Cuts U-turn by Naughty Top Servants

Not a nice word to see in a thread title but most of them are male and they are (unts.

I did some digging in response to an article by Sarah Carey in the times today, the snivelling pol corrs and finance corrs are to well in with this vermin and never highlighte dthis at all until one of the more junior IT feature writers carried it here.

Basically the top civil service has not taken the pay cuts announced in teh budget, too many of them are near retirement and want the fat pension and lump sum. Some were even begged by BL to stay on till NAMA was through and now the payback arrived .

The situation is that A Department secretary was earning €227k a year before the emergency budgets started in 2008 . They ‘voluntarily’ ( no checks by Auditors mind) surrendered 5% or so from October 2008 to the December 2009 budget and then Lenihan announced the pay cuts detailed much further below.

Now just to confuse matters pre 1995 civil servants pay less PRSI than post 1995 appointment civil servants so there is a pay scale for each.

**In March 2008 the following salaries applied for the top 3 grades and for an entry level clerical officer.
** … of2008.pdf

Pre 1995 ( Reduced PRSI)


Post 1995 ( They Pay Normal PRSI)


Fortunately some programme for national partnership something building on whatever came right along in August 2008 and they all got a rise. The rise is shown in BOLD and was the applicable level before the pay cuts / voluntary whatever you call it was applied in December 2009…allegedly. … pt2008.pdf

Pre 1995 ( Reduced PRSI)

€216,516 to €221,929
€173,217 to €177,547
€128,535 to €131,748
€22,609 to €23,174

Post 1995 ( They Pay Normal PRSI)

€227,912 to €233,610
€182,333 to €186,891
€135,300 to €138,683
€23,802 to €24,397

In December 2009 cuts were announced to Civil Servant salaries as follows but AFTER the voluntary pay cuts were rescinded. Some of them have ahigher salary NOW than they did while voluntary pay cuts were in place 2008/2009

***And the following NEW pay scales were published the very day that TV3 initially found out about Brian Lehihans diagnoses. … 282009.pdf

Pre 1995 ( Reduced PRSI)

€216,516 to €221,929 to €188,640 = -15% BANG ON
€173,217 to €177,547 to €168,000 = -5.5% not -12%
€128,535 to €131,748 to €127,796 = -3% NOT -8%
€22,609 to €23,174 to €22,015 = -5% BANG ON

Post 1995 ( They Pay Normal PRSI)

€227,912 to €233,610 to €198,568 = -15% BANG ON
€182,333 to €186,891 to €176,800 = -5% NOT -12%
€135,300 to €138,683 to €134,523 **= -3% NOT -8% **
€23,802 to €24,397 to €23,177 = -5% BANG ON
The vermin kindly provided us with the following explanation while the boss was up in the Mater getting his test results. … 282009.pdf

Page Two

Except that before the announcement in December all secretaries were over 200k and all assistant secretaries were below 165k.

There WERE NO ANOMALIES until the greaseballs created them themselves.

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It is very hard to argue with your analysis…
they must certainly are a shower of the most self serving cunts on the planet.

Sharing the pain my hole… these kants shold be strung up, along with anyone who defends them!

Look, you guys clearly don’t understand station, situation and timing.

These guys have an important station in life. They are very important people and I mean very. I mean they run the government, for goodness sake. The politicians just have to take the flak and the responsibility for their mistakes. They themselves cannot possibly be held accountable. The whole fabric of the current cosy arrangement would collapse if that was the case. They are the equivalent of venetian princes and should be treated as such.

The situation is very delicate. They’ve leveraged themselves up to the hilt with massive property bets for the good of the rest of the population. The trickle down effect is very important to them. So long as it is a trickle and the direction is down.

As for timing, if they have to take a paycut, they will miss the chance to double their bets and hoover up large swathes of the north city. How else can these princes hope to become, eh, dukes. Timing is everything, much like the timing of this announcement… released at 2010 on 23 December…

It’s all to easily understood yoganmahew…

It reminds me of the nursing ryhme… sticks and stones may break their bones… I can’t remember how it ends again but I’m sure it’s a happy one :slight_smile:

Cunts really is a bit mild.

We need a better word.

BTW, bedsit already raised this:

A pack of Berties.

You are aware that ministerial salaries are benchmarked against these guys, right?

I wouldn’t dream of suggesting that such a fact entered into the cabinet decision making process as they deliberated on this issue, that a pay cut for these civil servants entailed a pay cut for the men deciding the issue.

Rather more pertinently, should these top civil servants exercise their right to strike, the government would be as helpless as a baby, as I doubt many ministers know how to enact their own decisions, what laws to cite, which EU directorates to notify et cetera.

When you have them by the ahems, their hearts and minds shall follow.

Jokers the lot … riswold-Sr

Further proof, if needed, that the only way that the “pain” may be shared, as opposed to simply assumed by the rest of us, is by way of a swift exit off this island.

Anyone who stays can look forward to carrying the can for the actions of these people and their cronies in the financial services and construction industries.

Happy New Year…

If you insist

The Market has taken note of this.
Whilst internationaly the pay cuts announced in the budget were roundlyapplauded by the markets as a step in the right direction, this latest stunt by FF has not gone unnoticed.
Lots of market blogs were buzzing with word about the top civil servants not taking the paycuts.
They took it as an affront to the market, just who the fuck do these clowns in Ireland think they are, taking us for fools, trying to slip this in unnoticed by making the announcment on xmas eve.

An FF spin was that tehy were taking away their performance bonuses and thats a pay cut, so basically theyadmitted that those were never really performance related and were mereely part of the base package.

Cunts is a great word for them, the top civil servants are cunts as are Cowen, Lenihan, Hanafin and the rest of the FF and PD scum…

I kind of agree. Rather than merely call them Cunts, and complain on the internet, is there anything we can actually do about it?

Tell every guard, teacher and nurse you know. Tell them the story, a lot don’t know yet. I’ve found it to be very effective…The rest will take care of itself.

The moderators are well capable of deciding what is ‘acceptable’. Take your important issue up with them.

•An acronym was invented for this word, far after the word entered usage: “cannot understand normal thinking.”
by Carloz Rodriguez, Feb 11 2009.

I think this describes top civil servants quite accurately to be honest.

Got links to any of these market blogs?

A handful of overpaid civil servants is no good thing, but it certainly does not significantly increase Ireland’s chances, already vanishingly small, of being a default risk.

Blaming the civil servants themselves is also a bit unfair, because by giving senior civil servants a pay rise, the ministers who are authorising this are thereby giving *themselves *a pay rise.

Civil servants are not raising their own pay, the cabinet are. And the cabinet’s pay scale is based on that of senior civil servants.

The bonus payments were a trough. In 2007 the dept of finance had 14 officials who quailfied for this bonus scheme. They were asst secretaries 11 and deputy secretaries 3 , source = here page 14

In that year, 2007 , 13 out of the 14 were paid a bonus. 2007 was a year in which they grossly overspent, missed a property bubble , tolerated criminal levels of systemic risk in the banking system could not project a shite into a chamber pot by and large and YET they nearly all got a BONUS for this.

The 13 lads in finance ( out of 14 and he must have been sick all year) shared €177k between them in bonus payments or €13.5k EACH , source = here page 13

Putting it as plainly as I can, the senior management ( secretary generals excepted ) in the Dept of Finance proved themselves to be epically useless in 2007 and with one exception they ALL got paid a bonus averaging €13.6k for this failure.

I do not have the 2008 bonus figures , I believe they are broadly the same :frowning: The 2008 report of the Committee for Performance
Awards is 6 months overdue and the 2009 report is due in May or June 2010.