “In a cursory way, yes.”

Bill: Who is this person?

Gideon: “A guide.”

Bill: Can you be more specific?

Gideon: “I risk alienating people if I am.”

Bill: Alienating people… Well, this week has been a bad week for me, I’ve been personally attacked by more than a few people and our Telegram was attacked again. I’m at a point that I’m done caring about what these negative people think.

Gideon: “If they were not attacking us, then that would mean they do not see us as a threat. We are a threat to them, so you should look at it that way.”

Bill: That’s good advice, thank you, I will. I’m going to proceed with the questions, even if the answers alienate some people. Are you ok to go ahead?

Gideon: “I am.”

Bill: So this guide, is this a spiritual guide? That’s what I think of when I hear that word.

Gideon: “Yes.”

Bill: What is their background?

Gideon: “A life of service, through many organizations, charities and churches.”

Bill: What brought you together?

Gideon: “They approached me.”

Bill: How did this happen, was this in a place? Or online?

Gideon: “A physical place. A shop I visit.”

Bill: What happened?

Gideon: “They walked up to me and placed a note in front of me, and they quickly walked off. It was a scripture, one that has special meaning to me. I turned around after reading it, and looked for them. They were walking away, so I walked outside and approached them. I had a feeling they knew I would.”

Bill: So from there what happened?

Gideon: “I said hello, and asked about the note. They introduced themselves, and said we should talk. So we found a park bench to talk, and I had the most incredible conversation with this person.”

Bill: Did they say who they were?

Gideon: “They said their name, yes.”

Bill: What about this would alienate people then? This sounds fairly normal, interesting, but not that unusual.

Gideon: “Well, they also said they were an angel.”

Bill: In the Biblical sense, from Heaven?

Gideon: “Yes.”

Bill: Then I can see why you said this would alienate people. Things like this just seem to upset people. I guess they don’t believe in angels.

Gideon: “If they believe so much in the cabal and these evil people, why can they not believe in angels?”

Bill: That’s a good point. It seems like everyone is obsessed with talking about the bad guys, but they never talk about the good guys.

Gideon: “Well, there are good forces in this world. But unfortunately, the cabal has taken that and corrupted it, by making false claims.”

Bill: Like with Trump, and the military and all that?

Gideon: “Yes. There is no group working on the inside to bring down the cabal, not in the way it has been presented.”

Bill: I have to ask first, did they look different, like we think an angel would look? Sorry, maybe that’s a silly question. I know they didn’t have wings or anything.

Gideon: “It is ok to ask. They did not have wings. They did not have an outward appearance that would give anything away, other than having beautiful, piercing blue eyes. Then I later learned more about their abilities.”

Bill: Their abilities?

Gideon: “Angelic abilities. Abilities of perception, a direct connection to God.”

Bill: I see. Was this a man or a woman?

Gideon: “A woman.”

Bill: What age?

Gideon: “She looked to be in her early 40s.”

Bill: Did you talk about all of what’s going on, with the vaccines and the Reset?

Gideon: “We spoke extensively of it, yes. She knows everything, Bill. She knew more than me, more than what the whistle blowers have told me, more than what my other sources have said. She knew things no one could know, too, private and secret things.”

Bill: She showed an intention to meeting you then, she left the note, did you ask why? Why you?

Gideon: “She knows what we are doing, they all know.”

Bill: Who?

Gideon: “The other angels on Earth. They all know, Bill, they are watching.”

Bill: I have to ask you this, did you believe in angels? I guess that’s another silly question. I know you do, what I mean is, did you believe they were right here on Earth in a physical way?

Gideon: “Believe is the wrong word, because I do believe. It would be more that I did not know one way or another. The Bible instructs us and teaches us of these things, but it is not clear if in the End Days that angels would be present in this way.”

Bill: I know, Revelation is hard to interpret. You told me it’s been interpreted improperly, and then there are the changes the cabal made.

Gideon: “Yes, another discussion entirely, but yes.”

Bill: Did you talk about any of that with her?

Gideon: “Tangentially, yes, we did. Our main focus was actually me, not specially me, more my life and the people in it. She had a lot of concern for them. She was there to warn me.”

Bill: Did you talk about CSRQ?

Gideon: “A lot, yes.”

Bill: What did she say?

Gideon: “She said I do not know everything. She said the cabal is planning something worse than what I know.”

Bill: Worse as in how?

Gideon: “Worse in that the entire transition to CSRQ, to USDR, the forced vaccinations, the social tracking, is not the full picture. She said I was not prepared at all for it, emotionally, to hear it. That surprised me, because I have seen and heard a lot, and feel like I am a strong person.”

Bill: Incredible. Did she disclose it? What these things are?

Gideon: “Yes.”

Bill: Can you tell us?

Gideon:** “According to her, I can reveal some things but not all. She said soon, I could reveal the last part she shared, to you and Michael and to our Sovereigns.”**

Bill: I wonder why just us. Why do you think?

Gideon: “I know why. It has to do with our Sovereigns, preparing them, and also the fact one of them will betray us.”

Bill: Betray us?

Gideon: “Yes.”

Bill: Ok, I mean, we had talked about that, and she confirmed it then? Did she say who?

Gideon: “Yes. She said for now we cannot give that person certain information as they will use it against us. She said this person is being influenced and clouded by agents around them. Until we separate them from us, get them removed as Sovereigns and changed back to their original status, if that is even possible, then I cannot reveal all of it to you and our Sovereigns.”

Bill: Ok. We already had our suspicions. We’ll talk about that later. Did she give any dates or exact time this is all going to happen? I mean CSRQ and everything going on?

Gideon: “Yes.”

Bill: Can you say them?

Gideon: “She said if I say it publicly, the cabal will change the dates. So it was something she said I had to very carefully consider, but yes, I know the dates now, I know the exact timeline now.”

Bill: So if you tell me and we post this, they will change it? Will they change it drastically?

Gideon: “They will. She said not drastically, but enough, to where she said I should consider whether I say it or not. She said it may be more helpful if I know, and I use that information in other ways.”

Bill: Ok, that makes sense. How close were our own estimates to this date? We’ve said Winter, we’ve said 2023, we’ve said this three to nine month period of collapse and so on.

Gideon: “Bill, we were partly right, and partly wrong, that is about all I will say now.”

Bill: So you’re deciding to hold on to this?

Gideon: “I am considering that. Knowing the timeline will be very beneficial for us. Stating it publicly will satisfy curiosities, but strategically it is a mistake. I think she knew I would come to that conclusion.”

Bill: Well, now I’m really interested because I want to know. Can you tell me how many dates there are? Because it’s really more than one date. There’s the big one, when CSRQ comes online, but also other ones, like the collapse. So how many dates?

Gideon: “It was two specific ones, relating to two specific plans or outcomes.”

Bill: I see. Can I fish for hints?

Gideon: “You can try.”

Bill: I’m going to keep up on this! But I understand why you would hold this close to the vest. I’m just glad we know.

Gideon: “I am, too. It is going to help us. I now have knowledge the cabal did not want me to have.”

Bill: What did she … Ok, I have a million questions. We’ll have to talk about this again once I put together some notes, is that Ok?

Gideon: “Certainly.”

Bill: Ok, what did she say about our Sovereigns? What we are doing? All of this that we’re doing.

Gideon: “She had very encouraging things to say, but also warned me about the Sovereign who will betray us.”

Bill: Right. How do we deal with that?

Gideon: “She said she will help protect us, so they do not damage what we are doing. She said if she did not intervene, we would be destroyed by them.”

Bill: What’s strange is, right now, even though you are saying she is giving all these warnings and things are not good, I feel this strong sense of renewal and warmth right now, after you telling me all this. I don’t know why.

Gideon: "I felt the same thing you are feeling, so it must be passing on to you. I cannot describe how good I felt speaking to her, and how I felt afterwards. It was nothing like I have ever experienced. I was in the presence of the Lord, through one of His most powerful and holy emissaries and allies. She was an incredibly warm, loving, kind person. I felt totally protected and safe."

Bill: I’ve known you a long time and I know you not to be a very emotional person, but I can tell this made you emotional.

Gideon: “Yes, it did.”

Bill: Will you meet her again?

Gideon: “Yes.”

Bill: I know this will be asked, so, I’ll ask it. How do you know for sure she was an angel?

Gideon: “I know, Bill. I know.”

Bill: So there’s no doubt? Any chance it was a demon, a deception? The cabal playing a trick?

Gideon: “No, none. None. Midway through our conversation, I asked, in the name of Jesus, all evil spirits begone, and she remained. She smiled. Other things were shared, too, Bill. Her abilities. I saw them.”

Bill: In what way? How?

Gideon: “She demonstrated them. If I discuss how, once again, I must warn, it could alienate people reading this.”

Bill: To hell with them. I’m so tired of catering to these people. Go ahead. Tell me.

Gideon: “Ok. She said she would show me the future timelines.”

Bill: How?

Gideon: “She held my hand, and I felt a pulse of energy, then I saw images playing out in my mind and in my field of vision. I could still see her, in front of me, the park around us, the sky, but very faded, because what was clear and defined were these images being shown. All of it, what is to come. It lasted no more than fifteen seconds, then she pulled her hand away.”

Bill: She pulled her hand away, why?

Gideon: “I wanted to see more, but she said I cannot know everything yet, but that God wanted me to see a bit of it, to help me.”

Bill: Did it help?

Gideon: “Yes. Because it showed what the cabal is going to do. I saw the near and distant future. It was not long, as I said just seconds, but I saw enough. It was overwhelming.”

Bill: Can you share what you saw with me, and all of us?

Gideon: "I can, I am allowed to, yes. But some must be saved only for the Sovereigns."

Bill: Ok, that’s fine. What did you see that you can share with everyone?

Gideon: "The first part were scenes of people angry at the government, but that was just for a moment, then I saw a lot of looting, rioting, then I was taken inside a home where a horrible scene played out. It was a family, they looked gaunt, they were starving. They were yelling, angry, there were gunshots outside. It was a suburban area in America, a nice place, but chaotic. People were so afraid. The family was turning on each other. The children were terrified. She showed me the date of this, but it is one of the dates I cannot disclose."

Bill: I see. If you shared the date, and the cabal changed it, would that delay things?

Gideon: “I asked that, and she said yes and no. She said it would depend on which dates I shared, or if I shared them all. She said they would change them but it would not improve anything, it could make things worse. She said there might be a delay, but then they would use another one of their planned outcomes, one that could be more destructive and violent.”

Bill: Ok. Are you still considering this or are you steadfast in not sharing them?

Gideon: “I am still considering it, but most likely I will not.”

Bill: Ok. Because I want them shared, but I’m just being selfish, just ignore me.

Gideon: “It’s fine, Bill, to be curious. I am trying to be wise and heed her warnings about doing so. She said for me to have this knowledge, I could do more good knowing the truth, than to reveal it and see the dates changed, then I would not know the true dates anymore.”

Bill: Well, that makes sense, too. Let’s get back to the vision. You saw this terrible scene playing out, this was in America?

Gideon: “Yes.”

Bill: Then what?

Gideon: “The last of the vision then showed this new Earth, in what was the most horrible thing I have ever seen. There were living demons walking the Earth and keeping humans almost as pets. They were abusing them, doing horrible things to them. It was so bizarre, I had trouble believing what I saw. Then I saw something else, to be told only to the Sovereigns later on. The images stopped then. I asked her immediately about all of it.”

Bill: What did she say?

Gideon: “She said the first part is the part of the collapse, that will happen as I saw it, if I do not reveal the dates. The second part is a later timeline, one we will all live to see, if CSRQ survives to fulfill its true purpose. I also learned of that date, too. I told her, what I saw, the last part of the vision, I had trouble accepting. She said I needed to accept it. There was something else, too, I saw, but she warned me not to share it with anyone but our Sovereigns.”

Bill: So this last part, there were demons here on Earth? Living? Breathing?

Gideon: “Yes. They were hideous, hateful, monstrous. They kept humans as pets. This was sometime after CSRQ had been implemented, because for a time, there was a period of technological peace and superiority, where the cabal had humanity corralled, hooked up to the Metaverse, but then something happens.”

Bill: How long is CRSQ in place before this happens?

