Cyberattack - HSE Locked Down & Held To Ransom



There are many concerns, some just potential but the main concern is also the most immediate: medical staff can’t access patient data so they don’t know the patient’s history or treatment record. That alone is a major disaster.

Hard to know what the hackers might do with the data but the threat of legal action for GDPR breaches is uppermost in the HSE’s thinking at present. Hence Stephen Donnelly’s comment about lawyers “licking their lips”.
The Law Society’s outrage at the Minister’s remark did not deny that lawyers would seek to extract the maximum in legal fees from the State for any legal issues they might identify. Did anyone in the media draw attention to the Law Society’s failure to acknoweldge any need for restraint at this time of national crisis? “Licking their lips” sounds fair in that context.

What exactly is the moral difference between the hackers and the lawyers in this situation? Both are trying to extract money from the government. The hacker is doing so illegally whereas the lawyer is using the legal system but the legal system is managed in the interests of their own profession, especially when it comes to fees. I’d say the average hacker would be delighted to receive a soliticitor’s hourly rate. The HSE spends far more than Euro 20M. a year on legal fees. So, morally speaking, should lawyers seek professional fees at the highest rate from our national health service provider when dealing with the consequences of this hack?

When was the last time you heard of an Irish lawyer working pro bono on a case that would normally attract fees? Maybe this is the time for a national debate.


It depends who’s attacking and who they are attacking .


Ok but what information do they actually have access to?

Financial details of anyone who has ever conducted an electronic transaction with an Irish GP or hospital?

And/or details of every GP visit that has taken place in Ireland ? Or details of all historical hospital visits ? Or something else?

Agreed re the trust issue but anyone who still ‘trusts’ official institutions is an idiot. And yes I know there are a lot of idiots out there.

I suppose the point is that beyond GDPR and the potential for litigation I’m not sure I see why this would be such a huge issue. A significant percentage (maybe a significant majority) are excited about the prospect of injecting themselves with an experimental vaccine. Most appear supportive of having been locked up in their own homes for a year and a half. Stephen Donnelly or Claire Byrne could likely tell them that Nazi Russians from Mars will infect them with an intergalactic variant sometime soon and most will just nod and discuss later with their neighbours.


See. You have it just there. If it comes out, and it will, it can’t be contained or more terrifying controlled.

There will be blood. They know. They so very well know.


GPs are independent (contract to look after patients) and have their own IT systems. I don’t think most link with what passes for an IT system in the HSE. Which was inconvenient for communications before, but probably means most GPs should be fine after the hack.


General Practice are not affected by this.


So hospital records perhaps?

Does anyone really care?

Financial records? Now that’s a separate issue which could cause real damage.

In the absence of same, and assuming the trust aspect is so far gone at this stage that it’s irrelevant, presumably the real issue here is the potential for litigation in respect of GDPR breaches? And the possibility that the HSE could be on the line for damages. Not to worry of course. Paddy taxpayer will fund the bill.


Saw them again!


DAY 12

One notable thing among some of the commentary from HSE staff, indicates real disruption and worse than anything experienced during the Attack Of The Virus, funny thing that.

However if the HSE has dropped to 80% capacity for some weeks and remains close to almost full incapacity, is there much evidence of people expressing their dismay and concern?

Meanwhile the comments from politicians and reporting in the media remains consistently inconsistent and thoroughly bizarre in so many respects. There may be explanation not apparent but this event conforms to the thematic gaslighting the media and politicians have become so taken with as means of communicating since March 2020.

The Health Service Executive had warned it expected the criminals behind the cyber attack on its IT systems to begin releasing data on the dark web from today.

The hackers, believed to be a Russian organised crime group, have been holding onto sensitive information for more than 10 days now.

The disruption has resulted in thousands of appointments being cancelled since the ransomware attack.

Yet the US MSM media were intercepting comms of these Russian hackers on the spooky darkweb and detecting leaked documents very early on, and for weeks the Irish public have been terrified into thinking their private data is stolen and about to be published any minute, while the smart people here refused to talk to any cyber criminals and the regime consistently refused to pay up but today they have full confidence today is the day they plan to release data as if it where about to be the first time


DAY 14 - Collapsed Health Service remains Collapsed.

Now looks like exactly the time not to even consider taking any experimental genetic injections mis-sold as vaccines, that come with the highest risk of death and adverse reactions in 30 years - If you find yourself in a serious spot of trouble. that will require a reasonable health service. There is no gaurtantee right now. None.

A&E is affected.

