Current Public Sentiment towards the Housing Market



I wonder. Housing prices and rent rising means much less economic security for people, which leads to a greater dependency on the state, state housing, and a need to obey or adhere to requirements to access said state housing.


The Canadians are calling the landlord a savvy investor, but is he really. If he was Irish he would replace the bed with a bunkbed and increase his return


Commenting on the first property, one Twitter user wrote: ‘This Dublin landlord’s work from home set up is like where you send your sims to die.’

Another said: ‘I’ve lived like this not far from there in 2001. The rent was 200 a month.’

One more person aptly said: ‘Ah WFP… Work from prison.’

On the second property, one person tweeted: ‘This one is a JOKE! Sleep, cook and work in the same box room — that’s honestly a prison cell!!’

Oh the joy!


It does look that way, I expect SF to lead the next Government, and I think they will do their best to build more council houses, very good, I’d be happy to support them doing that, but then of course they will have to give the houses to the “refugees” they just can’t say no to, its the same in the UK, if Corbyn won the last election he would have pushed the same policy. so I don’t see a way out, does anyone see a way ?

Back to Canada, they plan to increase the “Canadian” population to 100million by the end of the century, total madness, but if anyone says stop they’d be worse than Hitler, almost as bad as Donald Trump