Gideon: “It seemed like a few years, but maybe longer, I could not tell. I always thought once they get CSRQ online, that is what our world will be like far into the future. What she showed me was that CSRQ is not the end game.”

Bill: What did things look like where you saw these demons using humans as pets?

Gideon: "It looked like the ultimate outcome of CSRQ, that I was not prepared for. I kept thinking of this dystopian technocracy, with the feudal lords, the Sovereigns, running things, living this life of lavishness, and the plebs kept in illusory comfort, hooked up to machines, deluded and deceived.

It was all of that, but then there were these monsters, working with the Sovereigns. They were doing something to the humans, and the humans did not really know what was happening. This technology veil kept them clueless, but while they were clueless, the demons were doing horrible things to them. The purpose was to enact some kind of damage to their soul, permanent damage. They were all righteous, Bill. They were our people. By this time, the sheep were all dead."

BIll: Speaking of these demons, I saw something really disturbing the other day, these images of people dressed as demons at the Met Gala this year. All this reminds me of it. Can I show you?

Gideon: “Yes.”

Bill: Ok, one second. I’m searching it. Here is the (Telegram) link. Can you pull that up?

Gideon: “Yes, I see it.”

Bill: Is what you saw like this?

Gideon: “It is almost exactly what I saw, they looked like this, just like this. This, what you are showing me, this must be intentionally done. This is not an accident.”

Bill: I didn’t think so either. But I think the images are altered, I don’t think anyone showed up like that. If you look at other Met Gala images, they’re not there, but a lot of other disturbing outfits were worn, too. The Met gala was definitely Satanic. This is like someone over-layed the ceremony with these images, but I’m not sure, maybe they were really dressed like that.

Gideon: "Whatever was done here, whoever made these images, they must know something, Bill."

Bill: I thought it was important. It was posted in a channel I think is run by the cabal, too. So you’re saying what you saw looked like that?

Gideon: “Almost exactly. I will look more into this, because this tells me whoever made that, must know what I know.”

Bill: Ok. I bet they do, and they’re giving us a little preview. Now I have to ask in case I forget, what did she say about the spiritual battle you’ve talked about, between the astral and this world?

Gideon: “She confirmed much of it, but also corrected me in areas I had been deceived.”

Bill: I know you had told me about some of these other sources, where you learned some of this. Were they deceived, or were they the deceivers?

Gideon: “They were deceived, and a better word here is, not correctly informed. It is not their fault. Information was passed between too many parties before it got to me. Some of it is related to things that were going on at CERN, and scientists trying to get that information out. Some of it came from insiders within the cabal, who are trying to speak out.”

Bill: Right, you’ve told me. You said it’s a web of people, some of whom you can trust and some of whom have ulterior motives. Did she speak about them or any of that?

Gideon: “She guided me on who to trust. It was very helpful.”

Bill: So back to this spiritual battle, was the main gist of what you said correct?

Gideon: “We will need a few hours to get into that. I think you would want that for Part 3?”

Bill: I will, yes.

Gideon: “I will need to correct some things. Not major corrections, small ones. What I said about the cabal taking direction from the astral, from dark entities there, she confirmed that. But their agenda, I did not fully understand, now I do.”

Bill: We will get into that then. I guess there are more pressing issues, anyway, just preparing for what’s coming now.

Gideon: “True. We spoke of that as well. The need to prepare. The importance of our Sovereigns, whether they are ready or prepared or not, or have time to prepare.”

Bill: Someone asked me the other day why we don’t make more people Sovereign. There’s tons of logistical reasons, but I guess they don’t realize your original goal was 300 people.

Gideon: “Yes, it was and it still is.”

Bill: That’s the Biblical story of Gideon. I guess people don’t even know about it. It’s about 300 warriors chosen by God. It’s a very interesting story, as are many stories in the Bible, full of lessons and deep meaning. Anyway, did she agree with this number?

Gideon: “Very strongly, yes.”

Bill: Oh, good. Now we’ve had the logistics issues, and the whistle blowers were really resistant at first. I don’t think people realize any of this. They want the story out, but we had to persuade them to make more people Sovereign than just us.

Gideon: “Yes, we did. They were the ones who first suggested myself and those in our group be made Sovereign, but my idea, my desire to expand that to the public and make 300 Sovereign, that was not taken well. I know they wanted to do it, of course, they would make everyone Sovereign if they could, but they thought it was far too risky.”

Bill: Well, it is very risky. You said once they saw the public isn’t going to wake up, they wanted to do more.

Gideon: “Yes, once they saw that, they very much joined me in my desire to make more Sovereign. They see this from the inside. They hoped it could be stopped, now they believe it cannot be stopped, so this is the best thing we can do now, to make people Sovereign within it. This is the only option we have.”

Bill: I have more questions about your meeting, this encounter. Did she say how many angels are here on Earth like her right now?

Gideon: “No, not an exact number, but I had the impression a handful.”

Bill: Ok, not many. Would you say someone like her is a so-called white hat? Working to bring down the cabal?

Gideon: “No. She is not here to destroy the cabal. She is here to make sure righteous people are not trapped here. There is a concern we could all be vaccinated and forced into this transhumanist agenda, and the entire battle could be lost, so God sent angels to help.”

Bill: God must have known this would happen, with CERN, everything. God sees and knows all.

Gideon: “He does, but CERN’s abilities have been able to put God in a position where He may have to make a choice He does not want to make. She said this.”

Bill: How?

Gideon: “The cabal has more power than people know. Power here, power on the other side. Now they are trying to get into the higher densities.”

Bill: The higher densities? You mean like Heaven?

Gideon: “Heaven is many parts, many densities, but yes, in simple terms, Heaven. A realm that has never been accessed by these entities. She said how they succeed on Earth with this plan, and in the astral, is very important. If they do succeed, everything is threatened.”

Bill: But they still cower in the name of Jesus.

Gideon: “They do, but they are working on erasing Jesus from the history and records.”

Bill: How?

Gideon: “CERN can do it, they are experimenting. They are changing history.”

Bill: I know they changed the Bible, so I do believe that, no question the Bible has been changed.

Gideon: “It has.”

Cont’d next post…

Bill: Can’t God just destroy CERN?

Gideon: "No. Because the cabal created infinite timelines where CERN exists on Earth. So if God destroys one CERN, another still exists. He would have to destroy much of the entire Universe to stop it, all the lower densities where CERN exists. All would be eliminated into nothing, and if the righteous were trapped on Earth, He would have to destroy their souls, too.

The cabal knows this is His only option and He does not want to do that, so He wants to get the righteous out of the lower Earth density. The cabal knows He is more powerful than them, so they are trying to put Him in a sort of checkmate position, or all or nothing position."

Bill: She said this? Or you know this?

Gideon: “She said this, but I had also heard some things like this. I was not completely shocked by it.”

Bill: But God is infinite. God can go into all of these alternate realities and destroy them if He wants.

Gideon: “He is, but the cabal figured out way to create infinite timelines with CERN in them so that if God destroys each one, another is created, and another, infinitely. In each, CERN keeps doing damage. He would have to destroy the entire density, or dimension, itself. If He does not, their CERN experiments will continue. If He does, He risks destroying all of the souls the cabal has trapped in this density.”

Bill: So God is worried?

Gideon: “Very worried. She was very worried.”

Bill: How do we fit in all this? Us Sovereigns?

Gideon: “She said we are key, and that God needs us, because everyone else is deluded and deceived, lost, confused, deceived by the cabal. There are millions of Christians who go to church every Sunday and have not even noticed their Bibles have been drastically altered, and almost not a single preacher says a word, either. A lot of the preachers are Sovereigns, too.”

Bill: The preachers are full of crap, but I found one who wasn’t. That guy gets it (YouTube link). But if there are infinite timelines and infinite CERN’s, then how can there be infinite souls in each?

Gideon: “The souls cross the barrier into each, but there is just one soul.”

Bill: How does it tie into what you talked about before, the astral, sending vaccinated Sheep souls, for lack of a better term, to the beyond to fight there, but keeping righteous souls trapped here?

Gideon: “It has to do with trapping certain souls in a timeline, so that if God destroyed that timeline, he would destroy His own righteous souls.”

Bill: I see. I only partly understand this. It’s really complex.

Gideon: "This is what they want to achieve more than anything, something I did not fully understand until now. Those who take the vaccines and who belong to the cabal, they have no concern about them. They are concerned about those who resist. If they kill us, that solves nothing, we just move on to be with God. So they are working hard at this plan. CSRQ is part of it, the Metaverse is part of it, the new vaccine will be part of it, and later, there is something terrible coming.

In every infinite timeline they are working on this plan. We are now in one of those timelines. She said God is concerned, if in one of those timelines they succeed, then He will then have to destroy his own righteous souls to stop the larger plan. The cabal wants to put Him in that position."

Bill: Now I get it better. I see what a horrible decision the Creator would have to make. I see what the cabal is doing, but I think these concepts are too much for people. Most people think we just live in one timeline, have one soul.

Gideon: "We all have one soul. We all can exist in different timelines, though. But the soul is unique and does not change through each existence. Not for you or me, or them, the cabal. Each is unique and made by God, but it does have locality. Our soul is in this density right now, not in the next, or the next beyond. People can astral travel, but they must come back to Earth. Only death sends us to the next densities, and the righteous often bypass the astral and go on to Heaven, which is really a place separate from the dark entities completely. "

Bill: What about the battle in the astral?

Gideon: “This is a broad question, one I thought I understood but I did not fully until now. The battle there ties more into the cabal’s attempts to break into the higher densities, while the Earth situation has more to do with forcing God into a position of having to destroy this entire density itself, to get rid of CERN, and by virtue of the collateral damage of such an action, His righteous souls trapped within it.”

Bill: This discussion is so deep, it feels like… I don’t know. People just won’t accept any of this. They already hate us, now they will hate us more.

Gideon: “It is not people, Bill. It is the cabal and their controlled minions, their agents, and the duped souls who follow them. That is all it is. Even if a righteous soul reading this does not agree or has issues with what is said, they will not attack you with hatred. That is not what righteous souls do. They will ask questions or pose their own concerns, there is no harm that.”

Bill: True. What about Christians who think the Bible hasn’t been changed? How can they be so blind?

Gideon: “They do not read it.”

Bill: Hundreds of scriptures have been changed! They changed ‘Him’ to ‘him’ and ‘He’ to ‘he’ and so many other things. Even old Bibles! I’m not talking about new editions, ones just printed, of course they could change those. They went back in time and changed them. They desecrated the Bible. (Listen to this Carol Grams Gold interview on the Bible changes. Her excellent website - Mandelabiblechanges.com - was removed by the cabal.)

Gideon: “That is true, they did.”

Bill: Of course, there are many who don’t believe the Bible at all. They think there is a New World Order and Reset plan, an evil Satan-worshipping cabal, but they dismiss the Bible completely.

Gideon: “Yes, they say the Bible is not a holy book. It is not the Word of God. It is just some old stories. But if it was not holy, then why would the cabal go to such lengths to change it?”

Bill: Very true. Very true. I never thought of that. They wouldn’t bother, but instead they take the power of CERN and direct it at the Bible. So that tells you something. What does God think of these changes?

Gideon: "It worries Him but He cannot stop it, because they did them in every infinite timeline. If God goes to remove the changes, another timeline is created by CERN, infinitely. You have to realize there is one God and one set of souls, no more or less, all unique, but there are infinite timelines. Time is just not understood by people correctly. They think there is just one time, right now, but there is not. There is another timeline where Hillary won and Trump lost, for example. They all flow together.

The end outcome of each is always that the Book of Revelation is fulfilled. But CERN and the technology began to threaten the stability of these outcomes, and so does CSRQ and this world they are going to create."

Bill: What is their end goal with the Bible?

Gideon: “To completely destroy its meaning. Now they are working on removing Jesus. Every time they try, they fail. But they are not stopping.”

Bill: People are mad because we talk about religion like this. They attack me for it. What do we want to communicate to people?

Gideon: "What we are doing is not a religious message. First and foremost, we are reporting CSRQ, what the whistle blowers have seen, what they want the world to know.

We must understand the collapse is coming, the fiat system will be gone, and only USDR will exist. All of that is extremely important. You cannot prepare for something if you have no idea what is coming.

But outside of that, I cannot dismiss my own perspective, what I know. This meeting happened, should I act like it did not happen?"

