Cut welfare & pensions, scrap Croke park, tax homes: Reuters

croke park deal is something I never took an interest in.

But it must be a bad thing because Blair Horan was defending it so rigorously this morning on the radio.

It’s like some mangled version of Turkeys voting for christmas.
PS unions got to vote on it but the rest of us didn’t get a vote on it and we are the Turkeys who get cooked at Christmas.

The flip side of that is that Cowan would be remembered as the Taoiseach who had the IMF come in on his watch. I doubt he’d want that much.

They are already here and they have offered us a “soft fascism”, bit like our “soft days” that has us all “soft in the head” we are still subjected to calls to hit the “soft targets”.

I have no problem if we begin to scale back the State welfare spending programs, first lets start with the Banks and then Quango’s we might not have to go much further after that, however it is a moot point as administering two paracetamol and a hot towel to a corpse is truly pointless.


Fair point but if Cowan has any hope of not going down in history as Ireland’s worst Taoiseach he won’t want those scary three letters associated with his name in perpetuity.

+1. Last week we saw David Drumm claim that Anglo was in fine shape when he left it. Yeah, it was holed below the water line, but the balance sheet for his final year of tenure looked ok. These feckers have more wriggle than a hooked mackerel with epilepsy.


The FF game-plan is clearly to hang on until somebody (another government, the EU, the IMF - take your pick) takes over from then to chainsaw their way though whatever horrible decisions that need to be taken at that point. And FF will rest easy, safe in the knowledge that the Irish electorate does not have the brains and interest to work out that it was the fault of FF that the decisions had to be made and that they were unavoidable at that point because of what FF had done. The electorate just isn’t smart enough to work that out. I’d be delighted to be proven wrong in that regard. But I really don’t think that is going to happen. :frowning:

Anyone old enough to remember the first oil crisis recession in 1973 will attest to the effectiveness of the cutbacks that were implemented by the FG/Lab coalition. Ireland started to come out of that recession in 1977, cue an election - what happened next doomed Irelands economy all through the 1980’s. FF effectively bought the election through their promised elimination of rates, car tax etc. all to be financed through borrowing. This spending spree and the actions to address it crippled the economy for the next 15 years.

To cut a long story short, as surely as night follows day, FF will still be there after whatever remedial actions are taken to stabilize the economy now. And they will destroy us all over again, which they have done so many times in the past.

But … “the ordinary, decent, intelligent people of Ireland voted for Fianna Fáil” Joe FF Duffy

Ordinary - certainly, decent - for the most part I think. Intelligent…not-so-much I’m afraid :frowning:

I want to believe in them - I really do. But they keep proving me wrong.

Sali Berisha was a president of Albania until 1997, when rebellion caused by failure of Ponzi schemes has caused UN intervention. Goverment at some point started to warn against those schemes, started investigations but Sali Berisha has came to the defense of investment companies.

In 2005 his party was reelected and he is prime minister until now…

Hmm…Ireland and Albania. Are you trying to make a point there.
We are lots different from them. They had a facist, sorry communist, sorry er…paranoid meglomaniac in charge for almost 40 years after independence while we had … had Dev…
And then they re-elect idiots while we …


I get it

:cry: XX