Current Public Sentiment towards the Housing Market

I tend to rely on logic. This in turn, informs my gut reactions.
There will be many dead cats before this is over.

What does logic tell you about the financial system Ivor and what is your gut reaction to it?

Logic tells me that the Euro,in its current format is not long for this world. If it survives,Ireland will not be part of it. Cuts in rental subsidies are ineveitable and incomes will keep falling. What is the average price of a house in Ireland now?What is the average income?
Gut reaction: I don’t have a penny in either Ireland or the Euro.

Macro economic performance never follows logic. It is less likely to follow your gut.

I think we are at the point where buying is not a financial disaster and provides the opportunity to settle. Bottom pickers have smelly fingers. They also, sometimes, cannot see the wood from the bailout.

Shelter is but one of lifes needs - we in Ireland are as obsessed about it as ever - just for different reasons.

I have made my decision and am now in the market.

Leaving aside the idiotic comments from the OP there are a few interesting insights into how our neighbours are seeing us. … ?t=3267444 … ?t=3267444

Re the above always interesting to see ourselves as others see us,one thing though somene had a great line on the Pin during the week might have been on the Endgame approaching thread. It read

“We’re all Irish Now”
I reckon that may well be the case and I have already got the T shirt on order with a picture of Merkel and Sarko on the front and a hurler hitting them on the ass

I think it’s a bit like people from California calling Irish people ‘sheeple’. I mean, if ever there was a failed state, that’s it right there. Arnold friggin Schwarzenegger please.

They should look at themselves out before coming down on us for our sh*t governments and press. Until then:

Poster Theboinkmaster on with a nifty little A-Z in a “Should I but now?” thread: … 03&page=10

Very comprehensive, a bit disappointed that each point didn’t start with corresponding letter…like that D I S C O song

(and now it’s in your head, sorry)

just an aside, but I have never seen this before -
presumably they are sick of sale agreeds falling through?

The Old Barracks, Kilcashel, Avoca, Co Wicklow

asking price EUR €230,000

Ime, cash only properties tend to have something wrong with them that mean a bank won’t take a chance on financing it. Perhaps something that makes it uninsurable.

Wow - that asking price surely is a sign of relative normality coming back. What are the odds it’s owed by a foreigner (note the disparate aim on the 2 satellite dishes tho maybe the larger one is for Tooway internet access) who wants out NOW? (preferably before Greece defaults)

from the Dutch snippet I’d say the odds are high :slight_smile:

The latest price dropping activity hint at pockets of panic on the margins out there. Source: an evenings perusal of Collapso.

An eventful day:

This evening we had a discussion of rental yields as a means of valuing property on RTE 6-1 News, courtesy of Ronan Lyons, which is a first I would have thought.
This morning, there were the CSO figures that showed the rate of the crash is accelerating, especially in Dublin and with apartments (and David Murphy on the airwaves all day reminding people that NAMA was about to release 8,000 more of them.)
Newspaper analysis of Allsop last week, where more properties went unsold than at previous auctions and at which 8%+ yields were again shown to be in line with investor expectations, in an instant wiping another huge chunk off clearing prices.
Joan Burton on the Frontline tonight again banging on about rent allowance.
The Property forum making the Pin look like these days.

I’m going to stick my neck out and say we have a property crash on our hands here.

I thought things had stabilised an that a year ago that tremendous value was to be had in the marketplace and value like that would never return?

and all this is before any introduction of An Punt Nua :nin

A low price and an appeal for a ‘cash purchaser’ suggests to me that there might be a reason why a financial institution might not give a mortgage on the property. My two cents, but I have no particular knowledge of the property in question.

What was the jist of her banging?

It was the very first thing she mentioned in the very first sentence out of her lips on the show, and Kenny’s question wasn’t even about RA! It seems to be the only thing Joan’s been talking about in recent months.

However, I wasn’t entirely concentrating that early in the show and missed the meat of what she said! So I’ll have to watch it back later and remind myself. I think it was something about changing people on RA into a different system altogether, but as I say I need to watch it back.

I concur with that, in the last few times I’ve heard her on the radio.

With stories such as this it shouldn’t come as a surprise.