Bill: No, no, of course not. I think you had an incredible experience.

Gideon: “She confirmed everything for me and showed me much more.”

Bill: People should know. I’m at a point, like I said, I’m not going to sit here and cater anymore to these whiners. I’m done. But we’re not about pushing religion, either. We have a separate spiritual discussion group, we welcome everyone, people can speak there about what they believe.

Gideon: “That is good you do that, more people believe a spiritual realm than to do not. But the cabal wants us to believe we are nothing and just go back into the dust when we die.”

Bill: Did she say anything about us in terms of how we are doing? What should we be doing? Should we do more?

Gideon: "She said we must continue to do what we are doing, so I did not feel drastic changes should be made. She said how important Sovereigns are, that it is what matters, not trying to convince the public of anything.

But she said we still must spread the message, so we can find more Sovereigns. So said the message was not spreading enough to find the right people. She said there are very special people we still need to find."

Bill: What is the true role and purpose of us Sovereigns, how we can save this world?

Gideon: “She said that must only be shared with them, not publicly. We know we need to be Sovereign after the Reset, but she said our purpose and role only should be revealed to them. She said stopping and destroying CSRQ is key, but there is more.”

Bill: Ok, that’s fine, we can do that. I’m going to send an email out to all of them, do you want me to include a message from you in that to them?

Gideon: “I will consider doing that, yes.”

Bill: Good. I know we need to both get going, we will continue this conversation again, ok? I have a million questions.

Gideon: “We will.”

BIll: If people have questions for you, should they post them somewhere, or how could we do that? I know there will be many.

Gideon: “Discuss it with Michael, I am sure you could create a way to gather them.”

Bill: I will. Ok, goodnight, we will talk soon.

Gideon: “Goodnight.”

October 31st, '22


Part 1 - Elon Musk, Twitter & The CSRQ Narrative

Bill: We were talking the other day about Elon Musk, and you said he’s a key to all this. Can you talk about that again?

Gideon: “He is building the infrastructure of the cabal’s future dystopian landscape.”

Bill: With Starlink, Neuralink, A.I.?

Gideon: “Yes, and soon with Twitter.”

Bill: He’s not to be trusted then?

Gideon: “No. He comes from a family lineage of high-level cabalists and Luciferians. He has been involved in blood rituals. He was abused as a child himself, and he has later conducted ritual killings. I do believe his memory was erased, so he may not have knowledge of that. He is a mind-control victim, in that sense. But, if people knew the truth, they would not be following him or support him. The cabal controls him.”

Bill: There’s a video of him talking about We Chat, this Chinese super-surveillance tracking app. He talks about how he wants Twitter to become just like it! It thought it was pretty chilling, it shows what he really thinks.

Gideon: “Certainly. Listen carefully to what he is saying, and what he really wants. They will integrate CSRQ into Twitter.”

Bill: You said this is all part of building a narrative, like with Covid. Can you explain what you mean by that?

Gideon: “Yes. With Covid, they took great lengths to build a narrative around the Wuhan Lab and these so-called bio-labs and experiments. Instead of Covid being presented as a naturally-occurring virus, they wanted a narrative that would distract more skeptical people into a false rabbit hole, so to speak, to reinforce belief in the virus. Because the virus itself does not even exist.”

Bill: I think the term “bio-weapon” is pretty scary, it carries with it these implications, so I can see how they utilized it to great effect. But then it made Dr. Fauci and some other high-profile U.S. officials look really bad. Why would they let that happen?

Gideon: “They do not care at all that he was exposed, because he is protected. Just as Jeffrey Epstein is protected, alive and well, with an active CSRQ account with in-flows. They will allow some of their own to be publicly sacrificed if it serves what they want.”

Bill: That makes sense. So what are some of the narrative techniques with CSRQ we can look for?

Gideon: “The narrative is being built around CBDCs, Digital IDs, and crypto itself will play a role. Musk’s Twitter will adapt, and Musk will lead the way in endorsing and supporting CSRQ. Have you noticed Musk is involved in all of these anti-human surveillance projects, but the public just follows him in everything he does?”

Bill: They sure do, they think he’s this saviour, this guy looking out for us. It’s like a cult of personality thing.

Gideon: “The cabal is very good getting people to follow pied pipers right over a cliff. They used Trump this way.”

Bill: If someone like Musk supports CSRQ, then I can see people just falling in line and buying into it.

Gideon: “When CSRQ itself comes online, there will already be narratives in place. It will not seem surprising. It will seem, instead, like a natural evolution of technology, that is now meeting a present need, which will be chaos of the fiat markets collapsing. Fiat and capitalism will be, essentially, attacked and blamed for the resulting problems, while CSRQ, Musk’s ventures and the crypto-based USDR will be seen as a welcomed solution.”

Bill: You said Bitcoin is a big part of this, too. People don’t realize Bitcoin is a cabal creation. I’m going to include a link here, so people can learn about that.

Gideon: "Yes, it is, and it was originally intended to be used as the digital currency. It became clear its technology was far too primitive for that, so over the years the cabal let the crypto field flourish, and now they have taken all of these advancements and put them into USDR itself.

The idea the cabal is somehow against crypto is misleading, as they are its biggest users and proponents. Crypto provides for them the ability of total control and surveillance, far more than the existing fiat system, especially with existing cash. Ideally, the best medium of exchange is cash. It could also be crypto, because some cryptos are totally decentralized, but the cabal is too powerful and controls it."

Bill: What about something like Monero, does that worry them?

Gideon: “No, because Monero can be shut down and completely cut out of capital markets. It would be left as a worthless bartering tool, and not much else. Access would eventually not extend beyond a small number of users, if it still exists at all.”

Bill: Just so we’re clear, XRP and the ISO coins have no role in this future they are planning?

Gideon: “Not in the sense anyone believes. Not in the sense they are an investment vehicle. No one is going to have any access to any markets once CSRQ is implemented, unless you are Sovereign class. That is the failure in understanding here. The average person assumes all of this freedom will still exist after CSRQ, and it will not. When the cabal did Covid, what was their intent? To allow people to have freedom? No. CSRQ is no different.”

Bill: Seems like their intent is always to limit freedom, curtail speech, all that.

Gideon: “With Covid, they took things away, telling you it was good for you. Then they gave you something they created, a vaccine, and claimed it was the solution. For CSRQ, they will take things away, and tell you it is good for you, then give you something in return, something they created, CSRQ, and claim it is a solution.”

Bill: I made the point the other day, why would the gatekeepers push the narrative that a new digital currency is a good thingif it wasn’t being planned?

Gideon: “Well, they would not if it was not a plan they intended to fulfill. They clearly want to find a way to sway those most likely to resist this into either accepting it or somehow believing it is a good thing. So it is a very strong confirmation of CSRQ.”

Bill: With Covid, there was all this predictive programming for years leading up to it. I mean, they’ve always used these little pandemics to scare people, but Covid was their grand finale. Like how Netflix was playing that movie Contagion over and over. Would there be examples of that for CSRQ?

Gideon: “Yes, many. There are countless shows that deal with a near-future dystopia, how humans will deal with A.I. and super-surveillance. This is all been explored extensively by Hollywood, especially in recent years. People are mentally prepped to live in a post-Reset world, a world with one digital currency and social credit scoring.”

Bill: Do you know if they are planning another pandemic?

Gideon: “Yes, they are.”

Bill: Ok, there’s a few stories out there now, about how they created a super-deadly new version of Covid with an 80% kill rate, you’ve seen that, right?

Gideon: "Yes."

Bill: When I saw that, I thought, “Here we go again.”

Gideon: “It concerns me, because that would be a pandemic narrative that would be widely accepted. The people on the Left believe Covid is real, and the people on the Right believe it is some kind of government-created bio-weapon. So both sides are mentally ready for an even more severe, deadly Covid pandemic. Even skeptics can be cowed into fear, Bill. You have to be mentally and spiritually strong to resist the fear tactics.”

Bill: I hope that doesn’t happen. Is this locked in?

Gideon: “It is, they are planning it.”

Bill: When will they do it?

Gideon: “In 2023.”

Bill: Will it tie into this economic collapse?

Gideon: “Yes.”

Bill: So we’re going to get hit with a double-whammy?

Gideon: “I am expecting that. We knew an economic collapse would happen, it would be a precursor, but I was not sure what else they would do. There is this World War Three scenario, there is a pandemic, there are other things. I now believe they will use the pandemic in tandem with the economic collapse.”

Bill: I feel like that’s a pretty big revelation, in some ways. But I guess I’m not shocked, either. Will it be like Covid but worse? More lockdowns, more restrictions?

Gideon: “Yes, and they will be able to justify it. They will claim this new strain is so deadly, they must do these things. They will take a page from China’s playbook on this. China is their testing ground, remember that. Watch what goes on there. It will be miserable, and it will all be a lie, of course.”

Bill: Will there be a new vaccine?

Gideon: “There will be more of the same vaccines. They will be pushed, but not required, to ensure the souls willing to compromise themselves for the cabal are departed from this realm and sent to the next. My understanding is they want one, final push of these deadly vaccines.”

Bill: What about the children who have no choice?

Gideon: "This had to do with the meetings the cabal had, that I spoke about. The new rules they have set. Their dominion over Earth. The fact they are no longer adhering to any rules at all. Before, the cabal followed some rules, now they will not. It will lead to everyone seeing more evil openly on display, more heinous crimes being committed. In this instance, God has intervened, and will protect those children once they have passed. "

Bill: I’m already seeing it. So no question those meetings caused a change. I also think God would intervene in that case, you don’t even have to tell me that. I know He would. But there was also a lot more to this, some deeper questions about the cabal’s ability to use CERN to change timelines, and put God in a catch-22 position of some sort. Can you touch on that again?

Gideon: "That should be reserved for the separate discussion. But I will clarify. In what I said above, I am referencing the souls children who are departed. Once they are on the other side. I am not talking about souls presently in this realm. That is more to the issue you are referring. The cabal is very focused on this, which I would describe as a plan to sequester souls within this dimension, so they do not move onto the next."

Bill: Ok, thank you for clarifying. That does make sense. Once the child is killed by the vaccine, God protects their soul after death? It’s not as though they would be forced to go fight for the cabal in the astral realm, since they had no choice in the matter.

Gideon: “No, they would not be forced to fight for the cabal, though this was the cabal’s intention. At this juncture, the cabal knows God will protect their souls, so the program to vaccinate children appears to be nothing more than death ritual for the cabal. They also know the souls of the children will not be fighting with the righteous in the astral, because they will go be with God, so they seem content to simply exterminate them. It has no purpose at all, other than to just kill.”

Bill: What’s the consequence to the parents who do this, I mean spiritually?

Gideon: “It means they are the property of Satan, at that point. They may not know it yet, though, but upon death, they will know.”

Bill: Will some be scared and shocked? It seems like a lot of these sheep, who do whatever the TV says, they seem to think they are doing the right thing.

Gideon: “God gives all his creation an opportunity to know the truth within their soul. They all know the truth, Bill. They choose to ignore it. And yes, some will be scared and shocked after death, once the full truth of their choices are made clear. They will be mortified. But few will call out for Christ, most will just submit, just as they have done on Earth. The cabal will also use tricks in the after life to lure them into the astral realm.”

Bill: Incredible. I want to ask more on this, but I will save it for Part 3. So, moving on. I know you know the dates, you have two dates, but has anything changed we should know about? Anything you can tell us?

Gideon: "I will not reveal the dates, as I have said I will not do so publicly, and I will only reveal one of them to the Sovereigns soon. I will say that what we have said before remains, generally speaking, the same."

Bill: Ok, I would take that to be early 2023, and if not then, at least sometime in 2023?

Gideon: “Correct.”

Bill: I have a question here, because one of our Sovereigns didn’t seem to get all how this is going to play out. They thought CSRQ was just going to pop into reality one day, very soon. I tried to explain, no, there’s a lot of chaos coming before they put it online. Can you go over that again?

Gideon: "CSRQ requires precursor events. We are leading up to it, we are in the lead-up phase of it, but it requires events for its inception to be plausible and to be accepted. It also has to do with how they are unwinding the debt and fiat system, it’s a careful process, not to be done overnight.

