Cuff on Primetime talking rubbish...

More wind form the greens… sitting beside another windbag from the bankers federation.

bankruptcy a badge of honour

The same windbag who used to the the General Secretary of the Sick and Indigent Bankers and Developers Beneficial Society…

The only way to describe that programme was one-sided, where was the balance from one of the economists like Gurdgiev that actions like this would distort an already fu**ed up property market even more? Total muck with that idiot woman trying to steer the non-existent debate.

It’s certainly true that she has her knockers.


Well I was shouting at radio one last nioght while driving down the M50 listening to that fucking fool Micahel Mulcahy. Whom I have crossed paths with and is nothing but sqeally little piggy who can’t handle the truth nor a debate.

He was waffeling on about NAMA injecting credit back into the economy. To be honest the debate was appauling for its lack of passion. Everyone is tired and overwhlemed either by ther greed and decadance or their increduility.

the term “lie” and “liar” needs inclusion back into the common vernacular pronto.

Michael Mulcahy is a liar like Brian Lenihan is a Liar like Fianna Fail is one great Lie.

The best thing we coudl all do is IGNORE the lie and deal with the truth.

Assume for a minute that not everyone was watching primetime, nor has the patience to watch it on rte player. What did he say that was so offensive?