Cuilin, Allies River Road, Rathmichael (-2.775m, -67%)

Was 4.15m … 66449.html

Now 2.15m … lin/189433

The Irish Times lists this as a “new year” price drop! … 62570.html

one of the worst deals in the boom was the Irish Time paying full whack for when the writing was actually on the wall; the idiots don’t even link their puff pieces to the bloody profiles. Bad business practice and annoying for tyre kickers and property porn consumers alike!

very close to the M50 therefore must be traffic sounds but still you have to go around in a big circle to bet onto it. Still overpriced.?1.5m

Now 1.95m … lin/423236

Stunning House

Stunning asking price in this market :open_mouth:


That’s the right kind of price level for what’s on offer. I can see this selling in the next few months.

Sale agreed … enDocument


Must be value of sorts, in fact this must be a bargain assuming you can live with traffic noise

It is a very lonely road to my mind. Nice up to a point but do roads like that attract a lot of unwanted attention.

No denying that was a bargain.

4 acres of relatively prime land, along with 4300sqft foot of impressive living space for €992k is a good deal no matter what busy road you are beside. It’s one thing being concerned about noise in a 100ft garden at a home on the Stillorgan Road, its another worrying about noise when you’re surrounded by 4 pristine acres - I’m sure the new owners wont complain.

Brochure still available at: … lin/423236

Not sure 992 was the full price for this, apparently properties over one acre are often split in two these days with only the house bit showing up on price register.

Doubt it went for much more and definitely seems to be best bargain I’ve seen recently.

Thanks SoCoDu for the pictures - i agree with you - this is a very good deal in any market - hats off to the buyer 8DD

I viewed this house, the problem is it’s not surrounded by the acres, it’s more of a longer and thinner site and the front of the house itself is very close to the M11. The noise level was quite high (trucks especially) in the front downstairs rooms, front and side gardens and the front bedrooms, the back was fine noisewise and there was a really lovely walled garden which was much quieter. There was also a great coach house which was very, very quiet and a part of it converted into a terrific home pub.

Fabulous house and imo would have been rapidly snapped up for a much higher price had the road not been so close.

Wow, bring me back to simpler (more affordable / value existed) times