How crypto is being used via fiat, in terms of how they are buying USDR, that is still an on-going process. We have also learned why they are using crypto to buy USDR, it is to establish USDR’s final capped supply. But I digress. We are not going to wake up tomorrow and see USDR in our bank accounts, but we will sometime in 2023."

Bill: Before I forget, I wanted to ask you about what CSRQ will be called. We know it won’t actually be called “CSRQ”.

Gideon: “When Musk said he wants Twitter to become ‘X’ that was certainly a clue, at least, to keep an eye on what name he decides upon. But we do not know the exact name, or title. We are unsure if it will be universal in terms of the name used. The names are not relevant, what matters is knowing the underlying super-structure is all connected.”

Bill: What about the class system, will people be told what they are?

Gideon: “People will probably be aware of there being different classes, but since the vast majority of the world will be Common, what will be more understood is that violations lead you into being demoted. Whether they actually call it ‘Restricted’ or ‘Quarantined’ we are unsure. We only know that within CSRQ internally, those terms are used.”

Bill: You’ve said it’s going to be universally used by all banks, I just wonder if there will be a name for it, because everything has some kind of name. There’s no way we will refer to it as, “The social credit system.”

Gideon: "It will have some kind of name. People will know they are using USDR. They will be aware of this social credit system. They may not fully know it is all centralized within CSRQ, a worldwide, cabal-controlled data centre. It is akin to the fact most people do not know all banking transactions go through BIS, and that all banking is also centrally controlled, beyond any notion of national currency or borders.

There could be an underlying deception here, if the cabal wants to make it seem like USDR and CSRQ are all disparate, differentiated parts of something else. We are trying to raise the alarm here that this is all connected, and it is all one, worldwide system.

Right now, people are under the very false belief that the United States is ‘exploring’ CBDCs, and the UK is ‘exploring’ CBDCs. These are false stories. Both countries, in fact, virtually all countries, will come under the acceptance of USDR as their standard currency, and this is essentially already in place."

Bill: You’ve said to me before we already have a sort of CSRQ in place already.

Gideon: “We do. Everything CSRQ is doing already exists in some sense, in some way, within the existing system. The cabal has been busy for decades, Bill. This is not new. CSRQ is an update, and an overhaul. It is also completely doing away with traditional fiat currencies, which is quite interesting, in terms of how they are rearranging the economy.”

Bill: That’s a big discussion. I honestly think we need entire Intel Drop dedicated to it, in terms of how the economy will work after the Reset.

Gideon: “We can do that.”

Bill: I feel a lot of unease right now. I think it’s just what you said about the children. We got into some deep things just now then went back to the CSRQ stuff. I need a break. I need to just think all that through again, it’s so much to take in.

Gideon: “I agree, let us take one.”

Cont’d next post

Part 2 - Escalation After Intel Drop 20

Bill: I just found out we’re being attacked by a bunch of Satanic groups on Telegram. Do you know anything about this?

Gideon: “Yes. After Intel Drop 20, they became more engaged, or at least, they were given the task to begin targeting us more.”

Bill: How many groups are there?

Gideon: “I do not know. But I do know of a group on Telegram, it is a private group, with high level cabalists trained in the occult, that is the one to worry about the most. I will be looking into whether they are involved here or not.”

Bill: Is this different from an agent group attacking us?

Gideon: “Yes.”

Bill: So what do they want to do to us, what’s their purpose or plan here?

Gideon: “There would be multiple purposes, based on what I know about how these groups operate. The first would be to ply away members of our group, and to get them to join them and then work against us, which they are already doing. The second would be to openly engage in attacks against us in a variety of ways, similar to what agents do. The third would be to use spell-casting against us.”

Bill: Spell casting? How does that work?

Gideon: “I do not really know, I just know it is something the cabal likes to do, in terms of the black magic they use. Have you noticed any difference in the group recently?”

Bill: Yes, I have, as a matter of fact. A lot of people left recently, just this slow drain of people departing, which definitely confirms some left for these Satanic groups, which is sickening to me. Our supporters seem less engaged, I guess. People I liked talking to and expected to hear from, I haven’t heard from. They are just gone. What’s going on?

Gideon: “It could be all of these things working together, but the spell casting may be working, if they are indeed doing that, and I would expect they are. I would like to believe such a thing has no impact at all, but I know enough to know, it probably does. It only works because people are spiritually weakened, or prone to being influenced by it.”

Bill: So what they really want to do is to get people to stop supporting us? Is that the main intention?

Gideon: “It would appear so, or weaken support, weaken resolve. After Intel Drop 20, with what I revealed, I was told things were going to escalate, but in a different way. Not in the way of censoring us, or erasing us, but in a different way. So this must be that way.”

Bill: So they would rather come up with these other ways to destroy us?

Gideon: "Yes. They would like to get us to join them, for example, which they think they can do post-Reset if we are Sovereign. They think we will be weak and prefer the comforts of being Sovereign, and then they can influence us. And right now, they would rather influence our members to abandon us. They would rather engage in various attacks, to discredit us. All of this is more satisfying for them, than just plain censorship or erasure, you have to know that, Bill. The cabal derives rewards in the astral from these entities that seem to direct them and rule them, if their performance on Earth exceeds expectation.

Of course, if a threat is too great, they will just erase that threat. They will kill people, too, if they have to. But in our case, once they stopped the spread of our information sufficiently, then it is almost as though they saw us as cat sees a mouse. Something they will tinker with, watch, observe, toy with. It is insulting, I find it insulting, but this is the power trip they operate with. They believe they are untouchable, and they believe they can influence anyone to get them to believe what they want them to believe."

Bill: This all makes me sick. It made me sick to see we are losing members to this Satanic group! I couldn’t believe it. It’s like they’re winning, in every way. I’m sickened. What can we do?

Gideon: “Pray, and ask God for help. That is what I am doing. We need God’s help right now.”

Bill: Ok, I will. I guess we should take some solace in the fact that they really, really don’t like what we’re doing.

Gideon: “If we were not a threat, if we did not pose a threat to them, they would not even bother with us or spend a second of time or energy on us. So yes, take solace in that.”

Bill: They must not like us, we’ve exposed their whole plan, top to bottom.

Gideon: "They do not like what we have done, in exposing CSRQ, but they could live with it because they were able to contain it. The information stopped spreading, and many people did not even believe it. But they were really infuriated by Intel Drop 20, some things that I said, they do not want me to continue speaking that way."

Bill: You mean the spiritual stuff? They want that to stop?

Gideon: “Yes.”

Bill: I bet they don’t want us releasing Part 3 then.

Gideon: “No.”

Bill: What’s strange is I wanted that released a while back, and it’s like there’s all these things happening preventing it. I feel unfocused.

Gideon: “If you are feeling that way, hindered in some way, then there may be spell cast against you, or something like that is going on. I do not understand it. I only a have cursory knowledge of this.”

Bill: I’ll pray to ask the spell to be removed if there is one, then I’m going to really push to get Part 3 finished, get Michael to edit it. I want it out.

Gideon: “Good.”

Bill: One thing that stands out to me is there’s tons of groups probably sort of like us. Maybe truth seeking groups, for example, posting things against the cabal. ConspiracyBot posted for years stuff exposing the cabal, then they posted our info, and their account was immediately banned. An account with four hundred thousand followers, poof, gone. So my point is, I never see anything like this with other groups, in terms of these relentless attacks, some of the censorship. We’re on a whole other level here.

Gideon: “That is because the cabal does not care about them, or see them as any kind of threat.”

Bill: Or they might just be cabal gatekeepers in the first place?

Gideon: “That could be as well.”

Bill: There’s still a lot of sincere truth-seeking people out there, aren’t there? I mean groups, or video channels, trying to expose the cabal. I know there are.

Gideon: “There are, there are many. But the bigger channels are already compromised or controlled in some way, or do not see the bigger picture to begin with. Some may simply be posting wrong information, so they are not a threat at all. Many are posting wrong information, either sincerely or unwittingly, so the cabal could not care any less about what they are doing.”

Bill: This reminds me of the whole Suspicious Observers stuff, we talked about this. How they are saying there will be a pole shift. They’re still around and don’t seem to really get attacked. I’m sure people reading would love to know your thoughts on that.

Gideon: “It is, generally speaking, baseless, but the magnetic field is moving. But that will not result in the Earth’s rotation stopping or mile-high tsunamis.”

Bill: So what do you think of their timetable? I’ve heard they think next year it’s going to happen, while they also say the year 2046 or somewhere around there. Some people really, truly believe in this.

Gideon: “I am certain cataclysms have happened, they have, but I have no information at all on that, and nothing I have ever seen, gleaned or learned, has shown me it is going to happen. The cabal’s activities also do not indicate that is about to happen. The cabal is concerned with control of Earth and implementing these plans, which involve a lot of high technology. If the world was about to be destroyed, they would not be focused on technology or transhumanism, nor would a fake pandemic serve any purpose.”

Bill: Before I forget, there’s someone I really like on YouTube by the name of David Paulides. Do you know anything about him?

Gideon: “Yes, I know of him.”

Bill: I can’t imagine he would be a Sovereign, but was wondering if you know or not?

Gideon: “I do not know his class in CSRQ, but I would assume Restricted or Quarantined. He is absolutely not Sovereign.”

Bill: Ok, good. I remember he said Joe Rogan would not invite him on his show, or didn’t seem interested. David seemed disappointed, because he would be the type of guest Rogan would have on, and he’s qualified and popular enough to invite. So it made me think the cabal might not want his information out there.

Gideon: “Bill, I will tell you this. It is not David’s information they are so much afraid of, as they are afraid of David himself.”

Bill: What do you mean?

Gideon: “The things he talks about, he has not put all the puzzle pieces together yet, so he is not a serious threat to the cabal in that sense. But who he is, they hate him as a person. I suppose you could say, they hate his soul.”

Bill: That is not what I expected you to say. So you know more about him than I realized. What are your thoughts on what he investigates, with the disappearances?

Gideon: “He is a very good and thorough researcher. I know for fact, the cabal knows the true nature of the disappearances he speaks of, but he has not discovered that. He is close.”

Bill: What is the nature of it?

Gideon: “Not all of the disappearances would fit into this category, but many of them are cabal ritual abductions and, later, killings. There are also other phenomena unrelated to that.”

Bill: Ok, so if he really keeps digging and connecting the dots, it would lead back to the cabal?

Gideon: “Yes, and at that point, they would take greater action. Right now, they have agents busy trying to discredit him. If you listen to his videos, you may notice he is irritated and quite stressed by the people attacking him. It is probably not much different from what you experienced. You mentioned before how rare you see that, but he is a good example of it. He is on their radar in the same way we are.”

Bill: Yes, he has talked about that! I never made the connection. But these people who attack him sound like the agents we deal with. So I can see how for sure, they could be agents, they fit the profile.

Gideon: “Well, now you know, Bill. You are not alone. He is one of the good ones, fighting a good fight.”

Bill: I guess if they’re not attacking you, then you’re not a threat. I’ll wear it as a badge of honour from now on. By the way, we know Alex Jones is Sovereign, but he always seems to be under fire. He’s not in the same category as us, though, is he?

Gideon: “No, the cabal has elevated him through a coordinated attack campaign, in a way that would actually increase his profile. He also hired a bad lawyer for his recent Sandy Hook trial, in which he put up a poor defense and lost. The cabal wanted him to lose, so they could legally set a precedent to infringe on free speech for criticizing their scams, fake shootings and so on. In that sense, Jones actually served the cabal’s interests.”

Bill: That, and he refuses, I mean, he just will not criticize Jews or Israel. He says stupid things, like that Arabs run Hollywood. So he is a gatekeeper for them.

Gideon: “There is no question about that.”

Bill: Before we end things, I wanted to ask how the whistle blowers are doing and if they’ve seen any changes in CSRQ to report on?

Gideon: "They are doing well, or as well as can be expected. There are some things I have shared with you privately, but we should not make public. We can share that with the Sovereigns, in the November update we send them."

Bill: Ok, sounds good. I had someone ask me how we know whether a person who applies to be changed to Sovereign is an agent or not. It’s a good question, but I’ll let you explain it.

Gideon: “We check everyone’s status in CSRQ. If they are Restricted or Quarantined, we know they are not an agent. We have never found an agent who is either of those classes, nor would we expect that. Most agents are Common, and a few are Sovereigns. This gives us an extremely high confidence that the person applying is not only not an agent, but that they are aligned with our views.”