The loss of IT equipment is impacting emergency departments while hospital, community and screening services are still affected.

How long?

HSE chief operations officer Anne O’Connor said the disruption will continue for the foreseeable future.

No idea.

“We’re trying to still assess the impact of the attack, and then to restore some of our systems across the country," said Ms O’Connor.

Still no idea what happened or what is going on (or for security can not say).

The Health Service Executive (HSE) is warning people to expect “widespread cancellations” of hospital appointments this week as the fallout from the cyberattack continues.

While some computer systems have been restored following the attack 10 days ago, the majority have not.


Lads it’s at least 14 days since this attack occurred (and probably double that since they gained entry into the systems, if we believe the hacker story), and the HSE and probably Tusla have been out for 13 days, not 10.

Despite the mysterious hackers handing over the decryption key without reciveing payment from the Regime, we are asked to believe it will actually not speed up the recovery despite last weeks end of week fanfare or (fake) good news.

Perhaps we should really believe the Regime on this one point - If anything is true, the real disruption appears to be the only fact we can ascertain from all the reporting, so while we can agree on this reality, the root cause still remains a real mystery going by the story so far. :whistle:

Is anyone experiencing the harsh edge of this continuing reported collapse of the health service?


Regimes Circus Death Chamber Destroyed

Vandals not “anti-vaxxers”, couldn’t be push back against the regime. Na, just Vandals cause we don’t want vandals to become hordes.


36000 per weekend in the moula stakes for these committed and caring Doctors/Exterminators.



Sure they could decrypt everything and carry on, but then they would still have the old crappy system they always had.

For the foreseeable future they will be busy building the secure system they should have had. From scratch.


Have you seen the leaked plans for the revamp?



Day 19 - Now Months, was weeks.

Hardly breaking news if 13 days ago you were reading this topic on the failed state of the health service, being at only 20%, were Ireland continues to be descending further and further into “failed state” waters with not end in sight, and this outlook was easily discernible or predictable two weeks ago:

Can they indeed. They are not even sitting in the Dail sine last year. Very little on the face of it makes any sense. If you choose to pay attention.

Health officials are warning it will take months and not weeks to fix the problems associated with the recent HSE cyberattack.

The situation has been made worse because of the pandemic and the recent cyberattack.

Dr Gabrielle Colleran from the Irish Hospital Consultants Association (IHCA) says staff shortages is also a major problem.

She said: “We just don’t have enough consultants, we field half a team every day, and we do amazingly well for the numbers we have. When you have the lowest number of consultants per capita, that affects how early people can be seen in outpatients. We just don’t have enough staff on the team.”

Anne O’Connor, HSE chief operations officer, said the pace of recovery work following the cyberattack has been “extraordinary” but there was still “an awful long way to go”.

This does not look like throwing everything at it and €100 million to fix yea, but if it is €100 million to fix (multiple that by 3) that’s not an overnight spend, thats a budget dedicated to roll out over months and months, possibly a half or whole year, take you to the super variant target zone of next winter season.

See if your health service is crippled, if it really is crippled, surely it’s common sense and incumbent to communicate a solid plan and time frame to keep everyone calm, with an end in sight, otherwise…

The Permanent lockdown just gets PERMANETNIER!

NOW is a GREAT TIME not to get the experimental injections because if you have a sudden onset adverse reaction like the preambles of sudden Death, seizure or some kind of horrific blood clot, you want to know the health service is in the whole of it’s health when dealing with your imminent collapse.

You have to ask yourself, is there a health service ready and waiting to assit me if I am one of the many unlucky ones who end up a stat.


Oddly booking online stuff for COVID isn’t affected :clown_face:

They even have a new pilot up and running!


Unfortunately the health service has been run into the ground. I’m starting to wonder was it intentional so that it could be overwhelmed by a pandemic like this. Short of beds, short of staff, what staff are there are stressed & demoralised, both Irish-born and imported.


Short of staff? The HSE is the largest employer in the State, with more than 67,000 direct employees, and a further 35,000 employed by hospitals etc. funded by HSE .

We spend more on health per capita than almost any other country in the world - an incredible statistic for the youngest population in Europe.


Doctors and nurses don’t want to work in it though. Admin heavy (crazy personnel paperwork & duplication), inflexible, bullying and st time less than perfect adherence to employment law shall w say…

I think 1 in 5 consultant posts are empty, along with other doctors posts, and they’ve been importing nurses from abroad for two decades (and are still short).

Agree with you about spending, but a lot is waste. How much has the children’s hospital cost so far?