Current Public Sentiment towards the Housing Market


The latest font styles are very like hurriedly scribbled handwriting nowadays, Give me Arial or Century Gothic anyday


Independent - Why ownership will always trump renting in the Irish market


These flyers get posted on here every so often for discussion.
I don’t understand the issue.

It’s a marketing tool, just like any pizza flyer.

EA’s need a supply to sell.
That’s all it is.


They could at least make them look like they haven’t been designed by a 5 year old.


They are intentionally designed like that to make the house owner think their house was singled out by the EA, with a hurriedly hand written note because the EA is so busy busy busy… “You better contact me quick, otherwise you’ll be left behind”.


Well I suppose they are a sign of things to come - Unprofessional Flyer = Unprofessional Service.


At OMD we believe that first impressions count, you can expect the same level of care and attention in all aspects of our service


It’s actually a surprisingly effective method of marketing. Years ago I had a little business that drummed up all it’s work with very stylish brochures with a hand written note on the back of it telling people that we were working in the area. For every 10 flyers put through letter boxes we got a job, but of course we were very selective about which houses we chose.


A guy who did some heavy-lift garden clearing for me years back had something similar for his domestic scale landscape/gardening/paving service - he and his wife personalised the cover note to his little flyer by looking up the electoral register and Thoms Directory in the library.
He was quite selective of target houses and only canvassed a small area so they were all genuinely handwritten from scratch on nice paper by his missus and he said they made sure the dents from the pen were evident!
I think he reckoned (it’s a while ago now - but I was curious at the time and did ask) on about 1 in 6 getting a response and about one in three of those following through to a job of some sort.


It would be a bit weird to have a flyer personally addressed to you like that!


It was … especially as he sort of stalked potential customers houses by varying his commute routes (pre Street View days) and would mention possible tasks in the note.
"Dear Mr Coles,
We have noticed your overhanging trees and faulty front gate … " sort of opening.
I though it odd at the time and still do - never had need of him again and dunno what happened him since.
He came to me through a friends recommendation - no letters required!
His wife was a lovely writer though!


Lorcan Sirr realises the errors of ghost estates, several years later:

‘where people want to live is where demand will be, which is not necessarily where developers build houses. We should take note for the future.’

Also in today’s Irish Times, some precious words of wisdom from Estate Agents’ United, claiming that
(1) Property is now undervalued, especially in Dublin
(2) We need to build loads and loads more houses.

‘Property prices have almost certainly fallen too far, particularly in Dublin. This was demonstrated by a quick rebound in prices, with five consecutive quarterly price rises in the capital as they moved towards fair value. This was inevitable as property prices had fallen too far, a view that was echoed by commentators.’

Which commentators, exactly? :angry:


40 page property supplement as the ‘market recovers’. Note the subtle difference between property and home


Hearing more and more anecdotes in my own circle, of people who are completely spooked by the rises and are backing off now (“for a year or two” etc.).

These are people who would have been actively looking and ready to buy, and while a rise of even up to 10% wouldn’t have mattered too much, the situation with asking prices going 30% up in the space of about 8 months has thrown them off completely.


Price rises, eh? Let’s see the evidence. This is obviously the Denial phase. Still one hell of a way to go.


I’m not sure what you’re driving at? Anyone looking for a house in the last 12 months has seen asking price shoot through the roof.

May not necessarily be reflected in CSO or PPR stats, but ‘on the ground’ the adverts, interactions with EA’s, and some behaviour witnessed at open viewings is startling folks I know.


I’m one of those startled folks. I am now:

  1. Looking at moving to Kildare/Wicklow and commuting
  2. Moving jobs to one outside Dublin
  3. Moving jobs to one outside Ireland

In that order. There is no way I am paying current prices. Note this does not mean I am saying prices will fall significantly, i’m just out of the (Dublin) market at current prices

#3498 2014Q2 Sentiment Survey - 10 min survey: Your views on house prices
Assume it will be another daft report or the strap-line atop


Doesn’t offer 2014 as a year you purchased a house, clearly a sign of the bubble bursting :nin


It’s almost like they copied and pasted from last quarter:-D