Bill: It’s sort of ironic, but the best way to vet people is to look them up in CSRQ.

Gideon: “Yes, it has turned out to be the most reliable way to do that. We want Restricted and Quarantined people to join us. There is no stopping what is coming, so we need people who can fight along side us when it happens.”

Bill: How do you feel about our team so far? You think we need more Sovereigns, right?

Gideon: “I feel fine, but we do need more, considerably more.”

Bill: I’m sure if more people knew about us, we would get a lot more inquiries, but our reach has just been totally cut off. We were growing fast, then the agents escalated everything and it worked. Is there anything we can do about that?

Gideon: “Encourage the people we have to help us. The Telegram is a good resource. You may want to ask for help. It is OK to ask for help in spreading the word. You and Michael cannot do it alone.”

Bill: Ok, I’ll do that. I’ve also had people ask me what our plan is. A few people seemed to think we have no plan on how to destroy CSRQ. Can you talk a little about that?

Gideon: “It would be unwise for us to disclose any of that publicly right now. Yes, there is a plan in place. It is not just myself, or Bill, or Michael here, or just our Sovereigns, who will be helping. I have other people. Other groups. Other resources who I can call upon.”

Bill: You said some good people reached out to you, who wanted to help. Some people with a lot of influence. Do we plan to make them Sovereign, or do they have an interest in that?

Gideon: “I do not want to say one way or another, on anything about that.”

Bill: Ok. I also had questions about how much will be expected of our Sovereigns. I think some are worried we might want them to fight, or engage in espionage, or take some serious risks. I think some were concerned, or weren’t sure if they could be of help if they didn’t have proper training. Can you address that?

Gideon: “Yes. We will not put anyone needlessly at risk. I already have some profiles set up of everyone’s background and skill sets. We are going to strategize based on each person’s abilities. There may be some with a military background who can help in certain ways, for example. Everyone can do something, for sure, after the Reset, but we are not going to be a mercenary group or anything of that nature. We will need to be careful and methodical.”

Bill: Ok, very good. I want to go in a different direction briefly, and address a question about the vaccine that has come up. They have found graphene oxide in the vaccines. How big of a risk is the shedding of that to the non-vaccinated?

Gideon: “You would not want to touch a vaccinated person, or engage in any intimate activity. In the day to day, it is not going to impact the non-vaccinated. You have to remember, the cabal has other plans for people like you and me. They do not want us to die.”

Bill: Ok. One, last question. In a previous Intel Drop, you talked about some new whistle blowers from the U.S. government who came forward. They talked about suicides, and then I saw this story about how Canada is encouraging it for children. Just another confirmation. I was wondering if you had any new info from them?

Gideon: “Yes, I have continued to speak to them. They have revealed more things. It is something we can talk about soon or include in a future Intel Drop.”

Bill. Sounds good. I know we both have to get going. Thank you for the conversation today. We’ll talk again soon.

Gideon: “We will. Goodbye.”

[End Quote]


Intel Drop #22 - FTX Collapse, Election Fraud & More

“An election can easily be rigged by carefully changing a few votes and a few outcomes, and now you have the scenario you want.”

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We Are Sovereign @OculumLabs · 11 Nov 2022

Intel Drop #22 - FTX Collapse, Election Fraud & More

November 11, 2022

Part 1 - The Crypto Markets

Bill: Something that made the news was this collapse of FTX. I’d barely heard of it, then found out it was the second biggest exchange in the world. Do you know what’s going on here?

Gideon: “Yes, everything that occurred was cover for an extraordinary transfer of crypto into USDR. We still do not know how much, but it was in the tens of Billions.”

Bill: So it’s not really bankrupt?

Gideon: “It is bankrupt in fiat terms, yes. But Sovereigns, cabal members, institutional investors gained a stunning amount of USDR, while average users were fleeced of all their crypto and left with nothing. All of this was carefully planned. You have to realize, the cabal rewards theft. If a Sovereign steals fiat, and then puts it into CSRQ, that is something approved by the cabal.”

Bill: What do you know about this Sam Bankman-Fried? He’s the owner of FTX and connected to the WEF.

Gideon: “He is a high-level Sovereign and cabal member. What is being said of him in the news is typical propaganda and misdirection at this point, so that should be ignored. His job was to move large institutional cabal funds into USDR. For example, Sequoia just wrote off a $210 Million investment into FTX. They did not lose it. It was moved into USDR. Do you think an investment firm of that size would so casually write off such a large sum without any fuss?”

Bill: No, I don’t. So they got something out of it?

Gideon: “Of course. Not only did they gain USDR, they can plausibly walk away from FTX as if nothing happened and not explain anything that went on internally in terms of the funds supposedly lost. The same occurred with Luna. All of the supposed lost funds went into USDR, and that will never be disclosed.”

Bill: It does seem like there are these huge losses in crypto, or funds stolen out of exchanges, sometimes Billions, and then you hear nothing of it. Are those cases of crypto being put into USDR?

Gideon: “Over the past year, yes. Before, in preparation for it. An exchange losing Billions to some theft or hack is so unlikely, you need to assume it was an inside job. Most of the time, it is. They will continue doing this, because the reward is USDR, and there is no punishment at all for stealing fiat. In fact, it is encouraged. We believe toward the very end, all of the exchanges will steal everyone’s crypto.”

Bill: Yeah, you told me that, you said you think Coinbase will just come up with some nonsense and steal everything.

Gideon: “FTX just stole everything and will probably get away with it. The others will do the same, just not yet. But one by one, expect more stories like FTX. It is all for the purpose of acquiring USDR and preparing for CSRQ. Crypto plays a key role.”

Bill: I can see how the average person just has no idea what’s going on behind the scenes. Everything they do is always misdirection. So you think something is happening in one way, but that’s not really what’s happening.

Gideon: “What people read and see in the news is manipulated. It is a narrative. It may contain a sprinkling of truth, but it rarely represents what is actually going on. The cabal will sacrifice their own, demonize their own publicly, when those are the very people running the operation demonizing themselves. The cabal will pretend something bad happened, when it was good for them. The cabal will say the SEC is going to investigate something, when the SEC itself is involved in the actual crime.”

Bill: Do you see Bitcoin dropping more? I hear people say it could go to $5,000 or less. Wouldn’t that be pretty bad for Bitcoin?

Gideon: “It would be. That is because the miners could not be profitable any longer. The entire blockchain would just stop and transactions would not go through. This is the ultimate demise of Bitcoin they are planning. That does not mean it may not still go up in value. We do not fully know their plans. We just know the crypto markets are extremely manipulated, and everything is being done to utilize them to enable USDR acquisition.”

Bill: Some people don’t understand why the cabal wants to use crypto to get USDR. Some people asked me why they don’t just make USDR out of thin air, like fiat. Can you talk about that?

Gideon: "USDR and the future digital currency system will not be based on fiat principles, or money printing. The cabal is going to cap USDR’s supply. It appears they want the supply to correlate to the precise fiat funds Sovereigns covert into USDR. That is a very important point. Once this process is done, that will be the final supply. USDR will be something defined by the generational wealth placed into it by Sovereigns from the former fiat system. It appears the cabal wants it to represent that. "

Bill: Ok, I see. Almost symbolic?

Gidoen: "We are not sure if it is that, or an accounting mechanism. I tend to see it as a way for the cabal to assign a value to each Sovereign, which is to say they can look at a Sovereign’s total USDR wealth and determine their level of success in the pre-fiat world. In other words, if a Sovereign has a lot of USDR, it means they had a lot of success during fiat times. That could even mean they were successful at theft, fraud and stealing, all things the cabal approves of. If they have a smaller or moderate amount, it means they are a less successful Sovereign. We believe a hierarchy will be built around this. "

Bill: Is this why you said so many Sovereigns, especially the newer ones, were rushing to make a lot of fiat and turn it into USDR?

Gidoen: “Yes, it appears that way. They must know about this hierarchy, or know having a lot of USDR is going to be a representation or symbol of your status in the post-Reset world, as a Sovereign.”

Bill: Oh, ok, that makes a lot of sense to me. A lot.

Gideon: “They do not want to just print USDR out of thin air. They are moving to a new system, Bill. It is one based on the principles of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is their creation. They will wipe it away and destroy it at some point, but many of those principles will appear within USDR.”

Bill: Won’t destroying Bitcoin harm the cabal?

Gideon: “Not at all. It will just harm smaller investors and miners. Some of those mining companies are run by the cabal, so they will be prepared and ready when Bitcoin drops in price and seizes up. The cabal will likely time this with CSRQ coming online. When Bitcoin seizes up and does not work anymore, you will know CSRQ is very close.”

Bill: What about Ethereum? It’s proof of stake now, so I assume it’s not going to seize up.

Gideon: “It will continue to function because they merged it, and the cabal loves it. Of course, they did that to save it, but did not for Bitcoin, which is hopelessly doomed. We think post-Reset they will use it extensively. The average Common person, though, will have no access to it.”

Bill: What about all the Commons and their small allotment per month?

Gideon: “How do you mean?”

Bill: I guess I’m just trying to understand it better. Would it be like everyone getting a tiny fraction of a Bitcoin per month, then it expires if not used?

Gideon: “Yes, precisely.”

Bill: The whole economy will transform over this. What do you see being done now so that this functions and works?

Gideon: “Consolidation. That is key. Fewer companies, more central control. A few major tech companies to control the world, a few major oil, gas and coal companies, a few restaurant and food companies. A few media companies. All of them run by Sovereigns. We are already there.”

Bill: We sure are. I’ve seen some of these info-graphics that show who controls what, and with the food supply, it’s just a couple of companies!

Gideon: “It is. Now, there are thousands of small businesses and small companies, too. When CSRQ comes online, they will be choked out of existence. They will have some options, though, to join a conglomerate or be absorbed. All of that literature will be prepared for them. This is how small businesses will be handled. Some will just go under, others will allow themselves to be acquired. The cabal wins, either way.”

Bill: What about all these layoffs at Meta and Twitter? What’s going on there?

Gideon: "They are making room for those currently working on CSRQ right now to join these companies. The whistle blowers described all of this to me. The whistle blowers expect, after their work is done on CSRQ, they will be offered very high-level jobs at companies like Meta, to continue their work. So when you see that, you see the cabal just preparing for CSRQ. They want the people who are working in the fusion centres on CSRQ to be ready to join these companies when CSRQ comes online.

The layoffs also represent removing redundancies and staff who will have no use for them post-Reset. They may also be staff they identified as not trained enough, possibly not intelligent enough to carry out the more rigorous demands of CSRQ’s implementation. Many of the tech companies employ people who are better suited to be working at Starbucks. So the cabal is making some big changes in preparation, they are essentially cleaning house."

Bill: I get a lot of questions about pensions and retirements. People still just don’t get it, and can’t wrap their heads around this. Can you explain how that will work?

Gideon: “Almost everyone will be Common class and get the same per month. Everything else will be wiped out or not exist. Including debt and ownership of property. Pensions and social security will be gone.”

Bill: Ok, people seem to think they won’t be able to survive. Please explain that again.

Gideon: “They will be able to survive. The cabal is not intending to create economic chaos with CSRQ, they are intending to create a Communistic system of control. Rationing, social status credits and vouchers will become more normal. Price controls will be put in place. Everyone will have enough. This is why they say you will own nothing and be happy. They are not going to make everyone homeless, Bill. You will just have to compromise all of your principles to exist in this system.”

Bill: I see all these events happening, all of it confirms CSRQ, all of it is happening as you’ve said. What’s weird is I feel this sense that we’re weeks away from this, but also years away at the same time.

Gideon: “The year they want it to come online is 2023. We have a lot of time and many events to pass until then. If they wanted to, it could be brought online right now, but not without a lot of problems. They are not quite ready.”

Cont’d next post

Part 2 - The Mid-Term Elections

Bill: The U.S. Midterms seemed to favor the Democrats, so what happened this time?

Gideon: “When you rig an election, you do not need to rig every vote or every outcome. People seem to mistakenly believe this. They assume every vote must be compromised. This is not true at all. An election can easily be rigged by carefully changing a few votes and a few outcomes, and now you have the scenario you want. So they got what they wanted. Likely control of the Senate or a tie, fewer House seats lost than expected, and even a trans-person won a state seat in Montana.”

