Cyberattack - HSE Locked Down & Held To Ransom



Breaking news? Feck that… I’ll imagine it before it happens. Psychic news or wha?

Form todays media output:

It comes as a new Covid-19 variant has been identified as a ‘variant of concern’ in India.

More than 20 cases of the ‘Delta plus’ strain, believed to be more transmissible than the original Delta variant, have been identified across three states, India’s federal health secretary Rajesh Bhushan told a news conference on Tuesday.

The Delta plus variant is believed to have increased transmissibility, stronger binding to receptors of lung cells and cause a potential reduction in monoclonal antibody response.


In case you missed it, 7 days ago.

I don’t always get the timing right but future is future.


HSE call Johnny Logan for Help.

Chief executive Paul Reid also warned that he can “never be confident” that the HSE has seen the worst of the cyberattack.

Be afraid. Always be afraid and if you think you are not feeling afraid enough you might let your guard down and make am mistake. Never be confident, what good is that? Always fear you are about to get hit. Expect the unexpected. Then fall over and collapse.

What another billin’… :microphone:

Current estimate: 6-12 months + 1.5 billin’


Mr Reid said Mr Conway was “correct”, adding that significant investment is needed to protect the systems.
The HSE boss said there are technical and infrastructure costs.
“There are particular costs in relation to capital costs, which would be the replacement of a number of devices across the networks,” he added.
“There is also capital costs in upgrading key systems to have them at a higher standard.
“Third party costs which relate to a number of technical expertise that we have engaged from a range of specialist providers. We have also engaged international expertise.
“There are costs we will incur in the future, and we need to put in place a security operation centre to monitor our network on a more comprehensive basis.”

“Nice grocery store you got here Luigi but I hear there’s been a lot of fires and robberies in the neighborhood lately. Just so happens that I own a security company and my associates and I would be happy to help you out with protection for a small monthly fee…”


Same but different same. Release the the test.



Viriginmedia outage fairly sizeable, Klaus & The Polgons are playing in town it seems, on the same day as the big vote to divide us all.


What remarkably specific hackers they were…


Figure it out. :whistle:


4 months+ :ghost:

WARNING - Spoookie Seasonal Scariant WARNING:

Back in June I imagined they would concoct a Delta+ because, the menace is an incredibly formulaic thing, therefore an incredibly predictable lump.

Yesterday it got the push-go signal via the UK and elsewhere, and like magic, the Irish media assets fall in line and deliver the old but new scary HEADLINE message.

Covid: Scientists to investigate new ‘Delta Plus’ variant in Ireland

Dr Cillian de Gascun says the new mutated form of the Delta variant has been detected in more than 80 cases in Ireland. Photo: PA

Irish scientists will start investigating where and what ages the new “Delta Plus” Covid-19 variant is infecting and whether it is causing more severe illness, virologist Cillian De Gascun has said.

Not till you get to the end, remember, always read the end first, that you see the truth buried were few make it far enough to spot the play.

… It has not yet been defined as a “variant of concern” – the highest risk category for variants.

Dr De Gascun, director of UCD’s National Virus Reference Laboratory, said the new variant AY.4.2 was “not driving” the increase in Covid-19 cases in Ireland given that it accounted for less than 2 per cent of the 4,000 cases checked in September.

“It’s important that we monitor these things because a more transmissible virus, if and when it becomes dominant, will lead to more cases, which obviously may impact on admissions to hospitals,” said Dr De Gascun, who is a member of the National Public Health Emergency Team.

He said that the UK evidence appears to show that the subvariant has “a modestly increased growth rate” but this was based on “reasonably small numbers” of the variant relative to the 50,000 new coronavirus cases being reported every day in Britain.

The variant did not seem to be increasing transmissibility to the same extent as the Alpha variant, first detected in the UK, did last year or the Delta variant, first found in India, he said.


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