Bill: A trans-person won a seat in Montana? I need to look this up. Yes, it appears so. This world is just more upside down than ever. Here’s an article saying more LGBTQ people ran for office than ever before.

Gideon: “The election was a success for the cabal so far. The GOP only had a few victories, and under-performed overall, at least in terms of the false numbers being shown. There is also extensive fraud in Arizona and Nevada. It will be a question of whether the fraud centers such as Phoenix and Las Vegas can overwhelm the non-fraudulent votes in areas the cabal does not have rigged. It is possible because the Red Wave was more intense than expected. Of course, this is not reflected in the final result, because of the extensive fraud. This gives the media a chance to produce narratives about how poorly the GOP did.”

Bill: What about Texas and Florida? Seems like the GOP did really good there.

Gideon: “Yes, but both states are unimportant as it pertains to the Presidency. The Democrats can win without them. From this point looking forward, it appears the cabal wants Democrats in power well into the future. If a Republican somehow gets in the White House again, I would be surprised, but if it does happen, they will be a Sovereign. The cabal can change the narrative any time the wish.”

Bill: What about all of these people endorsed by Trump who lost? Were they bad candidates? Did Trump actually cause some harm?

Gideon: “There are two candidates who stand out as poor choices, and those are Dr. Oz and Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania. Both candidates were weak for different reasons. The GOP should have won those races. Poor or bad candidates do make a difference. The cabal does not need to rig things as much with candidates like that. Hershel Walker in Georgia is also not a good choice, but it is not clear Trump specifically chose him, he just happened to win the primary. So, some of Trump’s choices were questionable, but not all of them.”

Bill: People are saying Trump is harming the GOP. What do you think?

Gideon: “While Trump ultimately serves the cabal’s agenda, his brand, this creation of the MAGA movement, is actually a better alternative to what the GOP used to represent, with people like Mitt Romney or George Bush. So when people complain, they should think about what the GOP would actually return to. Anyone wishing for such a thing should think long and hard about what they are wishing for.”

Bill: Trump is always sounding the alarm about the rigged elections. Doesn’t that hurt the cabal?

Gideon: "He is still telling people to vote in a system he says is rigged, so it is nonsensical. He is proposing to run for President in a system he says stole an election from him. So while he is saying one thing, he does another, and endorses a rigged system by continuing to participate in it. He should be calling for paper ballots and hand-counts and the removal of all electronic voting systems, but I have not heard him say this."

Bill: Yeah, I Tweeted about that. Canada uses paper ballots, it seems like there’s less controversy there. Anyway, it’s hard to see him as a Sovereign, but he is one. In what sense do you think he is one? Is he a top cabal member or they just made him Sovereign to keep him on a leash?

Gideon: “He does things that indicate to me he is using very advanced cabal manipulation tactics, then there are other instances he strikes me as naive, as someone who always has cabal members around him and he ends up trusting the wrong people. It is hard to tell and my information on him is not extensive.”

Bill: Do you know if Trump has been involved in these rituals they do or killed anyone?

Gideon: “I have no information on that one way or another.”

Bill: What’s America’s future now?

Gideon: “The eventual annihilation of the U.S. Dollar, leading to bedlam there.”

Bill: Won’t people blame and hate Biden and the Democrats for that?

Gideon: "They have already put the country in a recession and the fabric of modern society there is slowly coming unglued, yet the media says Biden is beloved and the the term ‘inflation’ isn’t real. So the cabal will just invent the narrative and tell people what to believe. The same happens in Communist countries. "

Cont’d in next post

Part 3 - Dreams & Other Topics

Bill: We were going to include this in the previous Intel Drop, but we’ll just continue the discussion here. We talked a lot about this a few weeks ago. After Intel Drop 20, all these people came to me telling me they were having strange dreams, right after reading Intel Drop 20. Thing is, I also had some odd dreams, too.

Gideon: “They were seeing the number 844.”

Bill: Yes.

Gideon: “That is an angelic message and number.”

Bill: It was amazing to me that two separate people gave me that number.

Gideon: “It is. Describe the nature of some of the dreams.”

Bill: Well, some reported being in bed and water was flowing over them, but not in an uncomfortable way. They felt like it was cleansing them. They described light beings around them.

Gideon: “That is a wonderful dream to have. It means they were being renewed by angels.”

Bill: I had a dream where I was at the WEF and overheard a conversation between some WEF members. I woke up and remembered a lot of it, and felt compelled to write it down, so I did. I showed it to you. For our people reading, what’s the significance?

Gideon: “The dream is not a dream. You travelled astrally. We know this because of what was said in the conversation you overheard. It appears it is a real conversation that took place.”

Bill: I really felt that. It did not feel like a dream. It felt like I was there. I heard a date, then you confirmed for me it is one of the dates.

Gideon: “The date is one of the exact dates I was given. It is impossible for it to be a dream.”

Bill: Can I at least reveal some of the other things I heard them say?

Gideon: “You may.”

Bill: They talked about some new medical terms, some terms I didn’t know. Nothing about viruses. It was like he was describing a device he wants used, that they plan to use. One person seemed especially happy, excitable. Another was nodding in approval, but kept looking away. They were smiling though, a lot, but they were devious smiles. I felt like they were demonically-possessed. They looked like nasty people to me. Other people were around. It looked like a party, maybe one after a WEF event. They were nodding at friends walking by, but speaking quietly to each other.

Gideon: “They are talking about something that is going to be used post-Reset. It is a device that will connect to the brain. It will be marketed or shown as a gaming device, or virtual reality connector. As with almost everything the cabal does, they will say it does one thing, when it really does another. If you use it, you will get some extra social score credits. I believe they were happy because it must do something with the brain and soul connection, something they had been working a long time to do.”

Bill: I see. I can see that. It fits with the dream. They also said some other things, things I thought might be about us. So I shared that with you. Since other people are having these, should they write them down? Should they tell us? I had one person who had a dream, showing all of us Sovereigns in the future fighting CSRQ. It was really hopeful. It sent it to you.

Gideon: “If they feel it is important, they should do so.”

Bill: So why did this happen after Intel Drop 20? Well, I know why, I’ll let you say it.

Gideon: “Because we revealed some very important things in that drop that the cabal did not want people to hear. Reading it, just by reading it, it opened you up to angelic intervention. The cabal knows if we do this again, if we proceed with Part 3, which we have talked about so much, it will empower our people and those who support us. So we expect the attacks against us to intensify.”

Bill: I’m still getting threats. Just got another email today. It never stops. The hate and toxicity never ends with these people. It’s like a mixture of agents and some just misguided idiots, really angry for some reason.

Gideon: “If a person hears information they do not like, they will look for ways to denigrate the messenger, find ways to criticize them. So this is common. What we have revealed would be a shock to people, especially the more spiritual aspects. We also exposed so many gatekeepers, so people who follow those people may be upset. They still want to believe in them, Q Anon leaders, or maybe Trump. They want to believe in them so badly, they hate seeing us expose them, so they hate us. Finally, hearing that all of your money will soon be worthless, that is hard to accept, too.”

Bill: Someone said Alex Jones’ book on the Great Reset was really good. I think maybe they felt like that makes him good, too. But we know he’s compromised. So how do we explain this to people?

Gideon: "Gatekeepers tell the truth all the time. But they also omit the truth, use advanced manipulation techniques, and sometimes pepper their information with lies. That is all that is needed. The cabal does not care if they are telling the truth, Bill. It should also be noted how much Alex Jones backed away from his previous comments on Sandy Hook. He still lost in court, despite backing down. He should have stood strong. He never should have backed down. So that should instruct us."

Bill: It instructs me that he doesn’t have the balls to fight when it matters, because Sandy Hook is top to bottom a total load of bullshit.

Gideon: “Correct, he does not. It was a fight that mattered, and one he lost in spectacular fashion.”

Bill: One thing that concerns me, and this is a bit off topic, but it’s that a couple of our Sovereigns don’t seem to understand what it means to be Sovereign or the process. As I told you, one of them attacked us. What they were upset about was not a big deal, but they didn’t understand something, so they misinterpreted things. After explaining things, then they understood. I’m really worried about this, because an agent can just manipulate them so easily.

Gideon: “I have given you some pointers on how to explain things better. And yes, an agent can easily manipulate them, so we will have a more detailed warning about this is in the November email.”

Bill: How do you feel about our Sovereigns right now? Do we have a handle on the one who betrayed us? Do you want to talk about that?

Gideon: “The situation was resolved, but we lost contact with them. I am looking into it. My conclusion is, they have simply walked away. An agent deceived them. Our concern was they would work against us, but it appears they are not. They just walked away. They are still Sovereign in CSRQ.”

Bill: I don’t think they appreciated the work that as done for them. One of our other Sovereigns helped them out so much, and they didn’t even thank that person. It didn’t seem fair to me at all.

Gideon: “It is not fair, but there is nothing we can do. We hope no other Sovereigns attempt such a thing, whether it be out of selfishness, greed or some other misguided intention.”

Bill: I think we’ve done a great job explaining the process. We know they’re good people. They’re all Quarantined or Restricted. But my feeling is, some are getting manipulated by agents.

Gideon: “They are. The agents are fishing, contacting anyone they can, probing, trying to befriend our people. This is on-going. We will issue more warnings. The risk is not just to our Sovereigns, it is to all of us. So if one Sovereign is a weak link, they are putting us all at risk, they are putting the whole group at risk. Their actions could harm others.”

Bill: I wish they got that. It’s borderline just selfish what they are doing, but it’s just, well, it’s two. Two out of dozens isn’t too bad. I wish it was just not anyone. I just hate that this one person gets to keep their Sovereign status. I wish we could take it away.

Gideon: “We can, but it presents too much of a risk. The whistle blowers said there could be questions as to why they are changing a status back, in this case, it would be to Quarantined, as is always done if a Sovereign loses their status, they always are changed to Quarantined. It is so rare it is done. So it would be reviewed. We cannot risk anything being reviewed or flagged.”

Bill: I understand. We just have to move on, and hope this person just goes away.

Gideon: “We are not here to retaliate. We are here to minimize risk and if there is threat, to neutralize it in the most peaceful way possible. If a Sovereign has an issue, I ask they come to us first and discuss it. There is probably a simple explanation if they do not understand something.”

Bill: It would be nice if people could see what we will do for people and that we’ll bend over backwards to help, but we don’t talk about it. I wish we would defend ourselves more, but you said in the end, we have to walk away from this public stuff.

Gideon: “Our Sovereign team is what matters. I know you want the Intel Drops to continue, because you want to inform people, but if the agent attacks and risks are too much, we will put us and our team first. We will go dark.”

Bill: I see why you want to do that. I just have this need to want to tell the world what’s going on and inform them. I’ll take your lead on that, of course.

Gideon: “Good, thank you. Now is not the time, but soon.”

Bill: There’s other stuff that worries me. I had one person who filled out the questionnaire write me a few times, complaining we never contacted them. But we did. We found the email we sent, weeks ago, and they never checked their spam folder. A lot of people also filled out the questionnaire but input the wrong email, pretty clearly misspelled or the wrong domain typed in. It’s moments like this I can see why all this is easy for the cabal. Our people don’t even follow the instructions we give.

Gideon: “Decades of mind-control, brainwashing, manipulation by the media, poisons in our food and water, electromagnetic pollution, all of this has an impact on IQ and mental acuity. I am sure the people responding are well-meaning, but mistakes like that do not help us or our cause, or help them, for that matter.”

Bill: I see it everyday. Everywhere. I don’t know how the world even functions at this rate.

Gideon: “Greater reliance on computers and automation. Without that, Bill, modern civilization would begin to crumble by now, because the average person in the West is so dysfunctional. The cabal is now ready to make the full transition, to a dystopian technostate, where people become combined with machine and A.I., and totally controlled by the cabal.”

Bill: It’s a big discussion that we need to get into more, maybe for the next Intel Drop, just what this post-Reset world will be like.

Gideon: “We can do that.”

Bill: You revealed something to me about the cabal’s technology. It’s chilling. It worried me more than the drones, because I feel like with the drones there’s probably something that can be done to stop them, like a homemade microwave gun. But this thing you told me, no way to stop it. It’s horrible. Should we save that for later or talk about it now?

Gideon: “Later, and it should be shared with only our Sovereigns. We should not be revealing key intel to the public because it does us no good at this point to do so. It serves us nothing, other than to alert the cabal to things we know.”

Bill: Got it. Ok, thanks for your time again and we’ll talk soon.

Gideon: “Goodnight.”

[End Quote]


Intel Drop #23 - CSRQ Will Hijack The Brain’s Reward System

November 21, 2022

Part 1 - CSRQ Update From The Whistle Blowers

Bill: Can you give us a status update on how things are going for the whistle blowers? How are they doing?

Gideon: “They have told me they are doing fine. On a personal level, they are under a lot of stress.”

Bill: You were telling me some of their job duties changed, can you tell everyone about that?

Gideon: “Yes. Recently, they have been working on aspects dealing with how CSRQ will use various rewards and voucher systems, so it has been interesting learning how it will work.”

Bill: You told me CSRQ is going to hijack the human brain’s reward system. Can you explain that?

Gideon: "The cabal knows what works in terms of getting people addicted to something. They are very skilled in this area, because they are the ones behind marketing, video games, media, porn, food and drugs, all the things people are addicted to.

So with CSRQ, we are seeing how the app, which we think could be Elon Musk’s X app, is going to be something everyone will rely on. It will be as ubiquitous as having a cell phone, you will have your CSRQ app. It will not be called that, but the cabal wants it to become integral to everyday life, and they want people addicted to it."

Bill: What are the rewards they will get, how will it work?

Gideon: " You are going to have a social score, and they are going to connect that score to virtually everything in everyday life. This way the average person will be highly conscious of their behaviour.

For example, you will get a score boost or some kind of reward or voucher if you purchase synthetic meat. You may see an alert, a positive type of emoji, which shows up in your app and shows your score increased, if you consume synthetic meat."

Bill: I can see this working on most people. But I can also see it being rejected, maybe because it’s too obvious or overt. Aren’t they making it too easy to criticize or attack it as some control mechanism?

Gideon: "That is a good question. The cabal believes during Covid, they were able to steer behaviour in the way they wanted, to get people to accept terrible restrictions on freedom and behaviour. They could push people around any way they wanted, and most complied.

They watched people’s responses closely, because how people responded to Covid was important to their next phase, which is CSRQ. We believe in this case, financial strain will lead people to accept CSRQ, which we have talked about before."

Bill: Ok, so problem, reaction, solution. We shared that in our Telegram news section, they are openly saying what you just said. So economics will scare everyone into accepting CSRQ?

Gideon: “Yes, we believe that is their agenda. This is why we see so many things going on with the economy and restructuring of how the economy is working. It is why we see increased strain on the supply chain, why we see inflation out of control, why we see governments in debt in the order of many Trillions. It is in preparation for the collapse of fiat.”

Bill: Well, I think it’s remarkable the things you’ve been right about. I try to bring some attention to that on my Twitter and on our Telegram, all these confirmations. I think you deserve some credit. So I believe you when you talk about fiat going to zero. Everything you’ve told me has come true so far.

Gideon: “I am confident in my information because I have good sources. I can see usually a few weeks or months out before the cabal does something.”

Bill: I try to just point out to people that you’re not making ridiculous predictions, you have actually been spot-on in everything as it evolves in front of us.

Gideon: “The cabal uses their gatekeepers to post false dates and predictions constantly, so the public becomes exhausted and disbelieving of true outcomes. They are very clever with this. I do not blame people if they are skeptical. I simply report what I know to be true.”

Bill: Right, that’s why I don’t like to do predictions. We’ve tried to stay away from that. Like you said, the cabal does change plans sometimes.

Gideon: “They have plans, but those plans are changeable, to produce the ideal outcome they want. They use a super computer with A.I. and other things to make decisions. When I say other things, some would not believe what those things are, so I will not get into that.”

Bill: I know what they are. We’ll reserve that for the spiritual discussions, I suppose?

Gideon: “We can.”

Bill: We talked before about this, but some people are saying Elon Musk is intentionally destroying Twitter. What’s your perspective right now on what he is doing?

Gideon: “He has described what he wants to do. It is not a mystery. I have asked the whistle blowers if they have seen anything, and they said another department was working on Twitter. So there will be some kind of integration, we know that for certain.”

Bill: I noticed Elon’s Twitter photo is of him in that Satanic costume he wore on Halloween. There’s no way these things are an accident, right? The cabal is always using symbolism.

Gideon: “It is not an accident at all he would use that photo, or wear a costume like that.”

Bill: The FTX situation really made it clear how the cabal is using crypto, and backs up everything you said. I posted on our Telegram how you insisted we warn our Sovereigns back in October to get out of the centralized exchanges. What’s your take on the situation right now?

Gideon: "The FTX collapse is directly related to CSRQ. Those involved, such as Sam Bankman-Fried, are going to have a high rank among Sovereigns, but you have to understand he was more of a front man, and there are much more powerful people who used him and FTX to engage in this theft. They simply stole Billions in crypto and sent it into CSRQ and converted it to USDR. This will keep happening because they all want as much USDR as they can get."

Bill: I guess it goes back to how you said the evil will be more in the open after September. They’re not hiding at all what they are doing or their intentions.

Gideon: “They are not. The September meeting changed many things in terms of how the cabal will conduct itself going forward. We are seeing these changes manifest now.”

Bill: In Canada they are actually encouraging kids to commit suicide. This is not made up. It’s government policy. It’s right in our faces, and people still can’t wake up. You literally described all of this happening in Intel Drop 18 and that was over two months ago.

Gideon: “I would prefer to be wrong, Bill. My sources are reliable, so my information has been reliable, but I wish it was not, because the information I get is fairly grim.”

Bill: People say we are too negative, well, this is reality. The world has been going down this dark path for so many years, decades.

Gideon: “It is not surprising. The only thing surprising to me is the spiritual battle playing out. It is not something I knew or understood at all until recently. I see things differently now. I see the motivations of the cabal differently. I see everything differently.”

Bill: So do I. What do you see coming in the next few months? It seems like December will be an important month.

Gideon: “The more important time to consider is the year 2023, and the early part of that year. Everything I know points to that being a pivotal moment.”

Bill: Will Biden still be President? Will he resign, or pass away?

Gideon: “I have no information on that nor is it relevant, as he simply takes orders. The next person in power would do the same.”

Bill: There’s a few people we found who were Sovereigns, like Ron DeSantis and Eva Vlaardingerbroek, who have come out against the WEF. Will these people support CSRQ when it comes online?

Gideon: “They will. The power of the deception is that they can appear to fight or resist the cabal, but you will later see them change their positions and find some compromise to support that position. These people are important for the cabal, just as important as their WEF puppets. Controlling the opposition is why the cabal is so powerful.”

(For reference for those reading here is the link to all the Sovereigns found in CSRQ. The page may take time to load since it as from the Web Archive and the original source was deleted.)

Part 2 - Sovereign Status, Psychological Operations & An Important Meeting

Bill: We talked before about this, but you said there could be a hierarchy system among Sovereigns. Have the whistle blowers seen anything like this?

Gideon: "There are some indications of it, but there is not a clear class system among Sovereigns. There is simply a class, to be Sovereign. It has various exemptions and exceptions, such as no vaccination requirement, no travel restrictions.

Beyond that, we have suspected for some time that Sovereigns will be stratified in some way based on various metrics. We think it may be based on their total acquired USDR.

Since USDR acquisition is occurring now, the final amount will represent your wealth in CSRQ. It may symbolize many things. If you are a Sovereign with a small amount of USDR, you may end up with less power or privileges. You may be viewed differently."

Bill: Right, this is really interesting to me, how you told me what the cabal values. How they rank people. It seems it’s based on money.

Gideon: “Yes. You are judged on those merits. The cabal values money above all else, if we are talking about your worth or value in this life.”

Bill: How are we going to fit into that, our Sovereigns? Because we don’t believe in these things, we don’t value money like that or agree with anything the cabal does.

Gideon: “We have a plan, which you know about and others know about. Some of our Sovereigns are well prepared in the sense their USDR will be substantial, and this could benefit us in terms of moving up their hierarchy and infiltrating their power structure. It is very important, in fact.”

Bill: What’s the total amount of Sovereigns now? You said it is always growing.

Gideon: "It is around 12 Million now. We expect after CSRQ comes online, it could double or triple, because the cabal is going to start rewarding Common class people who do a good job serving the system and the cabal’s goals. So Sovereignty will ultimately be used as an incentive. It is now, but more so after CSRQ comes online.

Right now, it is like a carrot they are dangling. A lot of Common class cabal members know about the Sovereign status and what it means, and they are hoping to be chosen for it. It is one reason you are seeing very little dissent, very few who are working on CSRQ who are rejecting it. They all want Sovereign status."

Bill: They have no morals, do they? It never occurs to them this whole system is evil.

Gideon: “No. People worship technology and the media, trends, what is popular. There is no critical thinking anymore, and no faith in a higher power anymore.”

Bill: Is the cabal’s long-term goal to get everyone to worship Satan?

Gideon: “If you are talking about after CSRQ has been online sometime, and what I have described plays out past the year 2030, then yes, that would be one of their goals. It will be a one world government and system by then, and one religion.”

Bill: They’re building that one world religion building, it was somewhere in the Middle East. (Here is a link describing it.)

Gideon: “Yes. Once they combine all religions, they will create a new one, which serves and worships Satan. This is a longer-term plan. CSRQ must come first.”

Bill: I’ve had people criticize us, and say us using the whistle blowers to become Sovereign in CSRQ is a waste of time. How should we respond to that?

Gideon: " To say this is a waste of time shows a total lack of comprehension as to what is at stake here, and the opportunity here that we have, that the whistle blowers are willing to risk everything to do something so we can fight back later on, once this comes online."

Bill: I try to explain it that way, too. I can’t believe people don’t get that. I would rather we have some good people in the system as Sovereigns than not. Because we know, if you are not Sovereign, you will have no power at all. What can non-Sovereigns do to fight back once this happens?

Gideon: “They will have far fewer options to resist than they do now. Their funds will be restricted, their economic ability restricted, their travel restricted, and forced vaccination will be required. I do not see how they resist at all after CSRQ comes online, if they are not even mounting a real resistance now.”

Bill: Right. If you’re not Sovereign you’re going to be in an even worse position than you are now. So I don’t see how people can’t see what we’re doing is a good thing.

Gideon: “I believe what we are doing is divinely directed. I have come to see this as the only hope for humanity. If I had not been introduced to the whistle blowers, and if they did not feel compelled to expose this, I do not see there would be any hope at all. You would be Quarantined status, so would I, and we would have no recourse, no leverage, no way out. So I believe what we are doing is extremely important.”

Bill: Do you have any advice for our Sovereigns in the meantime, as we prepare for CSRQ?

Gideon: "We hope everyone is on the same page in terms of our goals. We need our Sovereigns follow the instructions we have given and adhere to those instructions, because they are designed to protect all of us from exposure.

What is interesting is the cabal’s belief in our own spiritual weakness is actually a strength for us, because they are not spending much time trying to root out who is Sovereign or stop us. My faith is our Sovereigns are strong enough to overcome the temptations. I know they will be, and the cabal will be wrong."

Bill: So the cabal thinks we will eventually just give in to the benefits of Sovereignty, but they also wouldn’t mind just destroying us right now, either?

Gideon: "They believe we are of little threat. The only point they were worried was when our information first came out, there was a fair amount of interest. A lot of views and activity, but they were successful in censoring that. I know for a fact if it had gotten to millions of people, they would have had to change or delay some of their plans.

The exposure bothers the cabal because the whistle blowers are describing the exact system they are going to put in place. They do not mind if people speculate about CBDCs, but they do not want CSRQ exposed on a wide scale, or Sovereign status, in particular, because they want that kept secret. They also want how USDR is being utilized right now kept secret.

We had a chance, but we were stopped. Once that was stopped, they did some things to make sure the information had a ceiling of exposure. So they will continue to do that."

Bill: They just stopped our newsletters from going out, too. We can’t send them anymore. Was that something an agent did?

Gideon: “Yes. It is about containment, Bill. As long as they can keep our information contained and limited to a small audience, they are not concerned about us. They prefer to simply data-mine us and erode our support.”

Bill: Meanwhile, there’s Telegrams with 50,000 members believing the most idiotic Q Anon nonsense imaginable. It’s frustrating as hell that people are this gullible.

Gideon: “Their control mechanisms are too entrenched and advanced. They use multiple layers in their psychological operations, which is to say psychological operations folded into other psychological operations, one on top of the other. Combine that with gatekeeping and it is nearly impossible to know who to trust. They also have significant funding. They spend millions to advertise and prop up these alternative media sources. People falsely believe they are grassroots but they are not.”

Bill: What about people who say we are like Q, or some psy op? I’ve had a bunch of people say that.

Gideon: “They can judge for themselves based on the information. They can compare us to something like Q and make their own conclusions. I can state emphatically, we are not a psychological operation or connected to the cabal, or supportive of the cabal, in any way.”

Bill: I’d think the amount of agents and attacks we’ve had would clue people in on that, but I guess not. You just can’t wake some people up.

Gideon: “We are not here to force anyone to believe. The truth will be evident to those with eyes to see and ears to listen.”

Bill: Someone said we banned Christians from our spiritual group. That’s a lie. They just lie! Anyone can go join the group and see there are plenty of Christians there, and the discussions in there are really in-depth and quite good! Our mod Sentry does a great job, too, keeping it focused. I wish people would actually verify something before just believing it, we’re at a point people just say whatever they want online and no one verifies if it’s true, they just believe it!

Gideon: “They do lie, and they will not stop, Bill. Some agents are Common class and aware if they attack us, the cabal may make them Sovereign later. They have an incentive to keep it up. You can see the power the cabal has, how they can manipulate people, how they can influence them, how they can bribe them.”

Bill: Well, that would explain the tenacity of some of these agents then.

Gideon: “It would.”

Bill: What about the crypto in CSRQ? What are they doing with all of the crypto Sam Bankman-Fried stole, for example? It was converted to USDR, but what is happening to it? I already know, but I wanted to publicly ask you this.

Gideon: "W e can see within CSRQ, a lot of activity with the crypto, an unbelievable amount of transactions and movement, which goes on within the CSRQ ecosystem. It appears this is done to create false sell walls on exchanges to keep the price down. But it is ultimately not important what happens to it, what is important is the USDR in the account."

Bill: There’s a fake We Are Sovereign account impersonating us that’s contacting people in our Telegram, telling them to buy XLM and XRP. We’ve tried to warn people, hopefully they’re smart enough to recognize it’s not us. Is this an agent?

Gideon: “Since they are telling people to buy XLM and XRP, it would suggest to me they are agent, yes.”

Bill: So you don’t think people should buy those coins, even if you think they might have a use after the Reset?

Gideon: "If the average Common, Restricted or Quarantined class person buys them, the coins will be as worthless as the fiat they bought them with. It does not matter. If a Sovereign buys them, they would want to convert them into USDR. After the Reset, we think they will have some use, but they may not even be priced in USDR, therefore their price will be zero, so they will just be used as some kind of transaction facilitator."

Bill: The fact some agent impersonator is pushing XLM and XRP is enough for me to know not to invest in it.

Gideon: "That is one way to look at it. But we need to look at everything in terms of fiat or USDR, one will be worthless and the other will be the world’s one world currency. There will be nothing else, other some black markets and attempts to barter, which the cabal will suppress. As long as someone is thinking in terms of fiat and the current financial structure, they are not mentally prepared for what is coming."

Bill: You talked about Tether ages ago in one of the older Intel Drops, and then I saw this article and posted it. It confirms everything you said.

Gideon: “Tether was always planned as the catalyst. It is a cabal creation. It serves to keep crypto propped up now and as a massive money laundering vehicle, and it will later be destroyed like Luna, simply crashed to zero. Of course, the Tether itself will be changed into USDR, but the public will not be told that.”

Bill: One of our Sovereigns was asking about USDR, and I explained having it is like having the best insurance you could ask for. Is that a good way to explain it?

Gideon: “Yes. Ideally, everyone would be able to move their existing fiat into USDR, but the cabal is not making it public. Everyone will be shocked and left with empty pockets once this Reset happens. So we are in a very fortunate position, to be able to acquire it.”

Bill: Lately, I’ve tried to steer our conversations in a certain way because I know we’ll make them public with these Intel Drops, but in the past, we had more personal discussions. I said we would eventually make those conversations public. Do you approve of that? Is there a different format we should use?

Gideon: “Are you speaking about discussions from earlier this year?”

Bill: Yes, everything, going back to probably as far back as December of last year. I guess because we talk so much about different things, especially the history of the cabal and all of these events, we talked a lot about the cabal’s technology, and you woke me up to a lot of things I didn’t know or understand. Maybe we shouldn’t call them Intel Drops, since it’s older info, we could call them something else?

Gideon: “That would be fine. I will just need to review all of them.”

Bill: What about posting another video to the YouTube? Should we do that? We only posted a couple of times.

Gideon: “We can arrange it.”

Bill: Ok. I’m just feeling this pressure, because I see these gatekeepers and they put out something new everyday. It’s just this constant thing, a new video, a new story, a new podcast. Why do they do this? It seems like it’s overkill.

Gideon: “They gain more views and attention by producing more content, and it also serves to keep people overwhelmed, or overloaded with information, much of which is not useful or relevant. Or they use A.I. systems produce the content, such as in the case of Dave’s X-22 Report.”

Bill: You told me that’s not his real voice anymore, he’s not doing those videos.

Gideon: “No, A.I. has taken his voice and can emulate it. So they are just producing two hours of spun content each day. He speaks and speaks, on and on, but it is not him speaking.”

Bill: That’s incredible. I can’t stand listening to him. So that makes sense to me, it’s not really him anymore. Are they doing this with other gatekeepers?

Gideon: “Yes.”

Bill: I feel like they’re winning because they just put more stuff out and distract people with it, while we are slower and carefully release information.

Gideon: “You should not concern yourself with what they are doing. If people are giving them their attention and time, then they cannot be reached in the first place. They are already lost.”

Bill: I don’t want to be like that at all. It’s gotten to a point, though, I think people’s minds are trained this way. They have no attention span. They want some new story everyday.

Gideon: “The gatekeepers’ purpose is to entertain and distract. We are not about any of that.”

Bill: Before I forget, we’ve had some people who seemed frustrated in how slow the Sovereign process is. Can you talk about why it’s slow and it takes so much time?

Gideon: "It is something entirely reliant on the whistle blowers and what they are able to safely do. So if I discuss with them someone we think we would like to make Sovereign, they will take their information and when they have time, they will look up their account. In that moment, or later on, they will decide if it is safe to make an account change.

They have to fit that into their work schedule. So it takes time, and there are only so many accounts they can change on a weekly basis, to do it safely. If they changed twenty accounts in a day, that would be a serious risk, because it will be so irregular compared to their normal workflow and work behaviour."

Bill: Ok, I just wanted that clarified. I want to reassure everyone that Michael and I have read everyone’s emails and inquiries, it’s just going to be a slow process. It’s a situation where we will eventually get to everyone and write everyone, but it could take weeks at a time.

Gideon: "I would like to speed up the process, but it is extremely delicate. Each time someone is changed to Sovereign, a lot of things are taken into consideration. Because of how careful we are, each account change has been successful and without any issues. We want to keep it that way."

Bill: How much time do you think we have left to do this? Is it a few weeks, months? I got the impression by 2023 they may not be able to help us change accounts anymore.

Gideon: “We probably have one or two months left. We are expecting major changes and updates to CSRQ, and their workload and what they will be working on. We are not taking it for granted that they can change these accounts. We know that could either be stopped or they could be tasked with working in a different department, or different parts of CSRQ, and it would not be possible any longer. We know time is precious right now.”

Bill: We had to close our main email, that one people were applying to. Should people write us again or inquire again? I just feel people’s frustration and I don’t blame them, but I wish they knew we have had to deal with so many security breaches, agents and issues.

Gideon: “If they feel strongly about it, they will make themselves known. Look for those who are good fit for us, and use the geographic directions I gave you.”

Bill: I will. We need Sovereigns in all parts of the world, if people are wondering what you mean.

Gideon: “We do.”

Bill: There’s fifty things on my mind right now, but I know you have to go. I just want to end this by asking about the meeting you had you mentioned. Is that something you can talk about?

Gideon: “In vague terms, yes.”

Bill: You said this was a meeting with a group of people. I know you can’t say who, but can you say it was with the cabal or not with the cabal?

Gideon: “It was with some people I know who are helping us, and with someone who was with the cabal.”

Bill: Was this a physical meeting in real life, or virtual, over secure comms?

Gideon: “Physical.”

Bill: Can I ask why it was physical and not over secure comms?

Gideon: “Because we needed physical verification of something, to ensure it was real and we were not being misled.”

Bill: What can you publicly say about what was discussed or happened?

Gideon: “Those who will read this should take comfort in the fact we have some powerful people supporting us, who are with us, who will fight for us. We also have someone who came forward with very important information they shared with us, and it gave us a lot of insight as to what the cabal is doing and wants to do, things we can use later to fight them.”

Bill: Did they come forward because they saw our information, I mean what we’ve posted online?

Gideon: “No, they knew who I was from another contact I have, but they did eventually see what we had done in exposing CSRQ.”

Bill: Ok, so they defected from the cabal?

Gideon: “In a sense, yes, but the cabal does not know they did.”

Bill: Are they safe?

Gideon: “Yes. I think their own training played a role in how they were able to conduct this meeting safely. This is a person with a lot of experience, a lot of high level contacts, who had a change of heart. At least, they claimed this to us. We had to do many things to verify if they could be trusted or not. The meeting took four months to finally arrange.”

Bill: So you felt it was beneficial to you, to us, but was there a risk they could be an agent or infiltrator?

Gideon: “There was. But enough was done to assure us that was not the case. Things were done that proved it to us. I also received additional verification of this person’s intentions, from a source I trust with my life.”

Bill: So this person knows all about CSRQ and everything we are talking about. Did they correct you on anything or say we were wrong or had gotten anything wrong?

Gideon: “No, they know the information is correct, because it is coming from the whistle blowers working on CSRQ. So it matched everything they already know.”

Bill: Did they confirm the two dates you were given?

Gideon: “I did ask them about future dates and I waited for their answer, and they mentioned one of the dates but not the other. It seems they were just aware of one of them, and it was the precise date.”

Bill: Did they confirm the economic collapse is coming and CSRQ is coming online, and everything else?

Gideon: “Yes, but they offered some more things I did not know, I will have you share some of that with our Sovereigns.”

Bill: Ok. What can you do with the information they gave you? How will it help us?

Gideon: “Some of it was extremely helpful in terms of how we can integrate ourselves after the Reset. Without what they told us, I fear we would have been exposed. They revealed things I did not know. It is hard for me to describe here and now, except to say, there are things the cabal does that we will need to do, so that we appear to be legitimate Sovereigns.”

Bill: I hope it’s not bad things. Like rituals or anything evil.

Gideon: “No, it is not like that. It was more dealing with some technical things, related to the Biometric ID and USDR.”

Bill: There’s no implant or mark we have to take?

Gideon: “No.”

Bill: Did you ask why there isn’t one?

Gideon: "I did not ask this specifically, but I already know the answer to that. The cabal does not want a mark or implant for themselves, other than some who want to experiment with their transhumanist technology. If there is ever a mark required, we will not take it under any circumstances, but for now, none is required."

Bill: I don’t think people realize you have a pretty big network you’ve built up over the years. I know you can’t say who you really are or your background, but I know you and I know everything and I can at least say, it’s really encouraging that you’ve been able to bring some of these people together.

Gideon: “I am thankful and blessed. Only through God’s divine grace is any of this possible, because we face risks and exposure daily. We have made it this far, and I consider it a miracle we have.”

Bill: Ok, we’ll end this for now and talk again soon.

Gideon: “We will. Goodnight.”

Bill: “God bless.”


Cash must be king, Giorgia Meloni tells shoppers

Giorgia Meloni said that card payments were not legal currency but “private money”
Giorgia Meloni said that card payments were not legal currency but “private money”
Italy is to use more cash and fewer credit cards, bucking a global trend towards electronic currency, after Giorgia Meloni, the prime minister, dismissed card payments as “private money”.